I Am - The Way

Series: Beyond The Cross

July 26, 2021
Cheryl Jackson

God exists rather we feel like trusting Him or not. God-ELOHIM is in all places at all times and we the children of God by faith in Christ should know that; we should know the He is with us. If we truly have the knowledge of the self-existing one firmly planted in our hearts grace should be overflowing in our lives. The way into the presence of God is not in anger, fear, anxiety, depression nor complaint all of that is pride; The way is through Christ. Jesus said, "learn of me" Matthew 11:28-30 He is the way that leads to real life, the truth is in Jesus. The truth is the word of God and that word existed before the world began. The Alfa and Omega the first and the last the Son of God has brought us into true fellowship with the Father and the Father has given us His Son. Let us calm down and cast away the restraints in our lives and see what Jesus gave us in his sacrifice. Jesus has shown us that the words of our Father never fail. Expect and keep on expecting what God has said. Sorry for any typos, :) Love to all!!!


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