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Special Events

Title Speaker Date
How Does God Feel About Abortion? Chris Sheppard May 22, 2022
Keep Your Hand to the Plow Chris Sheppard November 07, 2021
A Challenge for the New Year -Living Faithfully in Babylon Chris Sheppard December 27, 2020
The Call of the Catastrophe Chris Sheppard May 17, 2020
The Type of Fathers we Need Today Chris Sheppard June 17, 2018
Where are the Contending Christians Today? Chris Sheppard October 15, 2017
Epaphroditus - A Model of Service (Father's Day 17') Chris Sheppard June 18, 2017
Job's Wife - Nameless, Faceless Suffering Chris Sheppard May 14, 2017
Rising Above a Shallow Christian Faith Chris Sheppard May 07, 2017

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