Family Matters: Understanding

Series: All in the Family

September 24, 2017
Pastor Cedrick Carter

Pictured on the sermon panel for this message is the Mumfords, a family within our church community! I appreciate this particular picture because I know the family well; and I am personally acquainted with the day this picture was taken. Most importantly, I have been able to witness the result of God being present through much of all the "real life" experiences my friends have overcome in the last several months! This message titled Family Matters, states just that "family does matter!" I appreciate the sub title almost as much "real life, real struggles! Big God great victories!" The persons pictured above are not models or actors, and their names have not been changed. They are real people, doing real life, serving the real and almighty God! Question: What does it take to culivate a healthy family environment?

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