Joel-Reynolds-08-05-07Joel Reynolds 08-05-07

Joel Reynolds 08-05-07

The-Power-of-Your-PotentialThe Power of Your Potential

The Power of Your Potential

The-Holiness-of-God-and-repentanceThe Holiness of God and repentance

The Holiness of God and repent...



Sacudete-Parte-1Sacudete. Parte 1

Sacudete. Parte 1

Si-no-les-hablamos-Parte-2Si no les hablamos. Parte 2

Si no les hablamos. Parte 2

Malachi-4Malachi 4

Malachi 4

Crosswave-Week-of-July-30thCrosswave -  Week of July 30th

Crosswave - Week of July 30th

Freddy-T-07-29-07Freddy T. 07-29-07

Freddy T. 07-29-07

The-Birth-of-a-dreamThe Birth of a dream

The Birth of a dream

casting-caresCasting Cares

Casting Cares

Malachi-313-18Malachi 3:13-18

Malachi 3:13-18

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-14FBCT StudentCast Episode 14

FBCT StudentCast Episode 14

Crosswave-Week-of-July-23rdCrosswave - Week of July 23rd

Crosswave - Week of July 23rd

Freddy-T-07-22-07Freddy T. 07-22-07

Freddy T. 07-22-07

Si-no-les-hablamos-Parte-1Si no les hablamos. Parte 1

Si no les hablamos. Parte 1

Kingdom-Mandate-IIKingdom Mandate II

Kingdom Mandate II

Fellowship-of-His-SufferingFellowship of His Suffering

Fellowship of His Suffering

staying-the-sameStaying the Same

Staying the Same

Dangerous-Church-2Dangerous Church 2

Dangerous Church 2

Crosswave-Week-of-July-17thCrosswave - Week of July 17th

Crosswave - Week of July 17th

Daniel-Patterson-07-15-07Daniel Patterson 07-15-07

Daniel Patterson 07-15-07

the-silence-of-the-lambsThe Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs

Malachi-217Malachi 2:17

Malachi 2:17

The-Glory-of-GodThe Glory of God

The Glory of God

Laid-down-lover-Pt-2Laid down lover Pt. 2

Laid down lover Pt. 2

Crosswave-Week-of-July-9Crosswave - Week of July 9

Crosswave - Week of July 9

Freddy-T-07-08-07Freddy T. 07-08-07

Freddy T. 07-08-07

Kingdom-MandateKingdom Mandate

Kingdom Mandate

part-5-the-master-keysPart 5 The Master Keys

Part 5 The Master Keys

Pecado-Capital-parte-2Pecado Capital parte 2

Pecado Capital parte 2

Pecado-capital-Parte1Pecado capital.  Parte1

Pecado capital. Parte1

Interview-with-Dr-Roger-FreemanInterview with Dr. Roger Freeman

Interview with Dr. Roger Freem...

Laying-in-the-GloryLaying in the Glory

Laying in the Glory

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-13FBCT StudentCast Episode 13

FBCT StudentCast Episode 13

Freddy-T-07-01-07Freddy T. 07-01-07

Freddy T. 07-01-07

Laid-Down-LoverLaid Down Lover

Laid Down Lover

DOXA-Midweek-Interview-with-Pat-Van-DykeDOXA Midweek - Interview with Pat Van Dyke

DOXA Midweek - Interview with...

DOXA-Midweek-Interview-with-Dr-Pat-NowellDOXA Midweek - Interview with Dr. Pat Nowell

DOXA Midweek - Interview with...

Lack-of-Joy-Jer-2Lack of Joy (Jer 2)

Lack of Joy (Jer 2)

The-Holiness-of-GodThe Holiness of God

The Holiness of God

Freddy-T-06-24-07Freddy T. 06-24-07

Freddy T. 06-24-07

The-Walking-Wounded-Pt-2The Walking Wounded Pt. 2

The Walking Wounded Pt. 2

Apostles-Creed-11-The-life-everlasting-AmenApostles Creed 11 The life everlasting Amen!

Apostles Creed 11 The life eve...

Strong-Holds-Part-IIIStrong Holds Part III

Strong Holds Part III

part-4-handle-conflict-constructively-treat-others-gentlyPart 4 Handle Conflict Constructively - Treat Others Gently

Part 4 Handle Conflict Constru...

Change-of-Plans-Date-with-DestinyChange of Plans - Date with Destiny

Change of Plans - Date with De...

Treacherous-Dealings-Malachi-210-16Treacherous Dealings (Malachi 2:10-16)

Treacherous Dealings (Malachi...

Weathering-the-Stroms-of-LIfe-Part-IIIWeathering the Stroms of LIfe Part III

Weathering the Stroms of LIfe...

Sound-of-HeavenSound of Heaven

Sound of Heaven

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-TwelveFBCT StudentCast Episode Twelve

FBCT StudentCast Episode Twelv...

Freddy-T-06-17-07Freddy T. 06-17-07

Freddy T. 06-17-07

A-Father-HeartA Father Heart

A Father Heart

How-to-be-a-Godly-fatherHow to be a Godly father

How to be a Godly father

part-3-forsake-futilityPart 3 Forsake Futility!

Part 3 Forsake Futility!

Sacrilegious-Feasts-and-Proper-Priests-Malachi-21-9Sacrilegious Feasts and Proper Priests (Malachi 2:1-9)

Sacrilegious Feasts and Proper...

Freddy-T-06-10-07Freddy T. 06-10-07

Freddy T. 06-10-07

The-Walking-WoundedThe Walking Wounded

The Walking Wounded

Apostles-Creed-8-the-holy-catholic-Church-the-communion-of-saints-Acts-2-40-47Apostles Creed 8 -     the holy catholic Church,  the communion of saints - Acts 2 :40-47

Apostles Creed 8 - the hol...

part-2-relational-keysPart 2 Relational Keys!

Part 2 Relational Keys!

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-11FBCT StudentCast Episode #11

FBCT StudentCast Episode #11

His-Name-Will-Be-Great-Malachi-110-14His Name Will Be Great (Malachi 1:10-14)

His Name Will Be Great (Malach...

Freddy-T-06-03-07Freddy T. 06-03-07

Freddy T. 06-03-07

More-God-MoreMore God More!

More God More!

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="wHAT-IS-your-cloud-full-of-todaywHAT IS your cloud full of today?">

wHAT IS your cloud full of tod...

PodPoint Default Album Art" alt="Gods-Great-LoveGods Great Love">

Gods Great Love

Dangerous-ChurchDangerous Church

Dangerous Church

DOXA-Midweek-The-Joel-Reynolds-InterviewDOXA Midweek  -

DOXA Midweek - "The Joel Reyn...

The-Compromised-Sacrifice-Malachi-16-9The Compromised Sacrifice (Malachi 1:6-9)

The Compromised Sacrifice (Mal...

Sowing-in-the-Glory-Pt-2Sowing in the Glory Pt. 2

Sowing in the Glory Pt. 2


"Two Gifts" 1 Corinthians 7

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-10FBCT StudentCast Episode #10

FBCT StudentCast Episode #10

Sowing-in-the-Glory-Pt-1Sowing in the Glory Pt. 1

Sowing in the Glory Pt. 1

Contend-for-the-FaithContend for the Faith

Contend for the Faith

part-1-walk-worthy-of-your-callingPart 1 Walk Worthy of Your Calling

Part 1 Walk Worthy of Your Cal...

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-9FBCT StudentCast Episode 9

FBCT StudentCast Episode 9

Malachi-1Malachi 1

Malachi 1

FBCT-BirthdayCASTFBCT BirthdayCAST!!!

FBCT BirthdayCAST!!!

Freddy-T-05-20-07Freddy T. 05-20-07

Freddy T. 05-20-07

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-viiiFBCT StudentCast Episode # viii

FBCT StudentCast Episode # vii...

Apostles-Creed-5-Suffered-under-Pontius-Pilate-Hebrews-26-18Apostles Creed 5 - Suffered under Pontius Pilate -  Hebrews 2:6-18

Apostles Creed 5 - Suffered un...

spiritual-confidence-part-6Spiritual Confidence Part 6

Spiritual Confidence Part 6

Lo-que-nos-ensenaron-nuestras-madres-2Lo que nos ensenaron nuestras madres 2

Lo que nos ensenaron nuestras...

Lo-que-nos-ensenaron-nuestras-madres-1Lo que nos ensenaron nuestras madres 1

Lo que nos ensenaron nuestras...

DOXA-Midweek-Straight-Up-with-Steve-Moore-Part-2DOXA Midweek - Straight Up with Steve Moore Part 2

DOXA Midweek - Straight Up wit...

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-7-Part-1FBCT StudentCast Episode #7 (Part 1)

FBCT StudentCast Episode #7 (P...

DOXA-Midweek-Straight-Up-with-Steve-Moore-Part-1DOXA Midweek - Straight Up with Steve Moore Part 1

DOXA Midweek - Straight Up wit...

FBCTStudentCast-Episode-6FBCTStudentCast Episode #6

FBCTStudentCast Episode #6

Chris-Edmundson-05-13-07Chris Edmundson      05-13-07

Chris Edmundson 05-13-07

Apostles-Creed-4-Concieved-by-the-Holy-Spirit-Born-of-the-Virgin-Mary-Luke-126-38Apostles Creed 4 - Concieved by the Holy Spirit, Born of the Virgin Mary - Luke 1:26-38

Apostles Creed 4 - Concieved b...

spiritual-confidence-part-5Spiritual Confidence Part 5

Spiritual Confidence Part 5

FBCT-StudentCast-Epidose-CincoFBCT StudentCast Epidose Cinco

FBCT StudentCast Epidose Cinco

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-4FBCT StudentCast Episode #4

FBCT StudentCast Episode #4

Doxa-Midweek-Interview-with-Robert-WhitecottonDoxa Midweek - Interview with Robert Whitecotton

Doxa Midweek - Interview with...

Interview-with-Steve-Parish-and-Kyle-JonesInterview with Steve Parish and Kyle Jones

Interview with Steve Parish an...

Freddy-T-05-06-07Freddy T. 05-06-07

Freddy T. 05-06-07

Apostles-Creed-3-In-Jesus-Christ-His-Only-Son-Our-Lord-Philippians-25-10Apostles Creed 3 - In Jesus Christ His Only Son Our Lord - Philippians 2:5-10

Apostles Creed 3 - In Jesus Ch...

spiritual-confidence-part-4Spiritual Confidence Part 4

Spiritual Confidence Part 4

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-3FBCT StudentCast Episode #3

FBCT StudentCast Episode #3

Romans-DoxologyRomans Doxology

Romans Doxology

FBCT-StudentCast-Episode-2FBCT StudentCast Episode #2

FBCT StudentCast Episode #2

Freddy-T-04-29-07Freddy T.  04-29-07

Freddy T. 04-29-07