You Can Have Everlasting Healing - Podcast 182

August 23, 2021
John Macdonald

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the great healer. He is the healer of all of mankind's spirit, soul and flesh. He is the healer of all who are oppressed by Satan and his evil works. When people repent and ask for forgiveness of their sins they then become one of God's children, forever. Those who are diligent in listening to the Holy Spirit and spend time worshipping God combined with an ardent desire to study God's word and be obedient to the Lord, can obtain eternal healing. All those diseases that Satan desires to bring upon your spirit, soul and body can be destroyed. You can overcome the evil plots of the world, the flesh and the devil, by constantly being obedient to God's will and purposes for your life. As a result you can also help and teach hundreds, even thousands of other children of God, to do the same.

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