Sermon-101809Sermon - 10/18/09

Sermon - 10/18/09

Better-in-BereaAct1710-15Better in Berea(Act17,10-15)

Better in Berea(Act17,10-15)

Abraham-A-Man-of-Faithgenisis16Abraham, A Man of Faith(genisis16)

Abraham, A Man of Faith(genisi...

The-Curse-of-ConfusionActs17-1-10MP3The Curse of Confusion(Acts17 1-10).MP3

The Curse of Confusion(Acts17...

Swine-Flu-2-Avoiding-A-Critical-SpiritSwine Flu #2 - Avoiding A Critical Spirit

Swine Flu #2 - Avoiding A Crit...

Kingdom-Shadows-5-What-is-the-Condition-of-Your-InsideKingdom - Shadows 5 - What is the Condition of Your Inside?

Kingdom - Shadows 5 - What is...

Transitions-Shift-No-ChangeTransition's Shift - No 'Change'

Transition's Shift - No 'Chang...

But-Who-Do-You-Say-That-I-Am-Abide-in-my-Love-John-159-11-Jerel-OlsonBut Who Do You Say That I Am?” Abide in my Love (John 15:9-11 Jerel Olson)

But Who Do You Say That I Am?”...

How-to-Altar-Your-Life-Take-a-StandHow to Altar Your Life: Take a Stand

How to Altar Your Life: Take a...

The-Commands-of-the-LordThe Commands of the Lord

The Commands of the Lord

When-Life-Seems-Unfair-Appreciate-GraceWhen Life Seems Unfair - Appreciate Grace

When Life Seems Unfair - Appre...

Brokenness-Gods-Pathway-to-BlessingsBrokenness - God's Pathway to Blessings

Brokenness - God's Pathway to...

No-One-Laid-A-HandNo One Laid A Hand

No One Laid A Hand

Who-Should-Be-an-ElderWho Should Be an Elder?

Who Should Be an Elder?

Spiritual-WarfareSpiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

Womens-Ministry-101309Womens Ministry - 10/13/09

Womens Ministry - 10/13/09

Brink-Podcast-101209Brink Podcast 10/12/09

Brink Podcast 10/12/09

DOUBT-deal-with-it-10-11-09DOUBT-deal with it-10-11-09

DOUBT-deal with it-10-11-09

10-11-09-The-Calling-On-In-Through-Your-Life10-11-09 The Calling: On, In, & Through Your Life

10-11-09 The Calling: On, In,...

Swine-Flu-1-Avoiding-Pig-headed-JudgmentSwine Flu #1 - Avoiding Pig-headed Judgment

Swine Flu #1 - Avoiding Pig-he...


"Defeating Depression"

What-Makes-Me-More-Like-Jesus-Oct-11-2009What Makes Me More Like Jesus? - Oct. 11, 2009

What Makes Me More Like Jesus?...

Worship-Oct-11-2009Worship - Oct. 11, 2009

Worship - Oct. 11, 2009



Cast-All-Your-CaresCast All Your Cares

Cast All Your Cares

Exapansion-Intentional-Acceptance-4Exapansion-Intentional Acceptance, #4

Exapansion-Intentional Accepta...

From-Praise-to-ThanksgivingFrom Praise to Thanksgiving

From Praise to Thanksgiving

The-Calling-What-am-I-supposed-to-be-doing-with-my-career-and-my-lifeThe Calling:  What am I supposed to be doing with my career and my life?

The Calling: What am I suppos...

Kingdom-Shadows-4-Are-you-Rowing-Sitting-Walking-or-SinkingKingdom - Shadows 4 - Are you Rowing, Sitting, Walking, or Sinking?

Kingdom - Shadows 4 - Are you...

Sermon-101109Sermon - 10/11/09

Sermon - 10/11/09

How-Do-You-Know-Gods-Will-Oct-4-2009How Do You Know God's Will? - Oct 4, 2009

How Do You Know God's Will? -...

Worship-Oct-4-2009Worship - Oct 4, 2009

Worship - Oct 4, 2009

What-Happened-to-HellWhat Happened to Hell

What Happened to Hell

How-Heavy-Is-Your-Angel-LordHow Heavy Is Your Angel, Lord?

How Heavy Is Your Angel, Lord?

But-Who-Do-You-Say-That-I-Am-Living-in-the-Vineyard-Jerel-Oslon-John-151-8But Who Do You Say That I Am?” Living in the Vineyard (Jerel Oslon John 15:1-8)

But Who Do You Say That I Am?”...

Why-Is-There-SufferingWhy Is There Suffering

Why Is There Suffering

A-Heart-for-the-HarvestA Heart for the Harvest

A Heart for the Harvest

How-to-Altar-Your-Life-Miracles-HappenHow to Altar Your Life: Miracles Happen

How to Altar Your Life: Miracl...



Womens-Class-10602Womens Class - 10/6/02

Womens Class - 10/6/02

Brink-Podcast-10509Brink Podcast 10/5/09

Brink Podcast 10/5/09

You-Got-to-Have-a-Plan10-4-09You Got to Have a Plan10-4-09

You Got to Have a Plan10-4-09

You-can-take-this-job-and-Ecclesiastes-97-11-Hebrews-121-13You can take this job and... Ecclesiastes 9:7-11, Hebrews 12:1-13

You can take this job and... E...



Our-ConscienceOur Conscience

Our Conscience

Purity-or-PerditionPsalm19-7-14part3MP3Purity or Perdition(Psalm19 7-14)(part3).MP3

Purity or Perdition(Psalm19 7-...

Kingdom-Shadows-3-Is-There-Anything-He-Cant-Do-2nd-ServiceKingdom - Shadows 3 - Is There Anything He Can't Do? -2nd Service

Kingdom - Shadows 3 - Is There...


"Living Stones" 1 Peter 2:1-5

Sermon-10409Sermon - 10/4/09

Sermon - 10/4/09

Purity-or-PerditionPsalm19-7-14part2MP3Purity or Perdition(Psalm19 7-14)(part2).MP3

Purity or Perdition(Psalm19 7-...

Kingdom-Shadows-3-Is-There-Anything-He-Cant-Do-1st-ServiceKingdom - Shadows 3 - Is There Anything He Can't Do? -1st Service

Kingdom - Shadows 3 - Is There...

Expansion-Joyous-Sharing-3Expansion, Joyous Sharing, #3

Expansion, Joyous Sharing, #3

We-Are-More-Than-ConquerorsWe Are More Than Conquerors

We Are More Than Conquerors

The-Call-of-the-ChurchThe Call of the Church

The Call of the Church

Being-the-People-of-A-Missionary-GodBeing the People of A Missionary God

Being the People of A Missiona...

Obligations-for-the-Strong-ChristianObligations for the Strong Christian

Obligations for the Strong Chr...

What-Does-an-Elder-DoWhat Does an Elder Do?

What Does an Elder Do?

Christines-StoryChristine's Story

Christine's Story

Gods-Word-Is-Good-for-UsGod's Word Is Good for Us

God's Word Is Good for Us

But-Who-Do-You-Say-That-I-Am-The-Friend-of-Sinners-Jerel-Oslon-Matthew-11But Who Do You Say That I Am?” The Friend of Sinners  (Jerel Oslon Matthew 11)

But Who Do You Say That I Am?”...

How-to-Altar-Your-Life-Just-Do-ItHow to Altar Your Life: Just Do It

How to Altar Your Life: Just D...

Womens-Ministry-92909Womens Ministry - 9/29/09

Womens Ministry - 9/29/09

What-About-Sex-9-27-2009What About Sex? 9-27-2009

What About Sex? 9-27-2009

Gods-View-of-Our-WorkGod's View of Our Work

God's View of Our Work

The-Other-Two-9-27-09The Other Two 9-27-09

The Other Two 9-27-09

09-27-09-The-Riddle-of-Riches09-27-09 The Riddle of Riches

09-27-09 The Riddle of Riches

09-20-09-Glimpses-of-the-Kingdom09-20-09 Glimpses of the Kingdom

09-20-09 Glimpses of the Kingd...



The-Benefits-of-Our-Faith-3The Benefits of Our Faith #3

The Benefits of Our Faith #3

Expansion-2-Mission-PurposeExpansion, #2, Mission & Purpose

Expansion, #2, Mission & Purpo...

In-Everything-Give-ThanksIn Everything Give Thanks

In Everything Give Thanks

Gods-PresenceGod's Presence

God's Presence


"Jesus is the Only One that is...

Kingdom-Shadows-2-2nd-ServiceKingdom - Shadows 2 - 2nd Service

Kingdom - Shadows 2 - 2nd Serv...

Sermon-92709Sermon - 9/27/09

Sermon - 9/27/09

Kingdom-Shadows-2-1st-ServiceKingdom - Shadows 2 - 1st Service

Kingdom - Shadows 2 - 1st Serv...

Because-the-Hand-of-the-Lord-is-PowerfulBecause the Hand of the Lord is Powerful

Because the Hand of the Lord i...

How-to-Altar-Your-Life-It-Takes-a-VillageHow to Altar Your Life: It Takes a Village

How to Altar Your Life: It Tak...

Dr-Frank-TurekDr. Frank Turek

Dr. Frank Turek

discipleshipdisciplinable-4Discipleship/Disciplinable #4

Discipleship/Disciplinable #4

discipleshipdisciplinable-3Discipleship/Disciplinable #3

Discipleship/Disciplinable #3

Overcoming-Sense-Knowledge-FaithOvercoming Sense Knowledge Faith

Overcoming Sense Knowledge Fai...

Womens-Ministry-92209Womens Ministry - 9/22/09

Womens Ministry - 9/22/09

Prophetic-TeachingProphetic Teaching

Prophetic Teaching

discipleshipdisciplinable-2Discipleship/Disciplinable #2

Discipleship/Disciplinable #2

discipleshipdisciplinable-1Discipleship/Disciplinable #1

Discipleship/Disciplinable #1

Why-Do-Bad-Things-Happen-To-Good-PeopleWhy Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Go...

Practical-Christian-Living-Part-11Practical Christian Living Part 11

Practical Christian Living Par...



Purity-or-PerditionPsalm197-14part1MP3Purity or Perdition(Psalm19:7-14)(part1).MP3

Purity or Perdition(Psalm19:7-...

The-First-Two-9-20-09The First Two 9-20-09

The First Two 9-20-09

Expansion-1-WholenessExpansion, #1  Wholeness

Expansion, #1 Wholeness

Holy-Spirits-MinistryHoly Spirit's Ministry

Holy Spirit's Ministry


"The Cycle of Deliverance"

Kingdom-Shadows-1-2nd-SvcKingdom - Shadows 1 - 2nd Svc

Kingdom - Shadows 1 - 2nd Svc

Sermon-92009Sermon - 9/20/09

Sermon - 9/20/09

Kingdom-Shadows-1-1st-ServiceKingdom - Shadows 1 - 1st Service

Kingdom - Shadows 1 - 1st Serv...

Practical-Christian-Living-Part-10Practical Christian Living Part 10

Practical Christian Living Par...

Brink-Podcast-91809Brink Podcast 9/18/09

Brink Podcast 9/18/09

Methods-of-Miracles-One-With-GodMethods of Miracles [One With God]

Methods of Miracles [One With...

Protected-by-the-God-of-Heaven-and-EarthProtected by the God of Heaven and Earth

Protected by the God of Heaven...

09-13-09-Glimpses-of-the-Kingdom-Interruptions09-13-09 Glimpses of the Kingdom, Interruptions

09-13-09 Glimpses of the Kingd...