Christmas 2015

For Christmas this year, Pastor Jay shared 4 stand-alone messages dealing with assorted themes from the holiday season. In ‘Christmas Tangerines,’ Jay talks about the genealogy of Jesus and the hidden treasures that God often tucks away in the seemingly insignificant parts of Scripture. In ‘A Revolutionary Christmas,’ Jay examines the historical record about King Herod and explains that the birth of Christ was revolutionary – a line in the sand – and we need to decide which side we’re on. In ‘God With Us,’ Jay co-teaches with 9-year old Tyler Marsh and talks about why God took on flesh – to redeem, renew, and restore all that sin had damaged and destroyed. And finally, in ‘God’s Christmas Letter,’ Jay talks about the various ways God communicates with humanity and how the Church is God’s Christmas letter to the world.

Revolutionary Christmas

December 13, 2015 at 10:15 AM

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