El-Poder-de-la-Enseanza-2El Poder de la EnseƱanza  2

El Poder de la Enseñanza 2

El-Poder-de-la-Enseanza-1El Poder de la EnseƱanza  1

El Poder de la Enseñanza 1

Acts-21-13-Charles-HamptonActs 2:1-13  (Charles Hampton)

Acts 2:1-13 (Charles Hampton)

The-Outpouring-The-Language-of-the-HeartThe Outpouring: The Language of the Heart

The Outpouring: The Language o...

Sermon-2809Sermon - 2/8/09

Sermon - 2/8/09

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-5-1st-ServiceKingdom: Requirements Part 5 - 1st Service

Kingdom: Requirements Part 5 -...

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Blessed-And-Still-Buried-_Pt2-GraveclothesBlessed And Still Buried _Pt2 Graveclothes">

Blessed And Still Buried _Pt2...

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Blessed-And-Still-Buried-_Pt1Blessed And Still Buried _Pt1">

Blessed And Still Buried _Pt1

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="I-Hear-The-Sound-Of-AbundanceI Hear The Sound Of Abundance">

I Hear The Sound Of Abundance

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="God-Has-A-Plan-And-He-Will-Work-It-OutGod Has A Plan And He Will Work It Out">

God Has A Plan And He Will Wor...

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Put-Your-Foot-DownPut Your Foot Down">

Put Your Foot Down

A-Sacred-PresenceA Sacred Presence

A Sacred Presence

Of-the-Inferno-and-Baptism-1-Peter-319-22-Jerel-OlsonOf the Inferno and Baptism, 1 Peter 3:19-22 (Jerel Olson)

Of the Inferno and Baptism, 1...

The-God-of-Abraham-A-shield-and-a-rewardThe God of Abraham- A shield and a reward

The God of Abraham- A shield a...

Womens-Ministry-2309Womens Ministry - 2/3/09

Womens Ministry - 2/3/09

Crosswave-Week-of-Feb-2ndCrosswave - Week of Feb 2nd

Crosswave - Week of Feb 2nd



A-Mystery-Hidden-But-Now-RevealedA Mystery Hidden But Now Revealed

A Mystery Hidden But Now Revea...

Calling-the-ChurchCalling the Church

Calling the Church

Strive-to-Build-Up-the-ChurchStrive to Build Up the Church

Strive to Build Up the Church

Love-Relationhsip-Basics-1Love Relationhsip Basics, #1

Love Relationhsip Basics, #1

Which-Way-Will-It-Be-Romans-109-John-111-12-the-4th-Great-ReversalWhich Way Will It Be ?  - Romans 10:9 & John 1:11-12 - the 4th Great Reversal

Which Way Will It Be ? - Roma...

2-1-09-HES-HERE2-1-09 HE'S HERE

2-1-09 HE'S HERE

Cual-es-mi-puesto-Parte-2Cual es mi puesto? Parte 2

Cual es mi puesto? Parte 2

Cual-es-mi-puesto-Parte-1Cual es mi puesto? Parte 1

Cual es mi puesto? Parte 1

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-4-2nd-ServiceKingdom: Requirements Part 4 - 2nd Service

Kingdom: Requirements Part 4 -...

Daily-Dose-of-Discipline-Phil-212-13Daily Dose of Discipline-Phil. 2:12-13

Daily Dose of Discipline-Phil....

The-Outpouring-PentecostThe Outpouring: Pentecost

The Outpouring: Pentecost

Acts-114-26-Charles-HamptonActs 1:14-26 (Charles Hampton)

Acts 1:14-26 (Charles Hampton)

Sermon-2109Sermon - 2/1/09

Sermon - 2/1/09

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-4Kingdom: Requirements - Part 4

Kingdom: Requirements - Part 4

Blessed-To-Suffer-1-Peter-313-18-41-2-12-19-Jerel-OlsonBlessed To Suffer 1 Peter 3:13-18, 4:1-2, 12-19 (Jerel Olson)

Blessed To Suffer 1 Peter 3:13...

Womens-Ministry-12709Womens Ministry - 1/27/09

Womens Ministry - 1/27/09

The-Character-of-LoveThe Character of Love

The Character of Love

Blessed-is-the-Man-Who-Remains-SteadfastBlessed is the Man Who Remains Steadfast

Blessed is the Man Who Remains...

What-God-Wants-to-Do-in-the-World-TodayWhat God Wants to Do in the World Today

What God Wants to Do in the Wo...

Crosswave-Week-of-Jan-26thCrosswave - Week of Jan 26th

Crosswave - Week of Jan 26th

Love-That-EnduresLove That Endures

Love That Endures

The-Weaver-s-Ransom-1st-Timothy-25-6-The-Third-Great-ReversalThe Weaver s Ransom - 1st Timothy 2:5-6  - The Third Great Reversal

The Weaver s Ransom - 1st Timo...

1-25-09-HE-KNOWS1-25-09 HE KNOWS

1-25-09 HE KNOWS



KINGDOM-Requirements-Part-3-1st-ServiceKINGDOM: Requirements, Part 3, 1st Service

KINGDOM: Requirements, Part 3,...

Para-que-estoy-aqui-Parte-2Para que estoy aqui? Parte 2

Para que estoy aqui? Parte 2

Para-que-estoy-aqui-Parte-1Para que estoy aqui? Parte 1

Para que estoy aqui? Parte 1

A-Lifetime-Work-Out-Phil-212-13A Lifetime Work Out-Phil 2:12-13

A Lifetime Work Out-Phil 2:12-...

Acts-19-14-Charles-HamptonActs 1:9-14 (Charles Hampton)

Acts 1:9-14 (Charles Hampton)

The-Outpouring-The-Promise-of-the-FatherThe Outpouring: The Promise of the Father

The Outpouring: The Promise of...

Sermon-12509Sermon - 1/25/09

Sermon - 1/25/09

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-2-1st-SvcKingdom: Requirements - Part 2 - 1st Svc

Kingdom: Requirements - Part 2...

Fire-and-Hammer-Jeremiah-2325-32-Jerel-OlsonFire and Hammer Jeremiah 23:25-32 (Jerel Olson)

Fire and Hammer Jeremiah 23:25...

The-State-of-the-Church-and-the-Christians-MissionThe State of the Church and the Christian's Mission

The State of the Church and th...

The-Character-of-LoveThe Character of Love

The Character of Love

Womens-Ministry-12009Womens Ministry - 1/20/09

Womens Ministry - 1/20/09

Crosswave-Week-of-Jan-19thCrosswave - Week of Jan 19th

Crosswave - Week of Jan 19th

Clear-Full-Circle-1-18-09Clear-Full Circle 1-18-09

Clear-Full Circle 1-18-09

The-Unpardonable-Sin-Romans-323-The-Second-Great-ReversalThe Unpardonable Sin   - Romans 3:23 - The Second Great Reversal

The Unpardonable Sin - Roman...


1-18-09 OVERWHELMED???

Wells-of-AbundanceWells of Abundance

Wells of Abundance

The-God-of-Abraham-Be-caught-up-in-Gods-storyThe God of Abraham- Be caught up in God's story

The God of Abraham- Be caught...

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-1-2nd-ServiceKingdom: Requirements - Part 1 - 2nd Service

Kingdom: Requirements - Part 1...

Still-Working-Out-Phil-214-18Still Working Out-Phil 2:14-18

Still Working Out-Phil 2:14-18

Acts-11-8-Charles-HamptonActs 1:1-8 (Charles Hampton)

Acts 1:1-8 (Charles Hampton)

Faith-Unbelief-and-PresumptionFaith, Unbelief, and Presumption

Faith, Unbelief, and Presumpti...

Sermon-11809Sermon - 1/18/09

Sermon - 1/18/09

Equipo-completo-parte-2Equipo completo parte 2

Equipo completo parte 2

Kingdom-Requirements-Part-1-1st-ServiceKingdom: Requirements Part 1 - 1st Service

Kingdom: Requirements Part 1 -...

Why-Are-We-Persecuted-Brandon-HodgeWhy Are We Persecuted (Brandon Hodge)

Why Are We Persecuted (Brandon...

New-Year-Resolutions-1-we-will-serve-the-LordNew Year Resolutions 1- we will serve the Lord

New Year Resolutions 1- we wil...

New-Year-Resolutions-2-the-quiet-devotion-of-RuthNew Year Resolutions 2- the quiet devotion of Ruth

New Year Resolutions 2- the qu...

Element-Steve-AustinElement (Steve Austin)

Element (Steve Austin)

Womens-Ministry-11309Women's Ministry - 1/13/09

Women's Ministry - 1/13/09

The-Finger-of-God-Is-EverywhereThe Finger of God Is Everywhere

The Finger of God Is Everywher...

Three-Exhortations-for-the-New-yearThree Exhortations for the New year

Three Exhortations for the New...

There-Is-A-More-Excellent-WayThere Is A More Excellent Way

There Is A More Excellent Way

Crosswave-Week-of-Jan-12thCrosswave - Week of Jan 12th

Crosswave - Week of Jan 12th

Can-you-prove-God-Exists-John-316-The-First-Great-ReversalCan you prove God Exists ?   John 3:16 - The First Great Reversal

Can you prove God Exists ? J...

Clear-Made-01-11-09Clear-Made 01-11-09

Clear-Made 01-11-09

1-11-09-YOUR-WORK-A-Defining-Moment1-11-09 YOUR WORK - A Defining Moment

1-11-09 YOUR WORK - A Defining...

Equipo-completo-Parte-1Equipo completo. Parte 1

Equipo completo. Parte 1

Kingdom-Into-The-WildernessKingdom: Into The Wilderness

Kingdom: Into The Wilderness

A-Personal-Workout-Phil-212-13A Personal Workout-Phil 2:12-13

A Personal Workout-Phil 2:12-1...

Acts-11-Charles-HamptonActs 1:1 (Charles Hampton)

Acts 1:1 (Charles Hampton)

Sermon-11109Sermon - 1/11/09

Sermon - 1/11/09

Kingdom-Into-The-WildernessKingdom: Into The Wilderness

Kingdom: Into The Wilderness

The-Weaker-Brother-Brandon-HodgeThe Weaker Brother (Brandon Hodge)

The Weaker Brother (Brandon Ho...

Advent-Through-UsAdvent Through Us

Advent Through Us

The-Missing-Element-Steve-AustinThe Missing

The Missing "Element" (Steve A...

Womens-Ministry-1609Womens Ministry - 1/6/09

Womens Ministry - 1/6/09

Crosswave-Week-of-Jan-5thCrosswave - Week of Jan 5th

Crosswave - Week of Jan 5th

Two-Contrasting-FailuresTwo Contrasting Failures

Two Contrasting Failures

All-Things-Happen-to-All-PeopleAll Things Happen to All People

All Things Happen to All Peopl...

What-Now-New-YearWhat Now?  New Year

What Now? New Year

La-vaquita-Parte-1La vaquita. Parte 1

La vaquita. Parte 1



Kingdom-Introductions-Part-5-2nd-ServiceKingdom: Introductions - Part 5 - 2nd Service

Kingdom: Introductions - Part...

An-Annual-Exam-2-Cor-135-6An Annual Exam-2 Cor. 13:5-6

An Annual Exam-2 Cor. 13:5-6

Sermon-1409Sermon - 1/4/09

Sermon - 1/4/09

Hearing-Gods-VoiceHearing God's Voice

Hearing God's Voice

Kingdom-Introductions-Part-5-1st-ServiceKingdom: Introductions - Part 5 - 1st Service

Kingdom: Introductions - Part...

12-28-08-IM-GLAD-I-DID12-28-08 I'M GLAD I DID

12-28-08 I'M GLAD I DID

la-iglesia-perfectala iglesia perfecta ........?

la iglesia perfecta ........?

Kingdom-Introductions-Part-4-2nd-ServiceKingdom: Introductions Part 4 - 2nd Service

Kingdom: Introductions Part 4...