When Ambition Clouds Divine Guidance

Series: Real Talk

August 20, 2023
Pastor Charles Barksdale

In today's 11 am worship service, Pastor Charles Barksdale delivered a powerful sermon on the topic of "When Ambitions Cloud Divine Guidance." He emphasized the potential dangers that pastors may encounter when their personal ambitions overshadow God's guidance in their ministry. Pastor Barksdale shared examples of leaders who allowed their ambitions to lead them astray and the negative impact it had on their communities. He highlighted the importance of pastors seeking God's will and aligning their ambitions with His plans for their congregations. The sermon challenged pastors to examine their motives and desires, ensuring that they are in line with God's purpose for their ministries. Pastor Barksdale concluded by encouraging pastors to surrender their ambitions to God and rely on His divine guidance for effective and impactful pastoral leadership.

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