Kingdom-Shadows-1-2nd-SvcKingdom - Shadows 1 - 2nd Svc

Kingdom - Shadows 1 - 2nd Svc

Sermon-92009Sermon - 9/20/09

Sermon - 9/20/09

Kingdom-Shadows-1-1st-ServiceKingdom - Shadows 1 - 1st Service

Kingdom - Shadows 1 - 1st Serv...

Practical-Christian-Living-Part-10Practical Christian Living Part 10

Practical Christian Living Par...

Brink-Podcast-91809Brink Podcast 9/18/09

Brink Podcast 9/18/09

Methods-of-Miracles-One-With-GodMethods of Miracles [One With God]

Methods of Miracles [One With...

Protected-by-the-God-of-Heaven-and-EarthProtected by the God of Heaven and Earth

Protected by the God of Heaven...

09-13-09-Glimpses-of-the-Kingdom-Interruptions09-13-09 Glimpses of the Kingdom, Interruptions

09-13-09 Glimpses of the Kingd...

Called-to-Be-an-EncouragerCalled to Be an Encourager

Called to Be an Encourager

Why-Have-EldersWhy Have Elders?

Why Have Elders?

But-Who-Do-You-Say-That-I-Am-Judge-Not-Jerel-Olson-Matthew-71-6But Who Do You Say That I Am?” Judge Not? (Jerel Olson Matthew 7:1-6)

But Who Do You Say That I Am?”...


"If My People Would Turn"

Practical-Christian-Living-Part-9Practical Christian Living Part 9

Practical Christian Living Par...

Because-God-Is-with-MeBecause God Is with Me

Because God Is with Me

How-to-Altar-Your-Life-No-ExcusesHow to Altar Your Life: No Excuses

How to Altar Your Life: No Exc...

Fully-Follow-After-GodFully Follow After God

Fully Follow After God

Womens-Ministry-91509Womens Ministry - 9/15/09

Womens Ministry - 9/15/09

Thats-What-He-Said-09-13-09That's What He Said 09-13-09

That's What He Said 09-13-09

Can-A-Person-Lose-Their-SalvationCan A Person Lose Their Salvation?

Can A Person Lose Their Salvat...



Seven-ChurchesSeven Churches

Seven Churches

Its-a-Family-thingIt's a Family thing

It's a Family thing

Kingdom-Riddles-7-What-is-He-Trying-to-Say-2nd-SvcKingdom - Riddles 7 - What is He Trying to Say? - 2nd Svc

Kingdom - Riddles 7 - What is...

Some-Good-NewsSome Good News

Some Good News

Sermon-91309Sermon - 9/13/09

Sermon - 9/13/09

The-Wealth-FactorThe Wealth Factor

The Wealth Factor

Kingdom-Riddles-7-What-is-He-Trying-to-Say-1st-SvcKingdom - Riddles 7 - What is He Trying to Say? - 1st Svc

Kingdom - Riddles 7 - What is...

Brink-Podcast-91109Brink Podcast 9/11/09

Brink Podcast 9/11/09

Learning-to-LearnLearning to Learn

Learning to Learn

Testimony-to-the-LordTestimony to the Lord

Testimony to the Lord

Declaring-His-GloryDeclaring His Glory

Declaring His Glory

Youve-Heard-Jerel-OlsonYou've Heard (Jerel Olson)

You've Heard (Jerel Olson)

Q-A-with-Dr-GregQ & A with Dr. Greg

Q & A with Dr. Greg

Fight-HypocrisyFight Hypocrisy!

Fight Hypocrisy!

09-06-09-Lectio-Divina09-06-09 Lectio Divina

09-06-09 Lectio Divina

Womens-Ministry-9809Womens Ministry - 9/8/09

Womens Ministry - 9/8/09

Does-God-Forgive-All-Sin-September-6-2009Does God Forgive All Sin?, September 6, 2009

Does God Forgive All Sin?, Sep...

Marttha-Mary-The-Labor-QuestionMarttha & Mary-The Labor Question

Marttha & Mary-The Labor Quest...

When-Life-Is-Labor-IntensiveWhen Life Is Labor-Intensive

When Life Is Labor-Intensive

Follow-the-Leader-9-6-09Follow the Leader 9-6-09

Follow the Leader 9-6-09

The-Benefits-of-Our-Faith-2The Benefits of Our Faith #2

The Benefits of Our Faith #2



Be-Strong-and-CouragesBe Strong and Courages

Be Strong and Courages

My-Inheritance-Legacy-PowerMy Inheritance [Legacy] Power

My Inheritance [Legacy] Power


"Help Is Already Here"

Kingdom-Riddles-6-What-is-He-Trying-to-Say-2nd-SvcKingdom - Riddles 6 - What is He Trying to Say? - 2nd Svc

Kingdom - Riddles 6 - What is...

Father-and-JudgeFather and Judge

Father and Judge

Sermon-9609Sermon - 9/6/09

Sermon - 9/6/09

Kingdom-Riddles-6-What-Is-He-Trying-To-Say-1st-ServiceKingdom - Riddles 6 - What Is He Trying To Say? -1st Service

Kingdom - Riddles 6 - What Is...

Brink-Podcast-9409Brink Podcast 9/4/09

Brink Podcast 9/4/09

Pulling-Down-StrongholdsPulling Down Strongholds

Pulling Down Strongholds

How-Do-You-Regard-JesusHow Do You Regard Jesus?

How Do You Regard Jesus?

Get-Your-Hopes-UpGet Your Hopes Up

Get Your Hopes Up

08-30-09-Hymns-and-Their-Stories08-30-09 Hymns and Their Stories

08-30-09 Hymns and Their Stori...

But-Who-Do-You-Say-That-I-Am-Jesus-The-Perfect-Hater-Jerel-Oslon-Luke-1425-35But Who Do You Say That I Am?” Jesus, The Perfect Hater (Jerel Oslon Luke 14:25-35)

But Who Do You Say That I Am?”...

CSM-Drew-Mclure-ChurchCSM- Drew Mclure- Church

CSM- Drew Mclure- Church

house2house-The-Case-for-Communityhouse2house: The Case for Community

house2house: The Case for Comm...

The-Way-Out-8-30-09The Way Out 8-30-09

The Way Out 8-30-09


"It Shall Be Well"

I-Got-A-Praise-To-RaiseI Got A Praise To Raise

I Got A Praise To Raise

8-30-09-WHY8-30-09 WHY?

8-30-09 WHY?

Blessed-be-your-name-The-Story-behind-the-SongBlessed be your name - The Story behind the Song

Blessed be your name - The Sto...

Does-God-Really-Answer-Prayer-August-30-2009Does God Really Answer Prayer? August 30, 2009

Does God Really Answer Prayer?...

God-Who-Makes-Nations-to-Rise-and-FallGod -  Who Makes Nations to Rise and Fall

God - Who Makes Nations to Ri...

A-Different-LifeA Different Life

A Different Life

Kingdom-Riddles-5-2nd-ServiceKingdom - Riddles 5 - 2nd Service

Kingdom - Riddles 5 - 2nd Serv...

Sermon-83009Sermon - 8/30/09

Sermon - 8/30/09

Kingdom-Riddles-5-1st-Svc-PodcastKingdom - Riddles 5 - 1st Svc Podcast

Kingdom - Riddles 5 - 1st Svc...

Brink-Podcast-082809Brink Podcast 08/28/09

Brink Podcast 08/28/09

Jesus-Healing-EnergyJesus' Healing Energy

Jesus' Healing Energy

Prayer-Jerel-OlsonPrayer (Jerel Olson)

Prayer (Jerel Olson)


"Empowered for Ministry"

08-23-09-Glimpses-of-the-Kingdom-Little-Children08-23-09 Glimpses of the Kingdom, Little Children

08-23-09 Glimpses of the Kingd...

08-16-09-Glimpses-of-the-Kingdom-Seeds-Kernals08-16-09 Glimpses of the Kingdom, Seeds & Kernals

08-16-09 Glimpses of the Kingd...

Remembering-and-Meditating-Upon-the-LordRemembering and Meditating Upon the Lord

Remembering and Meditating Upo...

Live-Like-You-Were-DyingLive Like You Were Dying

Live Like You Were Dying

Practical-Christian-Living-Part-8Practical Christian Living Part 8

Practical Christian Living Par...

Practical-Christian-Living-Part-7Practical Christian Living Part 7

Practical Christian Living Par...

American-Idols-8-23-09American Idols 8-23-09

American Idols 8-23-09



The-Outpouring-Full-CircleThe Outpouring: Full Circle

The Outpouring: Full Circle

The-Benefits-of-Our-Faith-1The Benefits of Our Faith #1

The Benefits of Our Faith #1

Wives-Love-Your-HusbandsWives, Love Your Husbands

Wives, Love Your Husbands

Beautiful-One-The-Story-behind-the-SongBeautiful One - The Story behind the Song

Beautiful One - The Story behi...

Kingdom-Riddles-4-2nd-ServiceKingdom - Riddles 4 - 2nd Service

Kingdom - Riddles 4 - 2nd Serv...

The-Center-of-the-UniverseThe Center of the Universe

The Center of the Universe

Sermon-82309Sermon - 8/23/09

Sermon - 8/23/09

Kingdom-Riddles-4-1st-ServiceKingdom - Riddles 4 - 1st Service

Kingdom - Riddles 4 - 1st Serv...

Apostolic-Gospel-Part-OneApostolic Gospel- Part One

Apostolic Gospel- Part One

Brink-Podcast-8212009Brink Podcast 8/21/2009

Brink Podcast 8/21/2009

Daniel-5-Jerel-OlsonDaniel 5 (Jerel Olson)

Daniel 5 (Jerel Olson)


"Fullfilling Your Destiny"

Reveal-8-16-09Reveal 8-16-09

Reveal 8-16-09

MUSIC-Rem-Brubaker-Flows-Over-MeMUSIC - Rem Brubaker - Flows Over Me

MUSIC - Rem Brubaker - Flows O...

Active-FaithActive Faith

Active Faith

Husbands-Love-Your-WivesHusbands, Love Your Wives

Husbands, Love Your Wives

Kingdom-Riddles-3-2nd-ServiceKingdom - Riddles 3 - 2nd Service

Kingdom - Riddles 3 - 2nd Serv...

Sermon-81609Sermon - 8/16/09

Sermon - 8/16/09

Kingdom-Riddles-3-What-is-He-Trying-To-Say-1st-ServiceKingdom - Riddles - 3 - What is He Trying To Say? 1st Service

Kingdom - Riddles - 3 - What i...

Brink-Podcast-81409Brink Podcast 8/14/09

Brink Podcast 8/14/09

1-John-3-Jerel-Olson1 John 3 (Jerel Olson)

1 John 3 (Jerel Olson)

God-Loves-Better-Than-UnconditionallyGod Loves Better Than Unconditionally

God Loves Better Than Uncondit...