Sowing-in-the-Glory-Pt-1Sowing in the Glory Pt. 1

Sowing in the Glory Pt. 1

Contend-for-the-FaithContend for the Faith

Contend for the Faith

part-1-walk-worthy-of-your-callingPart 1 Walk Worthy of Your Calling

Part 1 Walk Worthy of Your Cal...

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-9FBCT StudentCast Episode 9

FBCT StudentCast Episode 9

Malachi-1Malachi 1

Malachi 1

FBCT-BirthdayCASTFBCT BirthdayCAST!!!

FBCT BirthdayCAST!!!

Freddy-T-05-20-07Freddy T. 05-20-07

Freddy T. 05-20-07

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-viiiFBCT StudentCast Episode # viii

FBCT StudentCast Episode # vii...

Apostles-Creed-5-Suffered-under-Pontius-Pilate-Hebrews-26-18Apostles Creed 5 - Suffered under Pontius Pilate -  Hebrews 2:6-18

Apostles Creed 5 - Suffered un...

spiritual-confidence-part-6Spiritual Confidence Part 6

Spiritual Confidence Part 6

Lo-que-nos-ensenaron-nuestras-madres-2Lo que nos ensenaron nuestras madres 2

Lo que nos ensenaron nuestras...

Lo-que-nos-ensenaron-nuestras-madres-1Lo que nos ensenaron nuestras madres 1

Lo que nos ensenaron nuestras...

DOXA-Midweek-Straight-Up-with-Steve-Moore-Part-2DOXA Midweek - Straight Up with Steve Moore Part 2

DOXA Midweek - Straight Up wit...

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-7-Part-1FBCT StudentCast Episode #7 (Part 1)

FBCT StudentCast Episode #7 (P...

DOXA-Midweek-Straight-Up-with-Steve-Moore-Part-1DOXA Midweek - Straight Up with Steve Moore Part 1

DOXA Midweek - Straight Up wit...

FBCTStudentCast-Episode-6FBCTStudentCast Episode #6

FBCTStudentCast Episode #6

Chris-Edmundson-05-13-07Chris Edmundson      05-13-07

Chris Edmundson 05-13-07

Apostles-Creed-4-Concieved-by-the-Holy-Spirit-Born-of-the-Virgin-Mary-Luke-126-38Apostles Creed 4 - Concieved by the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary - Luke 1:26-38

Apostles Creed 4 - Concieved b...

spiritual-confidence-part-5Spiritual Confidence Part 5

Spiritual Confidence Part 5

FBCT-StudentCast-Epidose-CincoFBCT StudentCast Epidose Cinco

FBCT StudentCast Epidose Cinco

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-4FBCT StudentCast Episode #4

FBCT StudentCast Episode #4

Doxa-Midweek-Interview-with-Robert-WhitecottonDoxa Midweek - Interview with Robert Whitecotton

Doxa Midweek - Interview with...

Interview-with-Steve-Parish-and-Kyle-JonesInterview with Steve Parish and Kyle Jones

Interview with Steve Parish an...

Freddy-T-05-06-07Freddy T. 05-06-07

Freddy T. 05-06-07

Apostles-Creed-3-In-Jesus-Christ-His-Only-Son-Our-Lord-Philippians-25-10Apostles Creed 3 - In Jesus Christ His Only Son Our Lord - Philippians 2:5-10

Apostles Creed 3 - In Jesus Ch...

spiritual-confidence-part-4Spiritual Confidence Part 4

Spiritual Confidence Part 4

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-3FBCT StudentCast Episode #3

FBCT StudentCast Episode #3

Romans-DoxologyRomans Doxology

Romans Doxology

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-2FBCT StudentCast Episode #2

FBCT StudentCast Episode #2

Freddy-T-04-29-07Freddy T.  04-29-07

Freddy T. 04-29-07

Apostles-Creed-2-In-God-the-Father-Almighty-Maker-of-Heaven-and-Earth-Luke-1511-24Apostles Creed 2 - In God the Father Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth - Luke 15:11-24

Apostles Creed 2 - In God the...

spiritual-confidence-part-3Spiritual Confidence Part 3

Spiritual Confidence Part 3

FBCT-StudentCastFBCT StudentCast

FBCT StudentCast

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="The-TableThe Table">

The Table

DOXA-Midweek-The-Real-Deal-with-Irby-StanleyDOXA Midweek - The Real Deal with Irby Stanley

DOXA Midweek - The Real Deal w...

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="EzraEzra">


Cuando-llegara-tu-domingoCuando llegara tu domingo?

Cuando llegara tu domingo?

Dr-Roger-Freeman-04-22-07Dr. Roger Freeman  04-22-07

Dr. Roger Freeman 04-22-07

Apostles-Creed-1-I-Believe-2-Timothy-112-14Apostles Creed 1 - I Believe - 2 Timothy 1:12 -14

Apostles Creed 1 - I Believe -...

spiritual-confidence-part-2Spiritual Confidence Part 2

Spiritual Confidence Part 2

The-Nature-Series-The-Nature-of-The-ChurchThe Nature Series: The Nature of The Church

The Nature Series: The Nature...

Le-falto-algo-Parte-2Le falto algo? Parte 2

Le falto algo? Parte 2

Never-Thirst-Again-John-41-42Never Thirst Again (John 4:1-42)

Never Thirst Again (John 4:1-4...

DOXA-Midweek-Chewing-the-Cud-with-Brad-SmithDOXA Midweek -

DOXA Midweek - "Chewing the Cu...

Le-falto-algo-Parte-1Le falto algo? Parte 1

Le falto algo? Parte 1

Freddy-T-04-15-07Freddy T. 04-15-07

Freddy T. 04-15-07

spiritual-confidence-part-1Spiritual Confidence Part 1

Spiritual Confidence Part 1



DOXA-MidweekDOXA Midweek

DOXA Midweek

Sufficiency-of-Christ-DeathSufficiency of Christ Death

Sufficiency of Christ Death

Freddy-T-04-08-07Freddy T. 04-08-07

Freddy T. 04-08-07

jesus-alive-and-ableJesus - Alive and Able

Jesus - Alive and Able

The-Rich-Young-RulerThe Rich Young Ruler

The Rich Young Ruler

Freddy-T-04-01-07Freddy T. 04-01-07

Freddy T. 04-01-07

Agarra-la-honda-Parte-2Agarra la honda Parte 2

Agarra la honda Parte 2

Romans-16Romans 16

Romans 16

DOXA-Podcast-All-You-Ever-Wanted-to-Know-about-Ron-MooreDOXA Podcast -

DOXA Podcast - "All You Ever W...

Agarra-la-honda-Parte-1Agarra la honda Parte 1

Agarra la honda Parte 1

Two-DirectionsTwo Directions

Two Directions

Freddy-T-03-25-07Freddy T.  03-25-07

Freddy T. 03-25-07

jesus-canJesus Can!

Jesus Can!

Que-clase-de-hijos-queremos-Parte-2Que clase de hijos queremos? Parte 2

Que clase de hijos queremos? P...

Que-Clase-de-hijos-queremos-Parte-1Que Clase de hijos queremos? Parte 1

Que Clase de hijos queremos? P...

The-Nature-Series-Who-Is-In-Charge-HereThe Nature Series: Who Is In Charge Here

The Nature Series: Who Is In C...

The-Glory-of-Christ-in-the-Life-of-Richard-B-AllenThe Glory of Christ in the Life of Richard B. Allen

The Glory of Christ in the Lif...

DOXA-Podcast-First-StabDOXA Podcast -

DOXA Podcast - "First Stab"

Principles-of-Christian-Liberty-Romans-14-1513Principles of Christian Liberty (Romans 14-15:13)

Principles of Christian Libert...

Freddy-T-03-18-07Freddy T. 03-18-07

Freddy T. 03-18-07

be-readyBe Ready

Be Ready

Vallas-Protectoras-Parte-2Vallas Protectoras Parte 2

Vallas Protectoras Parte 2

Subjection-and-Knowing-the-Time-Romans-13Subjection and Knowing the Time (Romans 13)

Subjection and Knowing the Tim...

Vallas-Protectoras-Parte-1Vallas Protectoras Parte 1

Vallas Protectoras Parte 1

Freddy-T-03-11-07Freddy T. 03-11-07

Freddy T. 03-11-07

loving-well-part-2Loving Well Part 2

Loving Well Part 2

Armas-Letales-Parte-2Armas Letales Parte 2

Armas Letales Parte 2

Armas-Letales-Parte-1Armas Letales Parte 1

Armas Letales Parte 1

Freddy-T-03-04-07Freddy T. 03-04-07

Freddy T. 03-04-07

loving-well-part-1Loving Well Part 1

Loving Well Part 1

The-Pauline-Letters-The-Epistles-to-the-GalatiansThe Pauline Letters: The Epistles to the Galatians

The Pauline Letters: The Epist...

Como-reconstruir-los-muros-Parte-2Como reconstruir los muros? Parte 2

Como reconstruir los muros? Pa...

Como-reconstruir-los-muros-Parte-1Como reconstruir los muros? Parte 1

Como reconstruir los muros? Pa...

life-sharing-and-fruit-bearing-part-3Life-Sharing and Fruit-Bearing Part 3

Life-Sharing and Fruit-Bearing...

Fantastic-BreakdownFantastic Breakdown

Fantastic Breakdown

Evidencia-que-exige-un-veredicto-2Evidencia que exige un veredicto. 2

Evidencia que exige un veredic...

Evidencia-que-exige-un-veredicto-1Evidencia que exige un veredicto. 1

Evidencia que exige un veredic...

Spiritual-Service-of-Worship-Romans-121-21Spiritual Service of Worship (Romans 12:1-21)

Spiritual Service of Worship (...

Readings-from-the-PsalmsReadings from the Psalms

Readings from the Psalms

The-Pauline-Letters-An-Examination-Of-The-Shorter-EpistlesThe Pauline Letters: An Examination Of The Shorter Epistles

The Pauline Letters: An Examin...

life-sharing-and-fruit-bearing-part-2Life-Sharing and Fruit-Bearing Part 2

Life-Sharing and Fruit-Bearing...

Previniendo-en-la-carrera-Parte-IIPreviniendo en la carrera. Parte II

Previniendo en la carrera. Par...

Previniendo-en-la-Carrera-1-PartePreviniendo en la Carrera 1 Parte

Previniendo en la Carrera 1 Pa...

How-Shall-They-Romans-101-1136How Shall They? (Romans 10:1-11:36)

How Shall They? (Romans 10:1-1...

Fear-No-EvilFear No Evil

Fear No Evil

life-sharing-and-fruit-bearing-part-1Life-Sharing and Fruit-Bearing Part 1

Life-Sharing and Fruit-Bearing...

QA-Romans-9-02-07-07Q&A Romans 9 (02-07-07)

Q&A Romans 9 (02-07-07)

Romans-9Romans 9

Romans 9

The-Battle-Im-Trying-to-Fight-Its-Time-to-Start-Thinking-That-Way-AgainThe Battle I'm Trying to Fight / It's Time to Start Thinking That Way Again

The Battle I'm Trying to Fight...

part-3-breakthrough-we-serve-othersPart 3 Breakthrough - We Serve Others

Part 3 Breakthrough - We Serve...

Faith-Love-and-ObedienceFaith, Love and Obedience

Faith, Love and Obedience


The "Invisible" God Made Visib...

This-is-LoveThis is Love

This is Love

Recognizing-the-SpiritRecognizing the Spirit

Recognizing the Spirit