sg-whats-the-point-now-you-see-me-pt1SG WHATS THE POINT   Now You See Me pt1


cr-whats-the-point-now-you-see-me-pt1CR WHATS THE POINT   Now You See Me pt1


committed-the-masters-sermon-the-truest-test-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - The Truest Test - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

committed-the-masters-sermon-the-truest-test-entire-serviceCommitted - The Master's Sermon - The Truest Test - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

5-31-15-that-boundary-breaking-jesus5-31-15 -

5-31-15 - "That Boundary-Break...


5-24-15 "The Great Exchange"

the-holy-spirit-1The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

money-talks-3-1Money Talks 3

Money Talks 3

money-talks-2-1Money Talks 2

Money Talks 2

press-on-to-living-lifePress On to Living Life

Press On to Living Life

the-savior-seeking-menThe Savior Seeking Men

The Savior Seeking Men

do-you-want-to-be-successfulDo you want to be Successful?

Do you want to be Successful?

shine-forth-by-graceShine Forth by Grace

Shine Forth by Grace

the-voice-patrick-myersThe Voice - Patrick Myers

The Voice - Patrick Myers

david-bancroft-06-07-2015David Bancroft 06-07-2015

David Bancroft 06-07-2015

incline-your-ear-to-himIncline Your Ear to Him

Incline Your Ear to Him

stretching-forth-your-needStretching Forth Your Need

Stretching Forth Your Need

seven-keys-to-victory-1Seven Keys To Victory

Seven Keys To Victory

in-a-state-of-confusionIn a State of Confusion

In a State of Confusion

till-he-comes-2Till He Comes

Till He Comes

i-have-decided-1I Have Decided

I Have Decided

victory-in-jesus-2Victory in Jesus

Victory in Jesus

the-divine-purpose-of-aldersgate-part-1-pastor-robertThe Divine Purpose of Aldersgate Part 1 - Pastor Robert

The Divine Purpose of Aldersga...

the-one-god-seeksThe One God Seeks

The One God Seeks

the-ministry-of-tearsThe Ministry of Tears

The Ministry of Tears

kingdom-carriersKingdom Carriers

Kingdom Carriers

dab-june-7-2015-1DAB June 7 - 2015

DAB June 7 - 2015

transformed-to-run-and-testifyTransformed to Run and Testify

Transformed to Run and Testify

bearers-of-great-newsBearers of Great News

Bearers of Great News

dab-june-6-2015-1DAB June 6 - 2015

DAB June 6 - 2015

four-words-that-can-change-your-marriage-orange-county-thursday-night-1Four Words That Can Change Your Marriage (Orange County Thursday Night)

Four Words That Can Change You...

dab-june-5-2015-1DAB June 5 - 2015

DAB June 5 - 2015

what-will-we-do-with-jesus-1What Will We Do With Jesus

What Will We Do With Jesus

20150531pm-sheperd-220150531pm Sheperd

20150531pm Sheperd

20150531am-new-view-of-jesus-220150531am New View of Jesus

20150531am New View of Jesus

dab-june-4-2015-1DAB June 4 - 2015

DAB June 4 - 2015

my-times-are-in-your-hand-1My Times are in Your Hand

My Times are in Your Hand

relationships-in-community-pt-1-6315Relationships in Community, Pt 1 6/3/15

Relationships in Community, Pt...

the-devil-made-me-do-it-le-diable-me-la-fait-faire-1The Devil Made Me Do It - Le Diable Me L'a Fait Faire

The Devil Made Me Do It - Le D...

dab-june-3-2015-1DAB June 3 - 2015

DAB June 3 - 2015

great-faith-may-31st-2015Great Faith - May 31st , 2015

Great Faith - May 31st , 2015

dab-june-2-2015-1DAB June 2 - 2015

DAB June 2 - 2015

gods-song-may-31-2015-1God's song, May 31 2015

God's song, May 31 2015

peace-vs-fear-1Peace vs. Fear

Peace vs. Fear

peace-vs-fear-1Peace vs. Fear

Peace vs. Fear

dont-forget-to-eat-your-veggies-1Don't Forget to Eat Your Veggies!

Don't Forget to Eat Your Veggi...

5-31-15150531 What's Wrong with Being a Baby?

150531 What's Wrong with Being...

disputable-matters-romans-141-15-1Disputable Matters  Romans 14:1-15

Disputable Matters Romans 14:...

dab-june-1-2015-1DAB June 1 - 2015

DAB June 1 - 2015

let-love-be-your-highest-goal-1Let Love Be Your Highest Goal

Let Love Be Your Highest Goal

double-it-part-2-expansionDouble It! Part 2 Expansion

Double It! Part 2 Expansion

pelea-2-traza-una-lineaPelea 2 - Traza una Línea

Pelea 2 - Traza una Línea





committed-the-masters-sermon-standing-at-the-intersection-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Standing at the Intersection - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

committed-the-masters-sermon-standing-at-the-intersection-entire-serviceCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Standing at the Intersection - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

the-martyrThe Martyr

The Martyr

dont-get-stuck-in-the-middle-of-transitionDon't get stuck in the middle of transition

Don't get stuck in the middle...

who-owns-the-vineyard-1Who Owns the Vineyard?

Who Owns the Vineyard?

does-the-trinity-really-matter-kay-balderoseDoes the Trinity Really Matter? - Kay Balderose

Does the Trinity Really Matter...

to-this-man-will-i-look-1To This Man Will I Look

To This Man Will I Look

david-bancroft-05-31-2015David Bancroft 05-31-2015

David Bancroft 05-31-2015

what-causes-a-famineWhat Causes a Famine?

What Causes a Famine?

free-from-sin-consciousness-1Free from Sin Consciousness

Free from Sin Consciousness

antichrist-america-and-armageddon-2Antichrist, America, and Armageddon

Antichrist, America, and Armag...

who-will-you-help-along-the-wayWho Will You Help Along The Way

Who Will You Help Along The Wa...

the-talk-1The Talk

The Talk

going-with-the-grain-not-against-itGoing with the Grain, Not Against It

Going with the Grain, Not Agai...

do-you-want-to-be-whole-pastor-robertDo You Want to Be Whole? - Pastor Robert

Do You Want to Be Whole? - Pas...

make-me-a-tree-planterMake Me A Tree Planter

Make Me A Tree Planter

dab-may-31-2015-1DAB May 31 - 2015

DAB May 31 - 2015

dab-may-30-2015-1DAB May 30 - 2015

DAB May 30 - 2015

gods-plan-for-sex-and-marriage-orange-county-thursday-night-1God's Plan for Sex and Marriage (Orange County Thursday Night)

God's Plan for Sex and Marriag...

dab-may-29-2015-1DAB May 29 - 2015

DAB May 29 - 2015

double-it-pt-1Double It Pt 1

Double It Pt 1

dab-may-28-2015-1DAB May 28 - 2015

DAB May 28 - 2015

why-i-reject-evolutionWhy I Reject Evolution

Why I Reject Evolution

20150517am-the-miraculous-church-120150517AM The Miraculous Church

20150517AM The Miraculous Chur...

driven-by-something-1Driven : By Something

Driven : By Something

5-24-15150524 How Can Salvation Save?

150524 How Can Salvation Save?

dab-may-27-2015-1DAB May 27 - 2015

DAB May 27 - 2015

joy-vs-jealousy-1Joy vs. Jealousy

Joy vs. Jealousy

reproducing-jesus-1Reproducing Jesus

Reproducing Jesus

cr-encounter-with-godCR Encounter With God

CR Encounter With God

sg-encounter-with-godSG Encounter With God

SG Encounter With God

set-a-reminder-1Set A Reminder

Set A Reminder

joy-vs-jealousyJoy vs. Jealousy

Joy vs. Jealousy

dab-may-26-2015-1DAB May 26 - 2015

DAB May 26 - 2015

wake-up-revival-starts-with-me-part-2-romans-1311-14-being-a-church-that-loves-1WAKE UP!- Revival Starts With Me part 2 - Romans 13:11-14 (Being a church that Loves)

WAKE UP!- Revival Starts With...



5-17-15-your-exalted-identity-15-17-15 Your Exalted Identity

5-17-15 Your Exalted Identity

faith-works-by-love-may-24thFaith Works by Love - May 24th

Faith Works by Love - May 24th

god-of-the-breakthrough-1God of the Breakthrough

God of the Breakthrough

being-one-1Being One

Being One

faith-word-spirit-collide-clinton-may-24-2015Faith, Word & Spirit Collide Clinton, May 24, 2015

Faith, Word & Spirit Collide C...

the-power-of-god-pt2-may-24-2015-1The power of God PT.2, May 24, 2015

The power of God PT.2, May 24,...

dab-may-25-2015-1DAB May 25 - 2015

DAB May 25 - 2015

20150524pm-something-different-120150524pm something different

20150524pm something different

grace-explosions-pt-2-2Grace Explosions pt 2

Grace Explosions pt 2

raising-your-ebenezerRaising Your Ebenezer

Raising Your Ebenezer

committed-the-masters-sermon-be-proactive-gods-way-entire-serviceCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Be Proactive... God's Way - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...

committed-the-masters-sermon-be-proactive-gods-way-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Master's Sermon - Be Proactive... God's Way - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Master's Sermo...