I Have Seen the Lord! - John 20:1-18

Series: The Price of Love

April 17, 2022
Craig Schill

Easter 2022 Sermon from Lake Cities Community Church Passage: John 20:1-18 Note: Due to some technical difficulties, the first few minutes of this sermon audio are not available. A transcript of what was said prior to the provided audio is provided below for reference: It is shocking - how much we don't know about nearly everything - life, our planet, the universe... Take the ocean for example. Every year 150 new species of fish are discovered. Think about that - almost three a week - in 2022?! 150 new species of fish, unknown to Wikipedia, living their little lives, unaware of the humans who are unaware of them. It is shocking how much we don't know! Marine Biologist, Dr. David Shiffman wrote at ScubaDiving.com in February 2022: "There's a new species of shark, skate, or ray described every few weeks!" Dr. Shiffman estimates there may be as many as 100 million in the ocean, and so far only about 200,000 have been identified. It is shocking how much we don't know. Because as we grow in knowledge - which has exploded in the past 30 years - we also, at the same time, grow in knowledge of what we don't know. According to a recent study I've been personally conducting over the past 20 years, the closest we will ever get to knowing everything we need to know happens during our teenage years. Teenagers know all there is to know - it is a window of about five years, and then it is gone, so enjoy those special years if you are in them. And keeping in mind the vast amount of things we don't know is important as we go through life - to stay humbler, to keep an open mind. And nowhere is this more true than when it comes to issues of faith. For example, when I study the writings of committed atheists like Richard Dawkins, (AUDIO BEGINS)

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