9-3 One life to live

Series: Acts

September 05, 2017
Brian Sansing

In this one life we have to live, are we living for Christ? Do we find ourselves asking, "Am I a true believer?", "How can God use a failure like me?", "Am I hungry to hear and feel God?" Listen as Brian Sansing goes through Paul's first missionary journey and shows similarities of things then and now that we all struggle with.

Episode Notes

Acts 13
v1-5 Holy Spirit guided Saul and others in worshipping, fasting and praying.
v9-12 Ask yourself, 'Am I a true believer?'
v13-16 You can overcome failure, through Jesus
v38-39 Through Christ I am made right
v42&44 The people were hungry to experience God again. 

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