Forgiveness and Remittance -Podcast 193

November 08, 2021
John Macdonald

If you are a child of the living God and have repented of your sins, you are forgiven. Not only are you forgiven but all your past sins are remitted. They are completely washed away by Christ's shed blood. Even better they are forgotten by God. In Matthew chapter 18 verses 23 to 27 we read about the servant who owed his master 10,000 talents. This was an inconceivable sum for anyone to repay. The value of one talent amounted to a slave's wage of fifteen years. However, the slave pleaded with his master about his debt and his master forgave him all, just as Christ forgives us all our debt. If we sin at any time, as a Christian, we must ask God for forgiveness from whatever sin of thought, speech or action, that the Holy Spirit brings to our attention. In doing so the sin or sins of that particular moment or day, is forgiven and forgotten. Repentance for a new believer or an older saint is absolutely essential if we desire to really live a godly life and please our Father in heaven.

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