carry-our-friends-to-jesusCarry Our Friends To Jesus

Carry Our Friends To Jesus

holy-spirit-inside-out-1Holy Spirit Inside Out

Holy Spirit Inside Out

dab-october-4-2015-1DAB October 4- 2015

DAB October 4- 2015

a-palace-praise-from-the-pitA palace praise from the pit

A palace praise from the pit

a-story-of-restoration-2A Story of Restoration

A Story of Restoration

fighting-wordsFighting Words

Fighting Words

how-to-live-a-joyful-life-1How to Live a Joyful Life

How to Live a Joyful Life



part-2-1032015-morning-sessionPart 2: 10.3.2015 Morning Session

Part 2: 10.3.2015 Morning Sess...

dab-october-3-2015-1DAB October 3- 2015

DAB October 3- 2015

chiseled-personal-touchChiseled - Personal Touch

Chiseled - Personal Touch

dab-october-2-2015-1DAB October 2- 2015

DAB October 2- 2015

overview-of-end-time-seriesOverview of end time series

Overview of end time series

overcoming-selfishness-and-greedOvercoming Selfishness and Greed

Overcoming Selfishness and Gre...

1-message1. Message

1. Message

how-to-prevent-snake-biteHow to Prevent Snake Bite

How to Prevent Snake Bite

love-contains-powerLove Contains Power

Love Contains Power

sing-glory-glorySing Glory Glory

Sing Glory Glory

awareness-the-epi-centresept272015Awareness, the epi-centre,Sept.27,2015

Awareness, the epi-centre,Sept...

dab-october-1-2015-1DAB October 1- 2015

DAB October 1- 2015

the-heart-of-the-worshiperThe Heart of the Worshiper

The Heart of the Worshiper

jesus-exposition-on-the-kingdom-life-blessed-blessed-are-those-who-express-the-kingdom-matthew-56-9-93015Jesus' Exposition on the Kingdom Life, Blessed; Blessed are Those Who Express the Kingdom, Matthew 5:6-9, 9/30/15

Jesus' Exposition on the Kingd...

part-1-9302015-evening-sessionPart 1: 9.30.2015 Evening Session

Part 1: 9.30.2015 Evening Sess...

christiain-mindset-93015Christiain Mindset 9/30/15

Christiain Mindset 9/30/15

dab-september-30-2015-1DAB September 30 - 2015

DAB September 30 - 2015

the-door-of-hopeThe Door of Hope

The Door of Hope

pura-vida-week-2Pura Vida Week 2

Pura Vida Week 2

five-retirement-planning-mythsFive Retirement Planning Myths

Five Retirement Planning Myths

now-what-week-1Now What: week 1

Now What: week 1

dab-september-29-2015-1DAB September 29 - 2015

DAB September 29 - 2015

tejido-corporal-2Tejido Corporal 2

Tejido Corporal 2

now-what-week-1Now What: week 1

Now What: week 1

reach-teach-mobilize-sep-27th-2015Reach, Teach & Mobilize -Sep 27th, 2015

Reach, Teach & Mobilize -Sep 2...

launch-pt3Launch Pt.3

Launch Pt.3

genesis-3b-the-curse-1Genesis 3b The Curse

Genesis 3b The Curse

dab-september-28-2015-1DAB September 28 - 2015

DAB September 28 - 2015

sharra-wilson-womens-discipleship-week-2Sharra Wilson: Women's Discipleship week 2

Sharra Wilson: Women's Discipl...

how-to-live-with-a-bad-heartHow to Live with a Bad Heart

How to Live with a Bad Heart

obedience-to-faith-iiObedience to Faith II

Obedience to Faith II

sg-nehemiah-project-a-job-that-never-endsSG NEHEMIAH PROJECT    A Job That Never Ends


cr-nehemiah-project-a-job-that-never-endsCR NEHEMIAH PROJECT  A Job That Never Ends


conquering-king-suffering-servantConquering King - Suffering Servant

Conquering King - Suffering Se...

untitled-recording-sep-27-121pmCommitted - Irresistible Church - Chosen, Blessed, and Marked - (Sermon Only)

Committed - Irresistible Churc...

untitled-recording-sep-27-116pmCommitted - Irresistible Church - Chosen, Blessed, and Marked - (Entire Service)

Committed - Irresistible Churc...

for-king-country-1-peter-113-25For King & Country (1 Peter 1:13-25)

For King & Country (1 Peter 1:...

how-jesus-wants-us-to-prayHow Jesus wants us to Pray

How Jesus wants us to Pray

20150927am-discovering-the-heart-of-god20150927AM Discovering the Heart of God

20150927AM Discovering the Hea...

927-in-the-world-but-not-in-the-world-but-sent-to-the-world9/27 In the world, but not in the world but sent to the world

9/27 In the world, but not in...

the-mystery-of-the-new-birth-part-3The Mystery of the New Birth part 3

The Mystery of the New Birth p...

end-times-1000-yearsEnd Times - 1000 Years

End Times - 1000 Years

are-you-smarter-than-a-5th-grader-week-4Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? _week 4

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Gra...


"Comfortable In Your Skin"

genesis-god-creates-the-familyGenesis - God Creates the Family

Genesis - God Creates the Fami...

am-i-a-church-member-part-iii-pastor-chad-braleyAm I A Church Member? - Part III - Pastor Chad Braley

Am I A Church Member? - Part I...

are-you-preparedAre You Prepared

Are You Prepared

rise-and-fallRise and Fall

Rise and Fall

is-he-your-hope-and-futureIs He Your Hope and Future?

Is He Your Hope and Future?

extraordinary-trust-extraordinary-generosityExtraordinary Trust: Extraordinary Generosity

Extraordinary Trust: Extraordi...

a-path-toward-progress-part-3A Path Toward Progress Part 3

A Path Toward Progress Part 3

breaking-barriers-building-bridgesBreaking Barriers & Building Bridges

Breaking Barriers & Building B...

tony-jackson-92715Tony Jackson 9/27/15

Tony Jackson 9/27/15

david-bancroft-09-27-2015David Bancroft 09-27-2015

David Bancroft 09-27-2015

strengthen-one-anotherStrengthen One Another

Strengthen One Another

how-to-respond-to-a-move-of-god-pastor-robert-1030amHow to Respond to a Move of God - Pastor Robert (10:30am)

How to Respond to a Move of Go...

gods-holy-daysGod's Holy Days

God's Holy Days

living-by-faithLiving by Faith

Living by Faith

storage-wars-pt-2Storage Wars Pt. 2

Storage Wars Pt. 2

out-here-on-my-ownOut Here On My Own

Out Here On My Own

occupying-impossibilities-iiiOccupying Impossibilities III

Occupying Impossibilities III

what-does-it-mean-to-live-according-to-the-gospel-chad-smithWhat Does It Mean to Live According to the Gospel | Chad Smith

What Does It Mean to Live Acco...

be-on-the-offensiveBe on the Offensive

Be on the Offensive

old-wine-in-new-wine-skins-bob-schubert-9amOld Wine in New Wine Skins - Bob Schubert (9am)

Old Wine in New Wine Skins - B...



the-book-of-the-twelve-amos-a-mandate-for-righteousness-prepare-to-meet-your-god-amos-412-92715The Book of the Twelve: Amos, a Mandate for Righteousness Prepare to Meet Your God, Amos 4:12, 9/27/15

The Book of the Twelve: Amos,...

web-ets-04-developing-a-sensitivity-to-the-holy-spiritweb ETS 04: Developing A Sensitivity To The Holy Spirit

web ETS 04: Developing A Sensi...

baptism-service-1-1Baptism Service (1)

Baptism Service (1)

itunes-ets-04-developing-a-sensitivity-to-the-holy-spirit-itunesitunes ETS 04: Developing A Sensitivity To The Holy Spirit itunes

itunes ETS 04: Developing A Se...

how-to-live-a-joyful-life-1-2How to Live a Joyful Life (1)

How to Live a Joyful Life (1)

dab-september-27-2015-1DAB September 27 - 2015

DAB September 27 - 2015

open-mike-gospel-singingOpen Mike Gospel Singing

Open Mike Gospel Singing

baptism-service-2Baptism Service

Baptism Service

dab-september-26-2015-1DAB September 26 - 2015

DAB September 26 - 2015

dab-september-25-2015-1DAB September 25 - 2015

DAB September 25 - 2015

obedience-to-faithObedience to Faith

Obedience to Faith

almost-to-good-to-be-true-news-gospelAlmost to Good to Be True News = GOSPEL

Almost to Good to Be True News...

overcoming-guiltOvercoming Guilt

Overcoming Guilt

dab-september-24-2015-1DAB September 24 - 2015

DAB September 24 - 2015

a-song-of-contentmentA Song of Contentment

A Song of Contentment



jesus-exposition-on-the-kingdom-life-blessed-blessed-are-those-who-enter-the-kingdom-matthew-51-5-92315Jesus' Exposition on the Kingdom Life, Blessed; Blessed are Those who Enter the Kingdom, Matthew 5:1-5, 9/23/15

Jesus' Exposition on the Kingd...

dab-september-23-2015-1DAB September 23 - 2015

DAB September 23 - 2015

the-ingredients-for-disasterThe Ingredients for Disaster

The Ingredients for Disaster

a-prayer-from-the-caveA Prayer from the Cave

A Prayer from the Cave

awareness-sept-20-2015Awareness, Sept. 20, 2015

Awareness, Sept. 20, 2015

shameless-persistance-sept-13-2015Shameless persistance, Sept. 13, 2015

Shameless persistance, Sept. 1...

days-of-elijahDays of Elijah?

Days of Elijah?

the-accessible-saviorThe Accessible Savior

The Accessible Savior

how-to-protect-your-loved-ones-from-elder-abuseHow To Protect Your Loved Ones From Elder Abuse

How To Protect Your Loved Ones...

dab-september-22-2015-1DAB September 22 - 2015

DAB September 22 - 2015

tejido-corporalTejido Corporal

Tejido Corporal

pura-vida-week-1Pura Vida Week 1

Pura Vida Week 1

untitled-recording-sep-21-1202pmPlaying Church

Playing Church