Expecting the Unexpected

Christmas Sermon Series

This year, we look at an abbreviated series of messages from the book of Matthew, recognizing that from the very way that Jesus came into the world, God didn't send the Savior in the way that most would have expected. Join us during this Christmas season, expecting God to do unexpected things not only through our worship and preaching but perhaps even through your own personal celebration and activities with family and friends.

Responses to the King

December 23, 2018 at 9:30 AM

How are you supposed to act in the company of royalty. If you came face to face with a king, how would you respond? A slight nod? A bow or curtsy? Maybe a high-five? Frank concludes this brief Christmas series of messages from the book of Matthew, Expecting the Unexpected," by looking at the familiar story of the Magi--wise men from the East who followed the Star.

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