Embracing-Your-Destiny-Persistent-PerseveranceEmbracing Your Destiny: Persistent Perseverance

Embracing Your Destiny: Persis...

Crosswave-Week-of-Jan-21stCrosswave - Week of Jan. 21st

Crosswave - Week of Jan. 21st

Why-WrathWhy Wrath

Why Wrath

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-gifts-of-healings-part-9-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit - GIFTS OF HEALINGS - Part 9 of 11

The Gifts of the Spirit - GIFT...

He-Knows-Heb-414-510He Knows (Heb 4:14-5:10)

He Knows (Heb 4:14-5:10)

Nuestra-visionNuestra vision

Nuestra vision



Embracing-Your-Destiny-Surrender-SelfEmbracing Your Destiny: Surrender Self

Embracing Your Destiny: Surren...

Good-News-That-Will-Change-Your-LifeGood News That Will Change Your Life

Good News That Will Change You...

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-discerning-of-spirits-ii-part-8-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit - DISCERNING OF SPIRITS ii  -  Part  8 of 11

The Gifts of the Spirit - DISC...

Whos-in-your-Well-Part-IIWho's in your Well? Part II

Who's in your Well? Part II

Cannot-Drink-From-Two-Seperate-Cups-1-Corinthians-10Cannot Drink From Two Seperate Cups (1 Corinthians 10

Cannot Drink From Two Seperate...

Baptized-to-ServeBaptized to Serve

Baptized to Serve

God-Dust-and-A-Tombstone-Job-18-19God, Dust and A Tombstone - Job 18-19

God, Dust and A Tombstone - Jo...

Shall-We-Live-Again-Job-11-14Shall We Live Again - Job 11-14

Shall We Live Again - Job 11-1...

I-Need-A-Go-Between-Job-8-10I Need A Go Between - Job 8-10

I Need A Go Between - Job 8-10

With-Friends-Like-These-Job-4-7With Friends Like These... Job 4-7

With Friends Like These... Job...

The-Woeful-World-of-Uz-Job-1-3The Woeful World of Uz - Job 1-3

The Woeful World of Uz - Job 1...

Crosswave-Week-of-Jan-14thCrosswave - Week of Jan. 14th

Crosswave - Week of Jan. 14th

Excusa-o-EsfuerzoExcusa o Esfuerzo?

Excusa o Esfuerzo?

Embracing-Your-Destiny-Charting-Your-CourseEmbracing Your Destiny: Charting Your Course

Embracing Your Destiny: Charti...

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-discerning-of-spirits-i-part-7-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit - DISCERNING OF SPIRITS i - Part 7 of 11

The Gifts of the Spirit - DISC...

Crosswave-Week-of-Jan-7thCrosswave - Week of Jan. 7th

Crosswave - Week of Jan. 7th

Power-of-your-Vision-Part-IIPower of your Vision Part II

Power of your Vision Part II

Look-for-the-Keys-in-the-Light-Matthew-21-12Look for the Keys in the Light -  Matthew 2:1-12

Look for the Keys in the Light...

Lo-que-podemos-hacer-juntosLo que podemos hacer juntos?

Lo que podemos hacer juntos?

Embracing-Your-Destiny-Face-Your-FutureEmbracing Your Destiny: Face Your Future

Embracing Your Destiny: Face Y...

Testimony-Colleen-Sullivan-and-Robert-LewisTestimony - Colleen Sullivan and Robert Lewis

Testimony - Colleen Sullivan a...

Whos-in-your-wellWho's in your well?

Who's in your well?

Crosswave-Week-of-Dec-31stCrosswave - Week of Dec. 31st

Crosswave - Week of Dec. 31st

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-revelatory-iii-part-6-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit  -  REVELATORY iii  -  Part  6  of  11

The Gifts of the Spirit - RE...

Soul-Food-Movies-Music-and-MoreSoul Food: Movies, Music, and More

Soul Food: Movies, Music, and...

Power-of-your-VisionPower of your Vision

Power of your Vision

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-revelatory-ii-part-5-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit  -  REVELATORY ii  -  Part  5  of  11

The Gifts of the Spirit - RE...

Crosswave-Week-of-Dec-24thCrosswave - Week of Dec. 24th

Crosswave - Week of Dec. 24th

The-Way-of-the-KingThe Way of the King

The Way of the King

La-Mision-del-Mesias-Parte-2La Mision del Mesias. Parte 2

La Mision del Mesias. Parte 2

La-Mision-del-Mesias-Parte1La Mision del Mesias. Parte1

La Mision del Mesias. Parte1

Expect-the-Unexpected-Mathew-118-25Expect the Unexpected  Mathew 1:18-25

Expect the Unexpected Mathew...

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-revelatory-i-part-4-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit  -  REVELATORY i  -  Part  4  of  11

The Gifts of the Spirit - RE...

Crosswave-Week-of-Dec-17thCrosswave - Week of Dec. 17th

Crosswave - Week of Dec. 17th

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-tongues-prophecy-part-3-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit - TONGUES  &  PROPHECY  -  Part 3 of 11

The Gifts of the Spirit - TONG...

Donde-quedo-la-promesa-Parte-2Donde quedo la promesa? Parte 2

Donde quedo la promesa? Parte...

Donde-quedo-la-promesa-Parte-1Donde quedo la promesa? Parte 1

Donde quedo la promesa? Parte...

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-tongues-part-2-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit  - TONGUES  -  Part  2 of 11

The Gifts of the Spirit - TON...

An-Angle-on-AngelsAn Angle on Angels

An Angle on Angels

Crosswave-Week-of-Dec-10thCrosswave - Week of Dec. 10th

Crosswave - Week of Dec. 10th

Manifesting-the-Kingdom-Culture-IIIManifesting the Kingdom Culture III

Manifesting the Kingdom Cultur...

the-gifts-of-the-spirit-part-1-of-11The Gifts of the Spirit  -  Part  1 of  11

The Gifts of the Spirit - Pa...

Possessing-your-inheritance-IIPossessing your inheritance II

Possessing your inheritance II

Crosswave-Week-of-Dec-3rdCrosswave - Week of Dec. 3rd

Crosswave - Week of Dec. 3rd

Manifesting-the-Kingdom-Culture-IIManifesting the Kingdom Culture II

Manifesting the Kingdom Cultur...

In-Days-To-Come-Isaiah-21-5In Days To Come - Isaiah 2:1-5

In Days To Come - Isaiah 2:1-5

The-Rest-of-Shadow-and-Light-Heb-41-13The Rest of Shadow and Light (Heb 4:1-13)

The Rest of Shadow and Light (...

Mision-Posible-Parte-2Mision Posible Parte 2

Mision Posible Parte 2

Mision-Posible-Parte-1Mision Posible Parte 1

Mision Posible Parte 1

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-26thCrosswave - Week of Nov. 26th

Crosswave - Week of Nov. 26th

Possessing-Your-InheritancePossessing Your Inheritance

Possessing Your Inheritance

Manifesting-the-Kingdom-CultureManifesting the Kingdom Culture

Manifesting the Kingdom Cultur...

Preparing-for-Your-Inheritae-Part-IVPreparing for Your Inheritae Part IV

Preparing for Your Inheritae P...

The-Answer-we-need-2-Cor-122-10The Answer we need - 2 Cor 12:2-10

The Answer we need - 2 Cor 12:...

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-19thCrosswave - Week of Nov. 19th

Crosswave - Week of Nov. 19th

Quieres-ser-importanteParte-2Quieres ser importante?Parte 2

Quieres ser importante?Parte 2

Quieres-ser-importante-Parte-1Quieres ser importante? Parte 1

Quieres ser importante? Parte...

How-could-we-forgetHow could we forget ?

How could we forget ?

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-12thCrosswave - Week of Nov. 12th

Crosswave - Week of Nov. 12th

The-Law-Its-Life-or-DeathThe Law - Its Life or Death

The Law - Its Life or Death

Preparing-for-your-Inheritance-Part-IIIPreparing for your Inheritance Part III

Preparing for your Inheritance...

A-quien-te-pareces-Parte-2A quien te pareces? Parte 2

A quien te pareces? Parte 2

A-quien-te-pareces-Parte-1A quien te pareces? Parte 1

A quien te pareces? Parte 1

Birth-RightBirth Right

Birth Right

Identity-Crisis-LangdonIdentity Crisis (Langdon)

Identity Crisis (Langdon)



The-Dignity-Destiny-of-Man-Heb-25-18The Dignity & Destiny of Man (Heb 2:5-18)

The Dignity & Destiny of Man (...

Preparing-For-Your-Inheritance-Part-IIPreparing For Your Inheritance Part II

Preparing For Your Inheritance...

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-5thCrosswave - Week of Nov. 5th

Crosswave - Week of Nov. 5th

Holding-A-PatternHolding A Pattern

Holding A Pattern

I-am-the-Way-and-the-Truth-and-the-LifeI am the Way and the Truth and the Life

I am the Way and the Truth and...

The-SwitchThe Switch

The Switch

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-29thCrosswave - Week of Oct 29th

Crosswave - Week of Oct 29th

Introduccion-a-los-7-enemigosIntroduccion a los 7 enemigos

Introduccion a los 7 enemigos

The-Cost-of-RoyaltyThe Cost of Royalty

The Cost of Royalty

Sermon-on-the-Mount-Matthew-520-48-Saying-Adios-to-the-scribes-and-PhariseesSermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:20-48 - Saying Adios to the scribes and Pharisees

Sermon on the Mount - Matthew...

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-22ndCrosswave - Week of Oct. 22nd

Crosswave - Week of Oct. 22nd

More-Excellent-Heb-14-14More Excellent (Heb 1:4-14)

More Excellent (Heb 1:4-14)

Righteousness-LostRighteousness Lost

Righteousness Lost

Preparing-For-Your-InheritancePreparing For Your Inheritance

Preparing For Your Inheritance

Has-aprendido-Parte-2Has aprendido? Parte 2

Has aprendido? Parte 2

Has-aprendido-Parte-1Has aprendido? Parte 1

Has aprendido? Parte 1

mission-or-meMission or Me?

Mission or Me?

Being-More-Determined-Than-HellBeing More Determined Than Hell

Being More Determined Than Hel...

Angels-Hebrews-First-half-lost-due-to-technical-difficultyAngels (Hebrews) - First half lost due to technical difficulty :-(

Angels (Hebrews) - First half...

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-15thCrosswave - Week of Oct. 15th

Crosswave - Week of Oct. 15th

Unlocking-Your-PotentialUnlocking Your Potential

Unlocking Your Potential

Freddy-T-10-14-07Freddy T. 10-14-07

Freddy T. 10-14-07

Para-que-estoy-en-la-iglesia-1Para que estoy en la iglesia? 1

Para que estoy en la iglesia?...

Para-que-estoy-en-la-iglesia-2Para que estoy en la iglesia? 2

Para que estoy en la iglesia?...

Journey-of-A-Lifetime-The-Key-To-Lasting-RelationshipsJourney of A Lifetime - The Key To Lasting Relationships

Journey of A Lifetime - The Ke...

Jesus-Gods-Final-Word-Heb-11-3Jesus, God's Final Word (Heb 1:1-3)

Jesus, God's Final Word (Heb 1...

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-8thCrosswave - Week of Oct. 8th

Crosswave - Week of Oct. 8th

Freddy-T-10-07-07Freddy T. 10-07-07

Freddy T. 10-07-07