Red Letter Sessions

Short Devotionals on the Words of Jesus

The Red Letters are the words of Jesus found in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Revelation. In these devotional sessions we focus on the words and sayings of Jesus. In most of them we will share on just one to five verses and they are between 2 to four minutes long. We pray they are a blessing and inspiration to you as you follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

Red Letter Session #1 - Matthew 6:19-21 - Treasures in Heaven

December 29, 2016 at 12:25 PM

In this Red Letter Session, Brian shares on what Jesus meant when He told us to store up our treasures in Heaven. Are we selfish if we work to store up things in Heaven? How can I do that and do it in a selfless way instead of a selfish way? Brian gives the answer in this short 2 1/2 minute Red Letter Session.

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