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Many OT prophecies anticipate a new David reigning over Israel and incorporating the Gentiles into His compassionate empire. This expectation will be fulfilled in a “Son” of David, as will the covenant with Abraham. It will be through the Messiah that God’s promises to Abraham will be fully realized. Matthew realizes that Jesus is this Son of David, the Messiah. Through the genealogy of Jesus at the beginning of his Gospel, Matthew sends a message to his readers. It will be through Jesus Christ that David’s throne will be established forever. Christ will redeem God’s people, male, female, Jew, Gentile, and even those who have not followed God. It will be through redeeming grace that repentance is available for all.

Ancestry.Jesus - Joseph

June 1, 2019 at 8:28 PM

Mary had conceived a child by the power of the Holy Spirit and Joseph was considering how he was going to handle hearing such news. Life was taking an unexpected turn for Joseph. God sends an angel to intervene, and this gives revelation about the child that Mary is carrying. Joseph responds with trust. Where is the Holy Spirit working in your life? What is he asking you to do or change?

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