Salvation Is a Way of Life

Series: Ancient Promise in a New Normal

July 19, 2020
David Wood

Together, 1 & 2 Peter form a combination of encouragement and guidance for believers. The book of 1 Peter encourages the early church to endure persecution well and to reflect hope in Christ during suffering, while 2 Peter offers guidance to stay true to promise that God has given us, even during times of difficulty as we remain faithful to the Lord. Though separated by centuries, the difficulties that were facing Peter’s readers are very similar to what Christians are facing throughout the world today, and we need similar encouragement and guidance to remain faithful to the Lord in our trials and suffering. ------------- This Sunday, David Wood takes over the preaching responsibility for our sermon series on the books of 1 & 2 Peter titled, "Ancient Promise in a New Normal." On this second week, David breaks down the bulk of the first chapter of 1 Peter. This message, "Salvation Is a Way of Life" encourages us to reflect not only the means to our salvation but what is it entails for our ongoing commitment and life of faithfulness!

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