God's Compassion and Mercy -Podcast 170

May 24, 2021
John Macdonald

Our Lord Jesus Christ is a compassionate God and full of gracious mercy. He has compassion or pity on those who have given their life to Him and those who haven't. If it were not so Satan, as the god of this world, would destroy all of mankind. Jesus and His word, the bible, with the anointing of the Holy Spirit, stands in the way of Satan's deceitful plans. God's mercy is everlasting upon all those who hear His voice and are willing to ask for forgiveness of their sins and be washed clean in His precious blood. These people obtain His compassion and mercy not only for this life but eternal life in the next. All may obtain His compassion and mercy now but only those who accept His gracious gift of forgiveness and eternal life, will do so forever.

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