Touching the Face of Dr. King - January 17, 2021 - Pastor Jim - Sermon

Series: Reach Out & Live: First-Plymouth (20th & D)

January 17, 2021
Pastor Jim Keck

In April of 1963, Martin Luther King sat in a prison cell in Birmingham Alabama having been arrested during a peaceful, non-violent protest against the brutal racism and segregation in that city. Scribbling notes on the margin of a newspaper with a pencil a friend had smuggled to him he wrote a 7000 word essay that quoted Socrates, St. Augustine, Thomas Jefferson and Justice Earl Warren. He was writing in response to a group of Birmingham clergy who complained about how MLK just needed to be patient and that outsiders like him should leave the city alone. This Letter from the Birmingham Jail has become a timeless witness to the struggle for justice. This Sunday we will let his voice speak into our own time.

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