Manifesting-the-Kingdom-CultureManifesting the Kingdom Culture

Manifesting the Kingdom Cultur...

Preparing-for-Your-Inheritae-Part-IVPreparing for Your Inheritae Part IV

Preparing for Your Inheritae P...

The-Answer-we-need-2-Cor-122-10The Answer we need - 2 Cor 12:2-10

The Answer we need - 2 Cor 12:...

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-19thCrosswave - Week of Nov. 19th

Crosswave - Week of Nov. 19th

Quieres-ser-importanteParte-2Quieres ser importante?Parte 2

Quieres ser importante?Parte 2

Quieres-ser-importante-Parte-1Quieres ser importante? Parte 1

Quieres ser importante? Parte...

How-could-we-forgetHow could we forget ?

How could we forget ?

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-12thCrosswave - Week of Nov. 12th

Crosswave - Week of Nov. 12th

The-Law-Its-Life-or-DeathThe Law - Its Life or Death

The Law - Its Life or Death

Preparing-for-your-Inheritance-Part-IIIPreparing for your Inheritance Part III

Preparing for your Inheritance...

A-quien-te-pareces-Parte-2A quien te pareces? Parte 2

A quien te pareces? Parte 2

A-quien-te-pareces-Parte-1A quien te pareces? Parte 1

A quien te pareces? Parte 1

Birth-RightBirth Right

Birth Right

Identity-Crisis-LangdonIdentity Crisis (Langdon)

Identity Crisis (Langdon)



The-Dignity-Destiny-of-Man-Heb-25-18The Dignity & Destiny of Man (Heb 2:5-18)

The Dignity & Destiny of Man (...

Preparing-For-Your-Inheritance-Part-IIPreparing For Your Inheritance Part II

Preparing For Your Inheritance...

Crosswave-Week-of-Nov-5thCrosswave - Week of Nov. 5th

Crosswave - Week of Nov. 5th

Holding-A-PatternHolding A Pattern

Holding A Pattern

I-am-the-Way-and-the-Truth-and-the-LifeI am the Way and the Truth and the Life

I am the Way and the Truth and...

The-SwitchThe Switch

The Switch

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-29thCrosswave - Week of Oct 29th

Crosswave - Week of Oct 29th

Introduccion-a-los-7-enemigosIntroduccion a los 7 enemigos

Introduccion a los 7 enemigos

The-Cost-of-RoyaltyThe Cost of Royalty

The Cost of Royalty

Sermon-on-the-Mount-Matthew-520-48-Saying-Adios-to-the-scribes-and-PhariseesSermon on the Mount - Matthew 5:20-48 - Saying Adios to the scribes and Pharisees

Sermon on the Mount - Matthew...

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-22ndCrosswave - Week of Oct. 22nd

Crosswave - Week of Oct. 22nd

More-Excellent-Heb-14-14More Excellent (Heb 1:4-14)

More Excellent (Heb 1:4-14)

Righteousness-LostRighteousness Lost

Righteousness Lost

Preparing-For-Your-InheritancePreparing For Your Inheritance

Preparing For Your Inheritance

Has-aprendido-Parte-2Has aprendido? Parte 2

Has aprendido? Parte 2

Has-aprendido-Parte-1Has aprendido? Parte 1

Has aprendido? Parte 1

mission-or-meMission or Me?

Mission or Me?

Being-More-Determined-Than-HellBeing More Determined Than Hell

Being More Determined Than Hel...

Angels-Hebrews-First-half-lost-due-to-technical-difficultyAngels (Hebrews) - First half lost due to technical difficulty :-(

Angels (Hebrews) - First half...

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-15thCrosswave - Week of Oct. 15th

Crosswave - Week of Oct. 15th

Unlocking-Your-PotentialUnlocking Your Potential

Unlocking Your Potential

Freddy-T-10-14-07Freddy T. 10-14-07

Freddy T. 10-14-07

Para-que-estoy-en-la-iglesia-1Para que estoy en la iglesia? 1

Para que estoy en la iglesia?...

Para-que-estoy-en-la-iglesia-2Para que estoy en la iglesia? 2

Para que estoy en la iglesia?...

Journey-of-A-Lifetime-The-Key-To-Lasting-RelationshipsJourney of A Lifetime - The Key To Lasting Relationships

Journey of A Lifetime - The Ke...

Jesus-Gods-Final-Word-Heb-11-3Jesus, God's Final Word (Heb 1:1-3)

Jesus, God's Final Word (Heb 1...

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-8thCrosswave - Week of Oct. 8th

Crosswave - Week of Oct. 8th

Freddy-T-10-07-07Freddy T. 10-07-07

Freddy T. 10-07-07

only-one-is-worthyonly one is worthy

only one is worthy



Gods-Will-for-My-Life-Who-Do-You-Love-Jonah-4God's Will for My Life - Who Do You Love (Jonah 4)

God's Will for My Life - Who D...

Eres-Contagioso-Parte-2Eres Contagioso? Parte 2

Eres Contagioso? Parte 2

Eres-Contagioso-Parte-1Eres Contagioso? Parte 1

Eres Contagioso? Parte 1

Gods-Will-for-My-Life-Carried-out-in-spite-of-me-Jonah-33-10God's Will for My Life - Carried out in spite of me (Jonah 3:3-10)

God's Will for My Life - Carri...

Gods-Will-for-My-Life-Its-not-that-easy-Jonah-117-32God's Will for My Life - It's not that easy (Jonah 1:17-3:2)

God's Will for My Life - It's...

The-Will-of-God-in-Salvation-JonahThe Will of God in Salvation (Jonah)

The Will of God in Salvation (...

The-Will-of-God-Romans-121-2The Will of God (Romans 12:1-2)

The Will of God (Romans 12:1-2...

Whats-In-Gods-Gift-Bag-Part-IIIWhats In Gods Gift Bag Part III

Whats In Gods Gift Bag Part II...

Journey-of-A-Lifetime-Choosing-Lifelong-FriendsJourney of A Lifetime - Choosing Lifelong Friends

Journey of A Lifetime - Choosi...

Crosswave-Week-of-Oct-1stCrosswave - Week of Oct. 1st

Crosswave - Week of Oct. 1st

Global-Outreach-For-Christ-InterviewGlobal Outreach For Christ Interview

Global Outreach For Christ Int...

Freddy-T-09-30-07Freddy T. 09-30-07

Freddy T. 09-30-07

a-breviary-of-gracea breviary of grace

a breviary of grace

small-stuffSmall Stuff

Small Stuff



Boldness-in-Christ-Acts-41-22Boldness in Christ (Acts 4:1-22)

Boldness in Christ (Acts 4:1-2...

Crosswave-Week-of-Sept-24thCrosswave - Week of Sept. 24th

Crosswave - Week of Sept. 24th

faith-whats-the-pointfaith - what's the point

faith - what's the point

Freddy-T-09-16-07Freddy T. 09-16-07

Freddy T. 09-16-07

Freddy-T-09-23-07Freddy T.  09-23-07

Freddy T. 09-23-07

Why-the-WildernessWhy the Wilderness?

Why the Wilderness?

the-grace-place-part-3The Grace Place! Part 3

The Grace Place! Part 3

Gideon-Judges-828-96Gideon (Judges 8:28-9:6)

Gideon (Judges 8:28-9:6)

Whats-in-Gods-Gift-BagWhats in Gods Gift Bag

Whats in Gods Gift Bag

Crosswave-Week-of-Sept-17thCrosswave - Week of Sept. 17th

Crosswave - Week of Sept. 17th

The-Story-of-RealThe Story of Real

The Story of Real

heaven-touching-earthheaven touching earth

heaven touching earth

Como-lo-percibes-Parte-1Como lo percibes? Parte 1

Como lo percibes? Parte 1

Como-lo-percibes-2Como lo percibes? 2

Como lo percibes? 2

the-grace-place-part-2The Grace Place! Part 2

The Grace Place! Part 2

Whats-in-Gods-Gift-Bag-Part-IIWhats in God's Gift Bag Part II

Whats in God's Gift Bag Part I...

Satisfying-Success-Judges-81-28Satisfying Success (Judges 8:1-28)

Satisfying Success (Judges 8:1...

A-House-for-God-Part-IVA House for God Part IV

A House for God Part IV

Crosswave-Week-of-Sept-10thCrosswave - Week of Sept. 10th

Crosswave - Week of Sept. 10th

Freddy-T-09-09-07Freddy T. 09-09-07

Freddy T. 09-09-07

Kingdom-AuthorityKingdom Authority

Kingdom Authority



the-grace-place-part-1The Grace Place! Part 1

The Grace Place! Part 1

Sunday-Worship-ServiceSunday Worship Service

Sunday Worship Service

Gods-Battle-Plan-Judges-71-25God's Battle Plan (Judges 7:1-25)

God's Battle Plan (Judges 7:1-...

A-House-for-God-Part-IIIA House for God Part III

A House for God Part III

Cuando-Dios-se-pierde-de-vista-2Cuando Dios se pierde de vista 2

Cuando Dios se pierde de vista...

Cuando-Dios-se-pierde-de-vista-1Cuando Dios se pierde de vista 1

Cuando Dios se pierde de vista...

Crosswave-Week-of-Sept-3rdCrosswave - Week of Sept. 3rd

Crosswave - Week of Sept. 3rd

Freddy-T-09-02-07Freddy T. 09-02-07

Freddy T. 09-02-07

The-Christian-Name-for-GodThe Christian Name for God

The Christian Name for God

The-Life-and-Ministry-of-CH-Phillips-A-Christ-Enhanced-CallThe Life and Ministry of C.H. Phillips: A Christ Enhanced Call

The Life and Ministry of C.H....

Healed-or-Whole-Part-IIHealed or Whole Part II

Healed or Whole Part II

He-Calls-Us-As-He-Sees-Us-Judges-61-40He Calls Us As He Sees Us (Judges 6:1-40)

He Calls Us As He Sees Us (Jud...

A-House-for-God-Part-IIA House for God Part II

A House for God Part II

on-the-road-with-Jesuson the road with Jesus

on the road with Jesus

Craig-Clayton-08-26-07Craig Clayton 08-26-07

Craig Clayton 08-26-07

Crosswave-Week-of-August-27thCrosswave - Week of August 27th

Crosswave - Week of August 27t...

Happy-Birthday-LeahHappy Birthday Leah

Happy Birthday Leah

Healed-or-WholeHealed or Whole?

Healed or Whole?

A-House-for-GodA House for God

A House for God

Phil-2Phil 2

Phil 2