Christ’s COMMAND to CHANGE the WORLD (and the Promises YOU NEED to Fulfill It) | Invasion of Light Podcast #4

Series: Invasion of Light Podcast

August 09, 2022
Brian Mark Weller, JJ Weller

Jesus commanded us to change the world, and He gave us all the promises we need to do it! In this episode, we will dive deep into the call and promises of God to ignite your faith in Jesus’s world-shaking power. Prepare to be stirred, encouraged, and refreshed! Get the book or download two free chapters at This episode completes the series: Can Christianity still change the world? Check out the first three episodes here: Episode 1: Can Christianity Still Change the World? Episode 2: How the O.T. Promised Jesus Would Change the World Episode 3: How the Cross DESTROYED SIN, LAUNCHED the Kingdom & CHANGES the WORLD: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts at:

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