Sin, sin, sin and the third best gospel passage. - May 9, 2021 - Pastor Jim - Sermon

Series: Reach Out & Live: First-Plymouth (20th & D)

May 09, 2021
Pastor Jim Keck

In this sermon on John 8 Dr. Jim Keck will propose that the word “sin” is central to the Christian faith but has become problematic by endless misusage. The church has called some things “sin” that are not sin - like playing cards, dancing or being gay. And so it has lost credibility. But it is essential that the church be able to speak to the existential reality of an imperfect humanity. This sermon will suggest that it would clarify our understanding if every time we see the word “sin” in our tradition we transpose it in our minds to “self-centeredness” and that our Christ desires to move us from selfishness to being other centered.

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