Realizing your commitment to your calling

Series: Acts

September 11, 2017
Brian Sansing

The power of the Holy Spirit enables us to do unimaginable things at times. Through the empowerment given to them by the Holy Spirit, Paul and Barnabas preached the gospel. They discipled, encouraged and strengthened believers. It enabled them to set up organization within the church. All this was done after the Holy Spirit gave Paul the power to get up after being stoned and carrying out his commitment to preaching the gospel.

Episode Notes

Acts 14
v1-7 The power of the Holy Spirit enables us. 
v21-28 Paul and Barnabas preached the Good News and many were converted. They discipled, encouraged, and strengthened the believers. They organized the church.
v19-21. Paul was stoned, w/ believers surrounding him, he got up and went back preaching. 1) He realized his commitment  2) His calling was enough 3) The experience and reality of Jesus makes us do things we ourselves can't do without Him. 

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