Timeless Hymns for Time Such as This: A Sermon Series Part III - August 30, 2020 - Pastor Patrick - Sermon

Series: Reach Out & Live: First-Plymouth (20th & D)

August 30, 2020
Pastor Jim Keck

A Mighty Fortress is Our God In this last part of our sermon series on three great hymns, Dr. Jim Keck explores the reformation classic "A Mighty Fortress is our God." Written by Martin Luther just ten years after he nailed his protestations on the Wittenberg door, it has been called the Battle Hymn of the Reformation. Yet so powerful is this hymn, even Catholic churches now sing it in mass. Although Jim prefers the tune to Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles and finds "A Mighty Fortress" to be overly bombastic there is much theological ore to mine in this great hymn of our tradition. Join us at 10:30am this Sunday!

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