surprised-by-hopeSurprised by Hope

Surprised by Hope

seek-him-and-his-strengthSeek Him and His Strength

Seek Him and His Strength

david-bancroft-04-05-2015David Bancroft 04-05-2015

David Bancroft 04-05-2015

the-goat-has-left-the-building-leviticus-163-21-and-hebrews-101-14The Goat has left the building: Leviticus 16:3-21 and Hebrews 10:1-14

The Goat has left the building...


"Live Between the Trees" Eccle...

have-you-heard-the-good-news-of-easter-pastor-robertHave You Heard the Good News of Easter? - Pastor Robert

Have You Heard the Good News o...

resurrection-seedResurrection Seed

Resurrection Seed

offended-by-the-events-of-easterOffended By The Events of Easter

Offended By The Events of East...

the-power-of-the-bloodThe Power of the Blood

The Power of the Blood

believing-in-the-resurrection-luke-24Believing In The Resurrection (Luke 24)

Believing In The Resurrection...

jesus-didnt-come-to-start-a-religionJesus Didn’t Come to Start a Religion

Jesus Didn’t Come to Start a R...

unstoppable-rebirthUnstoppable Rebirth

Unstoppable Rebirth

dab-april-5-2015-1DAB April 5 - 2015

DAB April 5 - 2015

sunday-has-comeSunday Has Come

Sunday Has Come

a-living-hopeA Living Hope

A Living Hope

he-is-alive-2He Is Alive!

He Is Alive!

dab-april-4-2015-1DAB April 4 - 2015

DAB April 4 - 2015

the-blood-of-the-lambThe Blood of The Lamb

The Blood of The Lamb

good-friday-2015Good Friday 2015

Good Friday 2015

the-mind-of-christThe Mind of Christ

The Mind of Christ

dab-april-3-2015-1DAB April 3 - 2015

DAB April 3 - 2015

encountering-a-healing-god-part-1-clinton-mar-22-2015Encountering a Healing God Part 1, Clinton Mar 22, 2015

Encountering a Healing God Par...

walking-in-the-spirit-of-one-clinton-mar-8-2015Walking in the Spirit of One, Clinton Mar 8, 2015

Walking in the Spirit of One,...

first-john-chapter-1-part-3-pastor-greg-kittredgeFirst John Chapter 1 Part 3, Pastor Greg Kittredge

First John Chapter 1 Part 3, P...

dab-april-2-2015-1DAB April 2 - 2015

DAB April 2 - 2015



aftermath-part-3Aftermath: Part 3

Aftermath: Part 3

dab-april-1-2015-1DAB April 1 - 2015

DAB April 1 - 2015

why-follow-jesus-palm-sunday-messageWhy Follow Jesus (Palm Sunday Message)

Why Follow Jesus (Palm Sunday...

normal-christianity-march-29thNormal Christianity - March 29th

Normal Christianity - March 29...

dab-march-31-2015-1DAB March 31 - 2015

DAB March 31 - 2015

cross-my-mind-week-5-do-hard-thingsCross My Mind - Week 5 - Do Hard Things

Cross My Mind - Week 5 - Do Ha...



washed-and-ready-to-serveWashed and Ready to Serve

Washed and Ready to Serve

3-29-15-outnumbered-by-haters-and-deniers3-29-15 Outnumbered by Haters and Deniers

3-29-15 Outnumbered by Haters...

dab-march-30-2015-1DAB March 30 - 2015

DAB March 30 - 2015

who-are-you-living-for-2-corinthians-46-18-1Who are You Living For?  2 Corinthians 4:6-18

Who are You Living For? 2 Cor...



test-of-the-second-semesterTest of the Second Semester

Test of the Second Semester

iglesias-hermosasIglesias Hermosas

Iglesias Hermosas

20150329am-pack-the-right-gear20150329AM Pack The Right Gear

20150329AM Pack The Right Gear

encounter-a-healing-god-part-2-clinton-mar-29-2015Encounter  A Healing God Part 2, Clinton Mar 29, 2015

Encounter A Healing God Part...

the-good-news-our-only-optionTHE GOOD NEWS     Our Only Option

THE GOOD NEWS Our Only Opt...

the-good-news-our-only-optionTHE GOOD NEWS     Our Only Option

THE GOOD NEWS Our Only Opt...

committed-the-masters-sermon-a-disciples-life-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - A Disciple's Life - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

committed-the-masters-sermon-a-disciples-life-entire-serviceCommitted - The Master's Sermon - A Disciple's Life - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

the-holy-spirit-part-2The Holy Spirit Part 2

The Holy Spirit Part 2

the-witness-of-johnThe Witness of John

The Witness of John



the-last-temptationThe Last Temptation

The Last Temptation

the-cross-as-us-for-us-in-us-and-through-us-pastor-robertThe Cross AS Us, FOR Us, IN Us, and THROUGH Us - Pastor Robert

The Cross AS Us, FOR Us, IN Us...

faith-into-actionFaith into Action

Faith into Action

david-bancroft-03-29-2015David Bancroft 03-29-2015

David Bancroft 03-29-2015

go-change-the-world-acts-11-11Go: Change The World: Acts 1:1-11

Go: Change The World: Acts 1:1...

grace-jesus-is-enoughGrace: Jesus Is Enough

Grace: Jesus Is Enough

leaving-the-game-earlyLeaving The Game Early

Leaving The Game Early

why-a-palm-branchWhy A Palm Branch?

Why A Palm Branch?

preparation-for-breakthroughPreparation For Breakthrough

Preparation For Breakthrough

Sermon-03292015Aftermath: Part 3

Aftermath: Part 3

a-real-judge-john-524-29A Real Judge (John 5:24-29)

A Real Judge (John 5:24-29)

saved-people-serve-peopleSaved People Serve People

Saved People Serve People

jesus-on-trialJesus On Trial

Jesus On Trial

dab-march-29-2015-1DAB March 29 - 2015

DAB March 29 - 2015

celebration-sunday-1Celebration Sunday

Celebration Sunday

celebration-sunday-2Celebration Sunday

Celebration Sunday

dab-march-28-2015-1DAB March 28 - 2015

DAB March 28 - 2015

pray-first-of-allPray First of All

Pray First of All

dab-march-27-2015-1DAB March 27 - 2015

DAB March 27 - 2015

believing-behaviour-pt-2Believing = Behaviour Pt 2

Believing = Behaviour Pt 2

dead-flies-in-the-ointmentDead Flies in the Ointment

Dead Flies in the Ointment

first-john-chapter-1-part-2-pastor-greg-kittredgeFirst John Chapter 1 Part 2, Pastor Greg Kittredge

First John Chapter 1 Part 2, P...

dab-march-26-2015-1DAB March 26 - 2015

DAB March 26 - 2015

20150325wed-the-church20150325wed The Church

20150325wed The Church

parable-of-the-drag-netParable of the Drag Net

Parable of the Drag Net

dab-march-25-2015-1DAB March 25 - 2015

DAB March 25 - 2015

stewardship-over-our-bodyStewardship over our body

Stewardship over our body

dab-march-24-2015-1DAB March 24 - 2015

DAB March 24 - 2015

terry-prockiw-where-did-you-come-from-where-are-you-going-march-22Terry Prockiw - Where did you come from, where are you going - March 22

Terry Prockiw - Where did you...

aftermath-part-2Aftermath: Part 2

Aftermath: Part 2

cross-my-mind-week-4-all-inCross My Mind - week 4 - All In

Cross My Mind - week 4 - All I...

this-is-not-a-funeral-part-1This Is Not A Funeral - Part 1

This Is Not A Funeral - Part 1

the-power-of-an-invitationThe Power Of An Invitation

The Power Of An Invitation

we-need-to-stay-in-faith-and-patienceWe Need to Stay in Faith and Patience

We Need to Stay in Faith and P...

being-a-church-that-loves-romans-129-1Being a Church That Loves-  Romans 12:9

Being a Church That Loves- Ro...

the-holy-spirit-part-1The Holy Spirit Part 1

The Holy Spirit Part 1

dab-march-23-2015-1DAB March 23 - 2015

DAB March 23 - 2015

believing-behaviour-pt-1Believing = Behaviour Pt 1

Believing = Behaviour Pt 1

the-good-news-what-only-jesus-can-doTHE GOOD NEWS     What Only Jesus Can Do

THE GOOD NEWS What Only Je...

3-22-15-dying-to-live3-22-15 Dying to Live

3-22-15 Dying to Live

committed-the-masters-sermon-how-high-does-the-bar-go-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - How High Does The Bar Go? - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

committed-the-masters-sermon-how-high-does-the-bar-go-entire-serviceCommitted - The Master's Sermon - How High Does The Bar Go? - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

20150322am-on-the-road-to-easter20150322AM   On the Road to Easter

20150322AM On the Road to Ea...

the-word-part-3The Word part 3

The Word part 3

im-secure-in-grace-pt-2Im Secure in Grace Pt. 2

Im Secure in Grace Pt. 2

the-temptation-of-bitterness-naomiThe Temptation of Bitterness: Naomi

The Temptation of Bitterness:...

let-the-dead-bury-the-dead-bob-schubert-1030amLet the Dead Bury the Dead - Bob Schubert (10:30am)

Let the Dead Bury the Dead - B...

david-bancroft-03-22-2015David Bancroft 03-22-2015

David Bancroft 03-22-2015

healing-hidden-hurts-romans-1214-21Healing Hidden Hurts: Romans 12:14-21

Healing Hidden Hurts: Romans 1...

the-least-of-theseThe Least of These

The Least of These

5-fold-advance'5 Fold Advance'

'5 Fold Advance'

no-excuseNo Excuse

No Excuse

whats-your-motivation-judy-parks-9amWhat's Your Motivation? - Judy Parks (9am)

What's Your Motivation? - Judy...