God Commands Us To Pray

Series: It Happens After Prayer

February 06, 2018
Dr. James R. Riley, Senior Pastor

The House of Prayer Church is in the midst of a bible study series entitled "It Happens After Prayer" from Pastor H.B. Charles Jr.'s book entitled "It Happens After Prayer". We seek to uncover a practical understanding of the power of prayer. We want to know when we pray, if and how God answers prayer. If you'd like the answer to some of these questions and more, subscribe to our podcast and have a listen.

Episode Notes

Key Scriptures in our lesson : 

Mark 9:29 "And He said unto them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting'. 

Isaiah 55:6 ; Jeremiah 33:3 ; Matthew 7:7 ; Philippians 4:6 ; James 5:13 

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