Bloom Sum Talk Topics

February 01, 2021

Update and Bloom Summer Talk Topics Pod. After discussions about to many suicides, new Covid strains, mis leading confusion, violence. The mis use of the blessing of tech-mind reading, abuse and other topics. Love Joy and James, Inc. gives you this free Summer talk project early. A blessing for( today’s negativity) in a season that’s naturally gloomy and shady.. Our communities can benefit from more sunshine through the eyes of Messiah. A talk topic pod of Yahwey’s loving, merciful graceful Torah to relieve some issues that are trying to bully our days.. Matthew 5:17-20 is our Holy Spirit given scriptural base. We also want to update our subscribers and regulars. Lucille White is still President and we still extend the invite for new Pres and boards.. LJJ in Messiah is well and able but we seek different add ons for diversity and a few other reasons.. We hope you can glean from God's truth. It's an hour plus of talk and teach for you to get a full all at once feed. Or in pieces on sabbaths or as you go about your days. Shalom! Love everybody like Yahwey.. Team Love Joy and James, Inc.

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