Divine Adoption

Series: Galatians

March 15, 2020
Pastor Daniel Lee

Justification has two implications: one legal (we are not guilty but declared righteous) and the other relational. Here in Galatians 4:25-4:7 we are looking at the relational aspect that comes with justification by faith. To the Jews, their distinctive identity and justification surrounded the Law (Torah) and their heritage (that they were Abraham’s offspring by circumcision). In response, after dealing with the true purpose of the Law, Paul is now arguing that being a true offspring of Abraham is not based on ethnicity or works (circumcision), but rather faith in Christ. Therefore, justification by faith leads to a whole new relational identity with God and with one another as adopted sons and daughters of God. In addition, we become heirs through Christ to all the promised blessings to enjoy for all eternity. We will explore this glorious truth of adoption given by grace and promise.

Episode Notes

  • Gal 3:25-4:7
  • Divine Adoption is a Change in Status
    • Gal 3:26-28
    • John 17:26
    • Don’t live like a slave, live like a son or daughter of God
    • Gal 4:1-5
  • Divine Adoption is a Change in Relationships
    • Gal 4:6
    • Gal 3:28
  • Divine Adoption is a Glorious Hope
    • 1 Peter 1:3-9
  • Times of Crisis is a time of reflection
    • Be strengthened in your identity as sons and daughters
    • Purify your faith as you put your trust in your Abba Father
  • Times of Crisis is an opportunity to testify of our firm foundation
    • We have a Living Hope
    • We can radically love others
  • Be reminded of the cost of our Divine Adoption!

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