No Condemnation - July 16, 2023 - Rev. Juan Carlos - Sermon

Series: Reach Out & Live: First-Plymouth (20th & D)

July 16, 2023
Rev. Juan Carlos Huertas

These days it can feel like we are constantly on egg shells worried that we would say something, do something, be something that another would find objectionable. Leaders also seem to get on the bandwagon demonizing, scapegoating, and fear mongering. So often the church also gets in the fray and yet the good news reminds us again that Jesus did not come to condemn the world, that there is no condemnation, that even at our worst there is forgiveness and reconciliation that is possible, that we are not to walk on eggshells but humbly and confidently in God’s love and joy. What does this look like in our day to day lives?

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