Heart Check

September 02, 2018
Pastor Cedrick Carter

In today’s church, we see many Christians suffering from spiritual heart disease: broken hearts, wounded hearts, discouraged hearts. One major cause for this common "heart condition" is disillusion. All of us, at some point or another can be susceptible to the frailty and fragile makeup of our humanity. Certainly those in ministry, as well as those in the pew, need frequent heart checks to confirm that our eyes and affections are correctly focused and set on Jesus alone. While serving, submitting to, honoring one another and giving double honor to those who lead within our spiritual communities is profitable, we cannot place our hope in the humanity of ourselves or others. It is necessary that we not lose sight of the fact that it is Christ we serve and in whom we place our undivided trust and hope. Keeping our hearts healthy and correctly aligned empowers us to fully live the life that models victorious Christian living.

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