You Are Responsible -podcast 148

November 30, 2020
John Macdonald

Today many young people are being raised in an environment where personal responsibility for their own actions is no longer a major priority. People very quickly blame members of their own family, their teachers and often their pastors and certainly government leaders for their woes. Each person on planet earth is responsible, as for as their health and maturity allows, for their own actions. before God's throne everyone, one day will be asked: " What did you do with my Son, Jesus, and His gracious invitation to repentance, forgiveness of sins and eternal life?" All those who are blood bought children of God should lead the way in demonstrating responsibility for their actions. For Christians the word responsible or responsibility could well be replaced by obey or obedience. To be truly responsible you must be truly obedient to God and His Word. Nothing else will bring you victory.

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