Saying Brings Possession - Podcast 311

January 28, 2024
John Macdonald

Whatever you are believing for confess God's word over the required object or event that you desire. You must believe that what you say will come to pass. Make sure that when you say God's word over the situation, that it is what God desires for your life. When you know that it is God's will and purpose then earnestly confess His word over what you desire. As you keep on confessing God's word your faith level will rise to the point that you will know with certainty that what you are praying for, will come to pass. If you keep thinking and confessing bad things to happen, that's what you will get! It is important to always praise and thank God for His continual goodness towards you. When we trust in God and His word, we already know that it has come to pass, in the spiritual realm

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