Journey with Jeremiah

Even when you do everything right, the situation may still go wrong. During our struggles on a hard journey, it helps to have a guide, especially a guide who has more experience than we do. Even though Jeremiah lived over 2500 years ago, he could be speaking the same message into our 21st century context. As you hear Jeremiah’s story you will be able to empathize with his situation. His conflicts may remind you of your own struggles in life and you will be able to connect your experiences with his story.

Jeremiah and Hananiah

September 25, 2019 at 9:44 AM

Jeremiah had a new assignment but his message was not well received. Hananiah, on the other hand, was preaching a popular message. How were the people to discern what was the truth? How do we today discern what is truth?

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