dab-may-20-2016-1DAB May 20 - 2016

DAB May 20 - 2016

holy-spirit-a-pattern-for-devotional-timeHoly Spirit- A Pattern for Devotional time

Holy Spirit- A Pattern for Dev...

holding-on-to-the-promisesHolding on to the Promises

Holding on to the Promises

rocky-near-papua-ngRocky Near Papua NG

Rocky Near Papua NG

lesson-6-introduction-to-the-seven-churches-part-1-pastor-greg-kittredgeLesson 6 : Introduction To The Seven Churches Part 1, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Lesson 6 : Introduction To The...

leadership-training-session-2Leadership Training Session 2

Leadership Training Session 2

establishing-a-financial-safety-netEstablishing a Financial Safety Net

Establishing a Financial Safet...

dan-prus-5-19-16Dan Prus 5-19-16

Dan Prus 5-19-16

radio-program-for-thursday-may-19-2016Radio program for Thursday May 19, 2016

Radio program for Thursday May...

dab-may-19-2016-1DAB May 19 - 2016

DAB May 19 - 2016

joy-for-living-part-7-pastor-rossiJoy for Living Part 7 - Pastor Rossi

Joy for Living Part 7 - Pastor...

starting-in-exodus-pastor-chad-braleyStarting in Exodus - Pastor Chad Braley

Starting in Exodus - Pastor Ch...

bae-week-3-sexual-relationshipsBAE Week 3: Sexual Relationships

BAE Week 3: Sexual Relationshi...

you-were-made-to-thriveYou Were Made to Thrive

You Were Made to Thrive

ben-vey-5-18-16Ben Vey 5-18-16

Ben Vey 5-18-16

radio-program-for-wednesday-may-18-2016Radio program for Wednesday May 18, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ma...

dab-may-18-2016-1DAB May 18 - 2016

DAB May 18 - 2016

how-to-develop-an-effective-leadership-teamHow to Develop an Effective Leadership Team

How to Develop an Effective Le...

were-on-a-mission-from-godWe're On A Mission From God

We're On A Mission From God

the-christian-and-his-lordThe Christian and His Lord

The Christian and His Lord

swing-for-the-fences-pt1Swing for the Fences Pt.1

Swing for the Fences Pt.1

truth-talks-do-creation-and-evolution-really-matter-51716TRUTH TALKS - Do Creation and Evolution really matter? 5/17/16

TRUTH TALKS - Do Creation and...

truth-talks-is-baptism-necessary-for-salvation-5916TRUTH TALKS - Is Baptism necessary for salvation? 5/9/16

TRUTH TALKS - Is Baptism neces...

sam-bombara-5-17-16Sam Bombara 5-17-16

Sam Bombara 5-17-16

radio-program-for-tuesday-may-17-2016Radio program for Tuesday May 17, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday May...

dab-may-17-2016-1DAB May 17 - 2016

DAB May 17 - 2016

peters-denial-and-restoration Peter’s Denial and Restoration

Peter’s Denial and Restoratio...

john-141-14John 14.1-14

John 14.1-14

quicken-your-enthusiasmQuicken Your Enthusiasm

Quicken Your Enthusiasm

i-am-an-americanI am an American

I am an American

rhythm-with-matt-poeRhythm With Matt Poe

Rhythm With Matt Poe

why-read-the-bible-part-1Why Read The Bible Part 1

Why Read The Bible Part 1

god-moves-when-we-move-may-16-2016God moves when we move - May 16 ,2016

God moves when we move - May 1...

hope-for-the-imperfectHope For The Imperfect

Hope For The Imperfect

untitled-recording-may-16-1022am160515 The Sanctification Process

160515 The Sanctification Proc...

releasing-the-presence-of-godReleasing the presence of God

Releasing the presence of God

radio-program-for-monday-may-16-2016Radio program for Monday May 16, 2016

Radio program for Monday May 1...

does-god-have-a-specific-will-for-my-life-part-4-genesis-24dDoes God Have a Specific Will For my Life? Part 4 (Genesis 24d)

Does God Have a Specific Will...

dab-may-16-2016-1DAB May 16 - 2016

DAB May 16 - 2016

the-holy-spirit-fills-the-churchThe Holy Spirit fills the Church

The Holy Spirit fills the Chur...

happy-ministryHappy Ministry

Happy Ministry

stay-connected-to-the-power-source-may-15-608pmStay Connected to the Power Source May 15 6:08pm

Stay Connected to the Power So...

pentecost-sunday-pt-2Pentecost Sunday Pt 2

Pentecost Sunday Pt 2

bible-basis-for-christian-music-pastor-rossiBible Basis for Christian Music - Pastor Rossi

Bible Basis for Christian Musi...

blessings-even-in-death-pastor-chad-braleyBlessings Even in Death - Pastor Chad Braley

Blessings Even in Death - Past...

may-15-evening-serviceMay 15 Evening Service

May 15 Evening Service

what-is-the-secret-to-pleasing-godWhat is the Secret to Pleasing God

What is the Secret to Pleasing...

pentecost-strreams-of-living-waterPentecost - Strreams Of Living Water

Pentecost - Strreams Of Living...

equip-part-7-the-last-hourEquip: Part 7 - The Last Hour

Equip: Part 7 - The Last Hour

psalm-84-better-is-one-dayPsalm 84 - Better is One Day

Psalm 84 - Better is One Day

untitled-recording-may-15-131pmA Portrait of Jesus - The Good Shepherd - (Sermon Only)

A Portrait of Jesus - The Good...

porn-real-pleasurePorn-Real Pleasure

Porn-Real Pleasure

untitled-recording-may-15-121pmA Portrait of Jesus - The Good Shepherd - (Entire Service)

A Portrait of Jesus - The Good...

equip-week-7-the-last-hourEquip: Week 7

Equip: Week 7 "The Last Hour"

empowered-but-no-self-controlEmpowered But No Self-Control

Empowered But No Self-Control

dear-galatians-part-6-living-to-make-a-differenceDear Galatians Part 6 - Living to Make a Difference

Dear Galatians Part 6 - Living...

overcoming-mistakesOvercoming Mistakes

Overcoming Mistakes

20150515-am-it-doesnt-matter-what-they-believe20150515 AM  It Doesn't Matter What They Believe

20150515 AM It Doesn't Matter...



powerful-prayer-rain-manPowerful Prayer: Rain Man

Powerful Prayer: Rain Man

encouragement-series-part-2-with-ps-ashley-evansEncouragement Series Part 2 with Ps Ashley Evans

Encouragement Series Part 2 wi...

the-law-and-righteousnessThe Law and Righteousness

The Law and Righteousness

the-great-invitationThe Great Invitation

The Great Invitation

what-about-love-part-3What about love part 3

What about love part 3

the-good-news-5-15The Good News 5-15

The Good News 5-15

bad-stuff-1-from-punishmentBad Stuff 1: from Punishment

Bad Stuff 1: from Punishment

uniquely-wovenpsalm-139Uniquely Woven(Psalm 139)

Uniquely Woven(Psalm 139)

2-peter-11-11-knowledge-grace-in-christ-produce-righteousness2 Peter 1:1-11 Knowledge & Grace in Christ Produce Righteousness

2 Peter 1:1-11 Knowledge & Gra...

understanding-the-baptism-in-the-holy-spiritUnderstanding The Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Understanding The Baptism In T...

the-impact-of-prayerThe Impact of Prayer

The Impact of Prayer


"Offended At Grace"

the-unity-of-believersThe Unity of Believers

The Unity of Believers

making-a-vow-pastor-chad-braleyMaking a Vow - Pastor Chad Braley

Making a Vow - Pastor Chad Bra...

who-is-your-master-luke-chapter-16-verse-10-pastor-greg-kittredgeWho Is Your Master, Luke chapter 16 verse 10, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Who Is Your Master, Luke chapt...

why-water-baptism-part-1Why Water Baptism? Part 1

Why Water Baptism? Part 1

in-your-youth-remember-godIn Your Youth, Remember God!

In Your Youth, Remember God!

the-seven-signs-part-3The Seven Signs - Part 3

The Seven Signs - Part 3

holy-breathingHoly Breathing

Holy Breathing

were-all-in-this-together-pastor-brettWe're All in this Together- Pastor Brett

We're All in this Together- Pa...

resolve-to-live-humblyphilippians-21-13Resolve to Live Humbly/Philippians 2.1-13

Resolve to Live Humbly/Philipp...

his-divine-purposeHis Divine Purpose

His Divine Purpose

a-jesus-transplantA Jesus Transplant

A Jesus Transplant

character-traits-of-a-foolCharacter traits of a fool

Character traits of a fool

when-the-house-of-god-ceases-to-be-gods-houseWhen the House of God Ceases to be God's House

When the House of God Ceases t...

the-person-god-uses-may-15-2016The Person God Uses - May 15, 2016

The Person God Uses - May 15,...

theres-always-more-the-god-i-never-knew-51516-podcastThere's Always More - The God I Never Knew - 5/15/16 Podcast

There's Always More - The God...

ecclesiastes-911-1020-get-smartEcclesiastes 9:11-10:20 (Get Smart!)

Ecclesiastes 9:11-10:20 (Get S...

the-power-to-be-awesome-pastor-robertThe Power to Be Awesome - Pastor Robert

The Power to Be Awesome - Past...

sg-whispers-david-the-anointed-of-godSG  WHISPERS

SG WHISPERS "David The Ano...

cr-whispers-david-the-anointed-of-godCR  WHISPERS

CR WHISPERS " David: The A...

isolations-part-1Isolations Part 1

Isolations Part 1

pentecost-sunday-pt-1Pentecost Sunday Pt 1

Pentecost Sunday Pt 1

making-miracles-out-of-moneyMaking Miracles out of Money

Making Miracles out of Money

planted-in-our-communityPlanted in our Community

Planted in our Community

your-top-priorities-in-lifeYour Top Priorities In Life

Your Top Priorities In Life

day-of-pentecost-part-1-chase-merrellDay of Pentecost (Part 1) - Chase Merrell

Day of Pentecost (Part 1) - Ch...

f-p-east-taking-back-the-bible-what-does-the-bible-say-about-same-sex-relationships-part-1F-P East: Taking Back the Bible - What Does the Bible Say About Same-Sex Relationships? (Part 1)

F-P East: Taking Back the Bibl...

going-home-brian-thomasGoing Home | Brian Thomas

Going Home | Brian Thomas

first-plymouth-may-15-2016First-Plymouth - May 15, 2016

First-Plymouth - May 15, 2016

living-a-spirit-filled-life-acts-423-37Living a Spirit filled life. Acts 4:23-37

Living a Spirit filled life. A...

generosity-vs-greedGenerosity Vs. Greed

Generosity Vs. Greed

happy-birthday-sermon-onlyHappy Birthday (Sermon only)

Happy Birthday (Sermon only)