Manger to Majesty - Full 2-hour drama

Series: Manger To Majesty - an Original Biblical Audio Drama

December 06, 2020
Covenant Truth Ministries Inc

For those interested, here is the full 2-hour original Biblical Christian audio drama, written by Kay Mortimer ((c) 2020 Kay Mortimer. All rights reserved.) This beautiful story of Jesus from Mary, His mother's perspective, is brought to you by Covenant Truth Ministries,, Inc. We pray it is a tremendous blessing to you. Cast • Shofar Player Pamela Yates • Narrator Mary Teresa A Arthur • Voice of God Darrell Mundy • Joseph of Nazareth Scott A. Hunter • Scene Mary Jasmine Jones • Mary’s mother Dawn Simmons • Mary’s father Larry Morris • Gabriel Larry Morris • Elizabeth Pat Wessinger Sikes • Eliel (shepherd) William S Wallace, Jr • Ruth (shepherdess) Dana Ergle • Rachel (shepherdess) Dawn Simmons • Angel with shepherds Kay Mortimer • Angelica (angel) Dana Ergle • Veronica (angel) Susan Isaac-Bright • Simeon Darrell Mundy • Nicodemus Wade Wilson • Anna Margaret Ann Cooper • Joseph of Ramah Larry Morris • 12 year old Jesus Peyton Ergle • Jesus Scott Hunter • Miriam Dana Ergle • James, Jesus’ brother Robert Ergle • Roman Soldier Brian Campbell • Thief #1 (unrepentant) Larry Morris • Thief #2 (repentant) Robert Ergle • John the Apostle William S. Wallace, Jr • Salome Karen Mazzone • Mary of Magdala Dawn Simmons • Peter Darrell Mundy • Mocker Larry Morris • Luke Robert Ergle • Matthew Brian Campbell Manger to Majesty Credits Producers Executive Producer- Kay Mortimer Assistant Producers- Susan Isaacs-Bright Larry Morris Directors and Coaches Kay Mortimer Susan Isaacs-Bright Larry Morris Production Team Sound Engineer Larry Morris Assistant Sound Engineer Calvin Mortimer Editing Director Larry Morris Editing Assistants Kay Mortimer Cassie Johnson William S. Wallace, Jr Ryan Greene Teresa A. Arthur Production and Outside Assistance Promotion and Production Assistants: Carol Rezelle (Enopion Theater) Brian Campbell Teresa A. Arthur Cassie Johnson Jasmine Jones William S. Wallace, Jr. Ryan Greene Graphic Design Daphne Brown Asheton Ryan Carol Rezelle (Enopion Theatre) Post-Product, Marketing and Promotion Assistants Carol Rezelle (Enopion Theatre) Brian Campbell Web and Marketing Consulting Randall Ryan Asheton Ryan Sound Effects (Animals) Assistance Eudora Farms Merchandise Development Jim Hanna (Ahh Sunshine) Original Songs Kay Mortimer Susan Isaacs-Bright Steve Bright Dawn E. Summers Jamie Price Lyricists Kay Mortimer Dawn E. Summers Music Composition Dawn E. Summers Susan Isaacs-Bright Steve Bright Isaac Parks Ryan Greene Jamie Price Soloists Jenny Anderson Scott A. Hunter Kelly Brunson Back up Vocalist Scott A. Hunter William S. Wallace, Jr. Ryan Greene Jamie Price Mary Miano Original Songs: “Promised One” – © 2020 Covenant Truth Ministries, Inc. Lyrics: Kay Mortimer (©2020 Kay Mortimer) Music Composition: Jamie Price (© 2020 Jamie Price.) Arranged/Mixed by: Isaac Parks (© 2020 Isaac Parks Music) Soloists: Jennifer Anderson, Scott Hunter “Little Lamb” – © 2012 Dawn E Summers (words and music) Lyrics & Music: Dawn E Summers (© 2012 Dawn E Summers) Soloist: Kelly Brunson “To See You Now” – © 2020 Covenant Truth Ministries, Inc. Lyrics: Kay Mortimer (© 2020 Kay Mortimer) Music Composition: Susan Isaacs-Bright, Steve Bright © 2020 Susan Isaacs-Bright, Steve Bright Arrangement By: Isaac Parks & Ryan Greene. Master Rights – Isaac Parks Music

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