Series: 1 - 2 Samuel

November 10, 2019
Pastor Joshua Lim

Here in chapter 21, we see that Saul has massacred Gibeonites. In doing so, he broke a 400 year old covenant with them (see Joshua 9:15-18). Because of this breaking of covenant, God sends the curse of famine on Israel. In order to remedy the curse, David has to make atonement by offering up 7 sons of Saul as a sacrifice. While this story may seem culturally strange to us, we see the need for atonement in our own lives as we have broken covenant with God because of our sin. Thankfully, we have a better Son, who shed His blood to secure atonement for us.

Episode Notes

  • 2 Samuel 21:1
  • Joshua 9:19-20
  • The breaking of covenant brings the curse of God's judgment
  • 2 Samuel 21:3
  • Genesis 9:6
  • 2 Samuel 21:4-6
  • The breaking of covenant can only be atoned for by the shedding of blood
  • 2 Samuel 21:9
  • 2 Samuel 21:10
  • Atonement restores Kingdom Life

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