we-are-complete-in-jesusWe are complete in Jesus

We are complete in Jesus

dab-august-24-2015-1DAB August 24 - 2015

DAB August 24 - 2015

20150823pm-back-on-track20150823PM Back on Track

20150823PM Back on Track

philiosophy-or-christPhiliosophy or Christ

Philiosophy or Christ

the-grace-to-say-yes-conclusionThe Grace To Say

The Grace To Say "Yes" Conclus...

the-power-of-an-indestructible-lifeThe Power of an Indestructible Life

The Power of an Indestructible...

homily-82315Homily 82315

Homily 82315

a-glorious-church-our-preparationA Glorious Church, Our Preparation

A Glorious Church, Our Prepara...

150823-real-faith-works-1st-service-sermon-podcastReal Faith Works - (Sermon Only)

Real Faith Works - (Sermon Onl...

150823-real-faith-works-1st-service-podcastReal Faith Works - (Entire Service)

Real Faith Works - (Entire Ser...

god-is-working-to-establish-you-romans-1625-27-1God is Working to Establish You- Romans 16:25-27

God is Working to Establish Yo...





20150823am-a-different-kind-of-different20150823AM A Different Kind of Different

20150823AM A Different Kind of...

the-disastrous-situation-of-manThe Disastrous Situation of Man

The Disastrous Situation of Ma...

hope-2-liberiaHope 2 Liberia

Hope 2 Liberia


"Confirming Witnesses"

inspired-and-usefulInspired and Useful

Inspired and Useful

radical-obedience-inaugural-sermon-at-the-wellRadical Obedience: Inaugural Sermon (at The WELL)

Radical Obedience: Inaugural S...

who-cares-about-apathy-do-you-honor-your-committmentsWho cares about Apathy?  Do you honor your committments?

Who cares about Apathy? Do yo...

david-bancroft-08-23-2015David Bancroft 08-23-2015

David Bancroft 08-23-2015

under-the-surfaceUnder the Surface

Under the Surface

developing-your-sense-of-touch-attach-yourself-to-himDeveloping Your Sense of Touch, Attach Yourself to Him.

Developing Your Sense of Touch...


"Good Work in You" Philippians...

grace-for-transformationGrace For Transformation

Grace For Transformation

jewish-fall-feastsJewish Fall Feasts

Jewish Fall Feasts

homily-sjv82315Homily SJV82315

Homily SJV82315

rage-roomRage Room

Rage Room

who-is-really-blind-john-9Who Is Really Blind? (John 9)

Who Is Really Blind? (John 9)

luke-51-11-brian-thomasLuke 5:1-11 | Brian Thomas

Luke 5:1-11 | Brian Thomas

sticks-and-stones-your-words-hurtyouSticks and Stones: Your Words Hurt...You!

Sticks and Stones: Your Words...

pop-quiz-for-jesus-followers-part-1-pastor-robertPop Quiz for Jesus-Followers Part 1 - Pastor Robert

Pop Quiz for Jesus-Followers P...



the-mission-of-god-for-the-21st-century-church-acts-281-16-8232015The Mission of God for the 21st Century Church, Acts 28:1-16, 8/23/2015

The Mission of God for the 21s...

dab-august-23-2015-1DAB August 23 - 2015

DAB August 23 - 2015

yea-nah-broYea, Nah Bro

Yea, Nah Bro

pothead-or-plantedPothead or Planted

Pothead or Planted

its-not-easy-being-green-8-19-15It's not easy being green 8-19-15

It's not easy being green 8-19...

dab-august-22-2015-1DAB August 22 - 2015

DAB August 22 - 2015

grace-to-say-yes-pt5Grace to say Yes pt.5

Grace to say Yes pt.5



dab-august-21-2015-1DAB August 21 - 2015

DAB August 21 - 2015

the-man-god-blessesThe Man God Blesses

The Man God Blesses

dab-august-20-2015-1DAB August 20 - 2015

DAB August 20 - 2015


"Until Christ Be Formed In You...

say-yes-to-gods-promise-aug-16-2015Say yes to God's promise, Aug. 16, 2015

Say yes to God's promise, Aug....

dab-august-19-2015-1DAB August 19 - 2015

DAB August 19 - 2015

hashtag-reframe-1Hashtag Reframe

Hashtag Reframe

free-to-serveFree to Serve

Free to Serve

god-the-mover-of-kings-and-kingdomsGod: The Mover of Kings and Kingdoms

God: The Mover of Kings and Ki...

lessons-ive-learned-while-prayingLessons I've Learned While Praying

Lessons I've Learned While Pra...

the-curse-of-sinThe Curse of Sin

The Curse of Sin



from-egypt-to-the-promised-land-august-16th-2015From Egypt to The Promised Land - August 16th 2015

From Egypt to The Promised Lan...

dab-august-18-2015-1DAB August 18 - 2015

DAB August 18 - 2015

phil-wilson-the-best-is-yet-to-comePhil Wilson: The Best Is Yet To Come

Phil Wilson: The Best Is Yet T...

phil-wilson-the-best-is-yet-to-comePhil Wilson: The Best Is Yet To Come

Phil Wilson: The Best Is Yet T...

avoiding-fakers-romans-1617-20-1Avoiding Fakers- Romans 16:17-20

Avoiding Fakers- Romans 16:17-...

dab-august-17-2015-1DAB August 17 - 2015

DAB August 17 - 2015

what-does-god-wantWhat Does God Want

What Does God Want

what-every-pastor-wants-for-the-churchWhat Every Pastor Wants for the Church

What Every Pastor Wants for th...

grace-to-say-yes-pt-4Grace to Say Yes Pt 4

Grace to Say Yes Pt 4



homily-81615Homily 81615

Homily 81615

sg-nehemiah-project-does-anybodt-careSG NEHEMIAH PROJECT    Does Anybodt Care?


cr-nehemiah-project-does-anybody-careCR NEHEMIAH PROJECT  Does Anybody Care?


150815-committed-the-path-toward-passion-worship-1st-service-sermon-podcastCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Worship - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

150815-committed-the-path-toward-passion-worship-1st-service-podcastCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Worship - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

walk-in-gods-forgivenessWalk in God's forgiveness

Walk in God's forgiveness

20150816am-different-grief20150816AM Different Grief

20150816AM Different Grief

the-condition-and-position-of-manThe Condition and Position of Man

The Condition and Position of...

its-not-what-it-looks-likeIt's not what it looks like

It's not what it looks like

rest-for-the-soulRest for the Soul

Rest for the Soul

worship-week-3Worship_week 3

Worship_week 3


"Prompting Of The Spirit"

2-chronicles-202 Chronicles 20

2 Chronicles 20

wrestling-with-godWrestling with God

Wrestling with God

moving-forwardMoving Forward

Moving Forward

aldersgate-celebrations-starlet-bellAldersgate Celebrations - Starlet Bell

Aldersgate Celebrations - Star...

whats-your-smellWhat's Your Smell

What's Your Smell

who-cares-about-apathy-going-through-the-motionswho cares about apathy: going through the motions

who cares about apathy: going...

jesus-the-life-transformer-pastor-robert-1030amJesus The Life Transformer  - Pastor Robert (10:30am)

Jesus The Life Transformer -...


"Grace and Peace" Philippians...

passionate-childrenPassionate Children!!!

Passionate Children!!!



our-victory-cultureOur Victory Culture

Our Victory Culture

the-purpose-of-our-suffering-john-91-7The Purpose Of Our Suffering (John 9:1-7)

The Purpose Of Our Suffering (...

sailing-the-seas-of-a-christian-life-august-16-2015Sailing the Seas of a Christian Life, August 16 2015

Sailing the Seas of a Christia...

how-do-we-learn-contentment-joe-mullenHow Do We Learn Contentment? | Joe Mullen

How Do We Learn Contentment? |...

transformation-kyron-green-9amTransformation - Kyron Green (9am)

Transformation - Kyron Green (...

fighting-sinFighting Sin

Fighting Sin



dab-august-16-2015-1DAB August 16 - 2015

DAB August 16 - 2015

how-to-reach-secular-kiwisHow To Reach Secular Kiwis

How To Reach Secular Kiwis

pothead-or-planted-1Pothead or Planted?

Pothead or Planted?

the-power-of-familyThe Power Of Family

The Power Of Family

prevailing-prayer-randy-taylorPrevailing Prayer_Randy Taylor

Prevailing Prayer_Randy Taylor

failing-forward-randy-taylorFailing Forward_Randy Taylor

Failing Forward_Randy Taylor

remebering-jesus-randy-taylorRemebering Jesus_Randy Taylor

Remebering Jesus_Randy Taylor

what-to-do-when-the-storm-comes-randy-taylor-jrWhat to Do When the Storm Comes_Randy Taylor Jr

What to Do When the Storm Come...

when-your-world-doesnt-make-sinceWhen Your World Doesn't Make Since

When Your World Doesn't Make S...

dab-august-15-2015-1DAB August 15 - 2015

DAB August 15 - 2015