No Matter the Question, Christ is the Answer

Series: Ecclesiastes

June 06, 2022
Tommy Alderman

Ecclesiastes can be described as a book of contrasting perspectives, with Solomon moving between an earthly perspective and a heavenly perspective. Christians should be mindful of both Solomon's perspective and our own, viewing the struggles of life "under the sun" in light of Who Christ is and what He's done. What’s missing in the world, is supplied in Christ, and What’s found in the world, is corrected or counteracted or completed by Christ. Here are some ways in which that is true: • There is unrighteousness in the world, but Christ is righteousness • There is futility in the world, but there is purpose in Christ • There is futile wisdom in the world, but true wisdom is found in Christ • The world offers false riches, but true riches are found in Christ • There is death in the world, but Christ is Life

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