Prepare Ye the Way! Advent Sermon Series - Dec. 17, 2023 - Pastor Jim Keck - Sermon

Series: Reach Out & Live: First-Plymouth (20th & D)

December 17, 2023
Pastor Jim Keck

At the very beginning of the Gospel, John the Baptist stands at the edge of the wilderness and shouts out ‘Prepare Ye the Way!” Like the very first Christmas, we must prepare the way for the Lord’s arrival. But how do we make ready our hearts in a world filled with chaos, violence and lack of faith? Many people no longer think that the arrival of Christ was decisive or even terribly interesting. In the advent sermon series, Reverends Jim Keck and Juan Carlos Huertas will explore what pathways we must forge to welcome the Christ into our heart and world with a new level of excitement and authenticity. Join us as we prepare the way for our beautiful Christ this Advent at FP.

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