20150816am-different-grief20150816AM Different Grief

20150816AM Different Grief

the-condition-and-position-of-manThe Condition and Position of Man

The Condition and Position of...

its-not-what-it-looks-likeIt's not what it looks like

It's not what it looks like

rest-for-the-soulRest for the Soul

Rest for the Soul

worship-week-3Worship_week 3

Worship_week 3


"Prompting Of The Spirit"

2-chronicles-202 Chronicles 20

2 Chronicles 20

wrestling-with-godWrestling with God

Wrestling with God

moving-forwardMoving Forward

Moving Forward

aldersgate-celebrations-starlet-bellAldersgate Celebrations - Starlet Bell

Aldersgate Celebrations - Star...

whats-your-smellWhat's Your Smell

What's Your Smell

who-cares-about-apathy-going-through-the-motionswho cares about apathy: going through the motions

who cares about apathy: going...

jesus-the-life-transformer-pastor-robert-1030amJesus The Life Transformer  - Pastor Robert (10:30am)

Jesus The Life Transformer -...


"Grace and Peace" Philippians...

passionate-childrenPassionate Children!!!

Passionate Children!!!



our-victory-cultureOur Victory Culture

Our Victory Culture

the-purpose-of-our-suffering-john-91-7The Purpose Of Our Suffering (John 9:1-7)

The Purpose Of Our Suffering (...

sailing-the-seas-of-a-christian-life-august-16-2015Sailing the Seas of a Christian Life, August 16 2015

Sailing the Seas of a Christia...

how-do-we-learn-contentment-joe-mullenHow Do We Learn Contentment? | Joe Mullen

How Do We Learn Contentment? |...

transformation-kyron-green-9amTransformation - Kyron Green (9am)

Transformation - Kyron Green (...

fighting-sinFighting Sin

Fighting Sin



dab-august-16-2015-1DAB August 16 - 2015

DAB August 16 - 2015

how-to-reach-secular-kiwisHow To Reach Secular Kiwis

How To Reach Secular Kiwis

pothead-or-planted-1Pothead or Planted?

Pothead or Planted?

the-power-of-familyThe Power Of Family

The Power Of Family

prevailing-prayer-randy-taylorPrevailing Prayer_Randy Taylor

Prevailing Prayer_Randy Taylor

failing-forward-randy-taylorFailing Forward_Randy Taylor

Failing Forward_Randy Taylor

remebering-jesus-randy-taylorRemebering Jesus_Randy Taylor

Remebering Jesus_Randy Taylor

what-to-do-when-the-storm-comes-randy-taylor-jrWhat to Do When the Storm Comes_Randy Taylor Jr

What to Do When the Storm Come...

when-your-world-doesnt-make-sinceWhen Your World Doesn't Make Since

When Your World Doesn't Make S...

dab-august-15-2015-1DAB August 15 - 2015

DAB August 15 - 2015

grace-for-a-radical-yesGrace for a Radical Yes

Grace for a Radical Yes

dab-august-14-2015-1DAB August 14 - 2015

DAB August 14 - 2015

the-right-soilThe Right Soil

The Right Soil

dab-august-13-2015-1DAB August 13 - 2015

DAB August 13 - 2015

a-god-built-homeA God-Built Home

A God-Built Home


"Healing For All"

dab-august-12-2015-1DAB August 12 - 2015

DAB August 12 - 2015

sg-nehemiah-project-a-big-job-to-doSG NEHEMIAH PROJECT    A Big Job To Do


cr-nehemiah-project-a-big-job-to-doCR NEHEMIAH PROJECT    A Big Job  To Do


a-call-to-full-time-serviceA Call To Full Time Service

A Call To Full Time Service

ron-sylvia-the-best-is-yet-to-comeRon Sylvia: The Best Is Yet To Come

Ron Sylvia: The Best Is Yet To...

no-other-nameNo other name

No other name

the-bridgeThe Bridge

The Bridge

ron-sylvia-the-best-is-yet-to-comeRon Sylvia: The Best Is Yet To Come

Ron Sylvia: The Best Is Yet To...

dab-august-11-2015-1DAB August 11 - 2015

DAB August 11 - 2015

water-walkers-august-9th-2015Water Walkers -August 9th , 2015

Water Walkers -August 9th , 20...

a-ransom-for-all-chris-jones-1A Ransom For All- Chris Jones

A Ransom For All- Chris Jones

bored-to-deathBored To Death

Bored To Death

sg-the-pursuit-remix-weekendSG THE PURSUIT    ReMix Weekend

SG THE PURSUIT ReMix Weeken...

john-316-aug-9-2015  John 3:16, Aug, 9, 2015

John 3:16, Aug, 9, 2015

no-compromise-no-surrender-colossians-21-10-1No Compromise, No Surrender Colossians 2:1-10

No Compromise, No Surrender Co...

dab-august-10-2015-1DAB August 10 - 2015

DAB August 10 - 2015

20150809pm-hosea-a-love-story20150809PM Hosea A Love Story

20150809PM Hosea A Love Story

grace-to-say-yes-pt2Grace To Say Yes Pt.2

Grace To Say Yes Pt.2

the-good-servantThe Good Servant

The Good Servant

150809-committed-the-path-toward-passion-confession-2nd-service-sermon-podcastCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Confession - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

150809-committed-the-path-toward-passion-confession-2nd-service-podcastCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Confession - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

no-te-quejesNo Te Quejes

No Te Quejes

hunger-for-the-presence-of-godHunger for the presence of God

Hunger for the presence of God

20150802am-different-perspective20150802AM Different Perspective

20150802AM Different Perspecti...

a-fisherman-called-peterA Fisherman Called Peter

A Fisherman Called Peter

the-origin-and-journey-of-manThe Origin and Journey of Man

The Origin and Journey of Man

worship-week-2Worship_week 2

Worship_week 2

fanning-the-flameFanning The Flame

Fanning The Flame

components-of-a-persuasive-testimony-august-9-2015Components of a Persuasive Testimony,  August 9 2015

Components of a Persuasive Tes...


"Dreams and Visions"

but-if-not-kay-balderoseBut If Not... - Kay Balderose

But If Not... - Kay Balderose

david-bancroft-08-09-2015David Bancroft 08-09-2015

David Bancroft 08-09-2015

knowing-loving-following-jesus-pastor-robertKnowing, Loving, & Following Jesus - Pastor Robert

Knowing, Loving, & Following J...

eat-his-flesh-drink-his-bloodEat His Flesh, Drink HIs Blood

Eat His Flesh, Drink HIs Blood

public-privatePublic & Private

Public & Private

common-ground-the-truth-definedCommon Ground: The Truth Defined

Common Ground: The Truth Defin...

seek-first-the-kingdom-of-godSeek First The Kingdom Of God

Seek First The Kingdom Of God

put-the-word-into-practicePut The Word Into Practice

Put The Word Into Practice

children-of-the-devil-john-848-59Children Of The Devil (John 8:48-59)

Children Of The Devil (John 8:...

cr-the-pursuit-the-grieving-sistersCR THE PURSUIT  The Grieving Sisters

CR THE PURSUIT The Grieving S...

a-new-willA New Will

A New Will



what-we-carryWhat We Carry

What We Carry

dab-august-9-2015-1DAB August 9 - 2015

DAB August 9 - 2015

a-marriage-that-worksA Marriage That Works

A Marriage That Works

taking-your-faith-where-its-never-been-beforeTaking Your Faith Where It's Never Been Before

Taking Your Faith Where It's N...

dab-august-8-2015-1DAB August 8 - 2015

DAB August 8 - 2015

dab-august-7-2015-1DAB August 7 - 2015

DAB August 7 - 2015

grace-to-say-yes-pt1Grace To Say Yes Pt.1

Grace To Say Yes Pt.1

dab-august-6-2015-1DAB August 6 - 2015

DAB August 6 - 2015

turning-tears-into-cheersTurning Tears Into Cheers

Turning Tears Into Cheers


"Adoption of Sons"

salt-and-lightSalt and Light

Salt and Light

primed-for-revivalPrimed For Revival

Primed For Revival

your-money-matters-pt-4Your Money Matters Pt 4

Your Money Matters Pt 4

dab-august-5-2015-1DAB August 5 - 2015

DAB August 5 - 2015

awake-august-2nd-2015Awake - August 2nd 2015

Awake - August 2nd 2015

fire-violence-jealousy-july-26th-2015Fire, Violence & Jealousy -July 26th 2015

Fire, Violence & Jealousy -Jul...

the-song-of-zachariasThe Song of Zacharias

The Song of Zacharias

ed-litton-the-best-is-yet-to-comeEd Litton: The Best Is Yet To Come

Ed Litton: The Best Is Yet To...

carrying-the-fragrance-of-christCarrying the Fragrance of Christ

Carrying the Fragrance of Chri...

ed-litton-the-best-is-yet-to-comeEd litton: The Best Is Yet To Come

Ed litton: The Best Is Yet To...

dab-august-4-2015-1DAB August 4 - 2015

DAB August 4 - 2015