Flourish: Cultivating A Godly Well-being

Series: Flourish: Rooted in Faith & Growing Strong Foundations

November 12, 2023
Pastor Charles Barksdale

"Flourish: Cultivating A Godly Well-being" is a concept rooted in biblical principles found in Psalm 62:5, Philippians 4:6-7, and Timothy 4:7-8. These passages emphasize the importance of trusting in God, seeking His guidance through prayer, and pursuing spiritual growth. By anchoring ourselves in God's Word, we can cultivate a well-being that is deeply rooted in faith, peace, and resilience. This journey of flourishing involves nurturing our relationship with God, developing a disciplined prayer life, and continuously growing in our spiritual walk. Ultimately, by embracing these principles, we can experience a transformative and abundant life in Christ.

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