marvin-wilcox-what-are-we-here-forMarvin Wilcox: What Are We Here For?

Marvin Wilcox: What Are We Her...

tessa-desforges-what-are-we-here-forTessa Desforges: What Are We Here For?

Tessa Desforges: What Are We H...

dab-july-21-2015-1DAB July 21 - 2015

DAB July 21 - 2015

the-fight-foundaton-pt3-july-19-2015The fight foundaton, pt.3, JULY 19, 2015

The fight foundaton, pt.3, JUL...

what-is-your-life-july-12-2015What is your life?  JULY 12, 2015

What is your life? JULY 12, 2...

the-anointing-of-generations-july-19th-2015The Anointing of Generations - July 19th 2015

The Anointing of Generations -...

follow-jesusFollow Jesus

Follow Jesus

what-are-we-here-for-7What Are We Here For ?

What Are We Here For ?

what-are-we-here-for-5What Are We Here For ?

What Are We Here For ?

mickensie-neely-what-are-we-here-forMickensie Neely: What Are We Here For?

Mickensie Neely: What Are We H...

what-are-we-here-for-3What Are We Here For ?

What Are We Here For ?

when-pigs-fly-week-3when pigs fly_week 3

when pigs fly_week 3

what-are-we-here-for-2What Are We Here For ?

What Are We Here For ?

so-they-may-knowSo They May Know

So They May Know

dab-july-20-2015-1DAB July 20 - 2015

DAB July 20 - 2015

20150719pm-to-be-wise20150719PM To Be Wise

20150719PM To Be Wise

the-grace-proximityThe Grace Proximity

The Grace Proximity

advertencia-warningAdvertencia - Warning

Advertencia - Warning

look-beyond-the-temporalLook Beyond the Temporal

Look Beyond the Temporal

taking-note-of-those-who-work-hard-romans-161-16-1Taking Note of Those Who Work Hard   Romans 16:1-16

Taking Note of Those Who Work...

committed-the-path-toward-passion-solitude-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Solitude - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

committed-the-path-toward-passion-solitude-entire-serviceCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Solitude - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

the-holy-spirit-5The Holy Spirit 5

The Holy Spirit 5

the-holy-spirit-6The Holy Spirit 6

The Holy Spirit 6

i-am-gods-childI am God's child

I am God's child

20150719am-all-things-new-new-contentment20150719AM All Things New: New Contentment

20150719AM All Things New: New...

a-passion-for-his-work-zeal-for-his-houseA Passion for His Work - Zeal for His House

A Passion for His Work - Zeal...

the-battleThe Battle

The Battle


"The Foreshadowing of the Beli...

do-you-really-need-a-bigger-house-2Do You Really Need a Bigger House?

Do You Really Need a Bigger Ho...

we-need-a-revolutionWe Need A Revolution

We Need A Revolution

get-god-out-of-the-box-brian-smithGet God Out Of the Box - Brian Smith

Get God Out Of the Box - Brian...

base-path-pt-2-71915Base Path,  pt 2 7/19/15

Base Path, pt 2 7/19/15

his-kingdom-purposeHis Kingdom Purpose

His Kingdom Purpose

power-of-a-transformed-lifePower of a Transformed Life

Power of a Transformed Life

the-least-of-themThe Least of Them

The Least of Them

understanding-the-role-of-the-conscienceUnderstanding the Role of the Conscience

Understanding the Role of the...

our-identity-is-from-godOur Identity is from God

Our Identity is from God

ground-rulesGround Rules

Ground Rules



dab-july-19-2015-1DAB July 19 - 2015

DAB July 19 - 2015

a-treasure-sharedA Treasure Shared.

A Treasure Shared.



dab-july-18-2015-1DAB July 18 - 2015

DAB July 18 - 2015

dab-july-17-2015-1DAB July 17 - 2015

DAB July 17 - 2015

love-does-so-be-awesomeLove Does So Be Awesome

Love Does So Be Awesome

dab-july-16-2015-1DAB July 16 - 2015

DAB July 16 - 2015

the-cure-for-spiritual-nearsightednessThe Cure for Spiritual Nearsightedness

The Cure for Spiritual Nearsig...

the-churchThe Church

The Church

dab-july-15-2015-1DAB July 15 - 2015

DAB July 15 - 2015

7-12-15150712 Issac's Dysfunctional Family

150712 Issac's Dysfunctional F...

the-spoils-of-prayer-romans-1520-33-1The Spoils of Prayer- Romans 15:20-33

The Spoils of Prayer- Romans 1...

dab-july-14-2015-1DAB July 14 - 2015

DAB July 14 - 2015

the-writing-on-the-wallThe Writing on The Wall

The Writing on The Wall

what-are-we-here-for-1What Are We Here For?

What Are We Here For?

what-are-we-here-forWhat Are We Here For ?

What Are We Here For ?

what-the-bible-says-about-marriage-1What the Bible says about Marriage

What the Bible says about Marr...

building-up-one-anotherBuilding Up One Another

Building Up One Another

when-pigs-fly-week-2-1When Pigs Fly_week 2

When Pigs Fly_week 2

dab-july-13-2015-1DAB July 13 - 2015

DAB July 13 - 2015

20150712pm-real-worship-1-120150712pm   real  worship (1)

20150712pm real worship (1)

emisarios-contemporaneosEmisarios Contemporáneos

Emisarios Contemporáneos

what-will-you-do-with-jesusWhat Will You Do with Jesus?

What Will You Do with Jesus?

committed-the-path-toward-passion-submission-sermon-onlyCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Submission - (Sermon Only)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

committed-the-path-toward-passion-submission-entire-serviceCommitted - The Path Toward Passion - Submission - (Entire Service)

Committed - The Path Toward Pa...

who-we-are-in-christWho we are in Christ

Who we are in Christ

20150712am-all-things-new-new-peace-120150712am   all things new new peace

20150712am all things new ne...

understanding-the-will-of-the-lord-part-2Understanding the Will of the Lord, Part 2

Understanding the Will of the...


"Inward Perception"

aspects-of-the-anointingAspects of the Anointing

Aspects of the Anointing

whats-your-problemWhat's Your Problem?

What's Your Problem?



counter-culture-kingdom-community-pastor-robertCounter Culture Kingdom Community - Pastor Robert

Counter Culture Kingdom Commun...

embrace-the-shakingEmbrace the Shaking

Embrace the Shaking

base-path-pt-1-71215Base Path, pt 1 7/12/15

Base Path, pt 1 7/12/15

when-christians-disagreeWhen Christians Disagree

When Christians Disagree

do-what-you-can-while-you-can-1Do What You Can, While You Can

Do What You Can, While You Can

3-beatitudes-for-a-church-member13 Beatitudes For A Church Member1

3 Beatitudes For A Church Memb...

spurring-one-another-onspurring one another on

spurring one another on

one-pt3One Pt.3

One Pt.3

has-god-really-saidHas God Really Said...?

Has God Really Said...?

the-secret-of-successThe Secret Of Success

The Secret Of Success

dab-july-12-2015-1DAB July 12 - 2015

DAB July 12 - 2015

jesus-and-the-miraculous-resultJesus And The Miraculous Result

Jesus And The Miraculous Resul...

a-letter-to-the-lostA Letter To The Lost

A Letter To The Lost

dab-july-11-2015-1DAB July 11 - 2015

DAB July 11 - 2015

dab-july-10-2015-1DAB July 10 - 2015

DAB July 10 - 2015

the-first-commandmentThe First Commandment

The First Commandment

things-to-do-before-the-end-of-the-world-1Things to Do Before the End of the World

Things to Do Before the End of...

dab-july-9-2015-1DAB July 9 - 2015

DAB July 9 - 2015

reasons-we-should-love-gods-houseReasons We Should Love God's House

Reasons We Should Love God's H...

dab-july-8-2015-1DAB July 8 - 2015

DAB July 8 - 2015

the-fight-foundation-pt2-july-5-2015The fight foundation, pt.2, July 5, 2015

The fight foundation, pt.2, Ju...

cr-the-pursuit-the-skepticCR THE PURSUIT    The Skeptic


dab-july-7-2015-1DAB July 7 - 2015

DAB July 7 - 2015

love-the-spirit-of-error-july-05-2015Love & The Spirit of Error - July 05 2015

Love & The Spirit of Error - J...

7-5-15150705 What Does It Mean to be Free?

150705 What Does It Mean to be...

7515-let-freedom-ring7/5/15  Let Freedom Ring

7/5/15 Let Freedom Ring

daniel-meets-a-werewolfDaniel Meets A Werewolf

Daniel Meets A Werewolf

practical-worship-1Practical Worship

Practical Worship