snapshots-of-a-1st-century-resurrection-celebration-to-celebrate-the-resurrection-in-the-1st-century-church-1-peter-11-9-march-27-2016 Snapshots of a 1st Century Resurrection Celebration To celebrate the resurrection in the 1st century Church…, 1 Peter 1:1-9, March 27 2016

Snapshots of a 1st Century Re...

i-am-the-resurrection-and-the-lifeI Am: The Resurrection And The Life

I Am: The Resurrection And The...

cr-resurrection-the-evidence-of-hopeCR  RESURRECTION     The Evidence of Hope




dab-march-27-2016-1DAB March 27 - 2016

DAB March 27 - 2016

sg-resurrection-the-evidence-of-hopeSG  RESURRECTION     The Evidence of Hope


sermon-mar-26-2016Sermon - Mar 26, 2016

Sermon - Mar 26, 2016

march-15-2015March 15, 2015

March 15, 2015

march-8-2015March 8, 2015

March 8, 2015

dab-march-26-2016-1DAB March 26 - 2016

DAB March 26 - 2016

revelation-17-18Revelation 17-18

Revelation 17-18

miracle-of-the-atonementMiracle of the Atonement

Miracle of the Atonement

far-reaching-hand-of-the-lordFar Reaching hand of the Lord

Far Reaching hand of the Lord

faithless-and-disbeliefFaithless and disbelief

Faithless and disbelief



p-mcclain-3-25-16P McClain 3-25-16

P McClain 3-25-16

radio-program-for-friday-march-25-2016Radio program for Friday March 25, 2016

Radio program for Friday March...

dab-march-25-2016-1DAB March 25 - 2016

DAB March 25 - 2016

ressurection-power-pt2Ressurection Power Pt2

Ressurection Power Pt2

the-master-has-use-of-me-march-20th-2016The master has use of me - March 20th ,2016

The master has use of me - Mar...

p-dan-3-24-16P Dan 3-24-16

P Dan 3-24-16

4-really-good-reasons-to-invest4 Really Good Reasons to Invest

4 Really Good Reasons to Inves...

radio-program-for-thursday-march-24-2016Radio program for Thursday March 24, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Mar...

enduring-to-the-end-of-the-seasonEnduring to the End of the Season

Enduring to the End of the Sea...

dab-march-24-2016-1DAB March 24 - 2016

DAB March 24 - 2016

praying-for-a-nation-pastor-chad-braleyPraying for a Nation - Pastor Chad Braley

Praying for a Nation - Pastor...

israel-gods-prophetic-timepieceIsrael-God's Prophetic Timepiece

Israel-God's Prophetic Timepie...

untitled-recording-mar-23-1121am160320 Celebrating Palm Sunday & Easter

160320 Celebrating Palm Sunday...

p-dave-3-23-16P Dave 3-23-16

P Dave 3-23-16

radio-program-for-wednesday-march-23-2016Radio program for Wednesday March 23, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ma...

dab-march-23-2016-1DAB March 23 - 2016

DAB March 23 - 2016

stronger-in-numbersStronger In Numbers

Stronger In Numbers

palm-sundayPalm Sunday

Palm Sunday

p-curt-3-22-16P Curt 3-22-16

P Curt 3-22-16

radio-program-for-tuesday-march-22-2016Radio program for Tuesday March 22, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday Marc...

dab-march-22-2016-1DAB March 22 - 2016

DAB March 22 - 2016

03212016-daniel-3-when-things-get-hot03.21.2016 - Daniel 3 - When Things Get Hot

03.21.2016 - Daniel 3 - When T...

holy-ghost-part-4Holy Ghost Part 4

Holy Ghost Part 4

jesus-is-cooking-somethingJESUS IS COOKING SOMETHING


spirit-life-church-new-podcast-siteSpirit Life Church New Podcast Site

Spirit Life Church New Podcast...

dr-bob-smith-things-that-get-lost-in-the-house-of-godDr. Bob Smith - Things that get lost in the House of God

Dr. Bob Smith - Things that ge...

dr-bob-smith-comfort-for-troubled-heartsDr. Bob Smith - Comfort for Troubled Hearts

Dr. Bob Smith - Comfort for Tr...

words-of-truth-broadcast-32116Word's of Truth Broadcast 3/21/16

Word's of Truth Broadcast 3/21...

genesis-21a-gods-promise-fulfilledGenesis 21a- God's Promise Fulfilled

Genesis 21a- God's Promise Ful...

radio-program-for-monday-march-21-2016Radio program for Monday March 21, 2016

Radio program for Monday March...

160117-worship16.01.17 - Worship

16.01.17 - Worship

dab-march-21-2016-1DAB March 21 - 2016

DAB March 21 - 2016

the-lords-prayerThe Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer

resurrection-power-pt1Resurrection Power Pt1

Resurrection Power Pt1

praise-glory-and-victoryPraise, glory and victory

Praise, glory and victory

the-power-of-the-crossThe Power of the Cross

The Power of the Cross



healthy-involvement-in-local-church-pastor-chad-braleyHealthy Involvement In Local Church - Pastor Chad Braley

Healthy Involvement In Local C...

are-you-being-stretched-clinton-mar-20-530pmAre You Being Stretched, Clinton, Mar 20 5:30pm

Are You Being Stretched, Clint...

john-1022-42John 10.22-42

John 10.22-42

kingdom-expressionsKingdom expressions

Kingdom expressions

confessions-of-a-reject-part-2Confessions of a Reject: Part 2

Confessions of a Reject: Part...

psalm-72-what-will-jesus-doPsalm 72 - What Will Jesus Do?

Psalm 72 - What Will Jesus Do?

untitled-recording-mar-20-117pmA Portrait of Jesus - The Hillside Smorgasbord - (Sermon Only)

A Portrait of Jesus - The Hill...

untitled-recording-mar-20-110pmA Portrait of Jesus - The Hillside Smorgasbord - (Entire Service)

A Portrait of Jesus - The Hill...

confessions-of-a-reject-part-2Confessions Of A Reject: Part 2

Confessions Of A Reject: Part...

a-servant-leadsA Servant Leads

A Servant Leads


Join "LIVE" Podcasts Mar 20 12...

the-easter-invitationThe Easter Invitation

The Easter Invitation

power-of-the-seedPower of the Seed

Power of the Seed

the-anatomy-of-obedienceThe Anatomy of Obedience

The Anatomy of Obedience

the-bread-of-life-part-1-bread-from-heaven-continuedThe Bread of Life part 1  Bread from Heaven (continued)

The Bread of Life part 1 Brea...

surge-part-2-with-ps-ashley-evansSurge Part 2 with Ps Ashley Evans

Surge Part 2 with Ps Ashley Ev...

willful-obedienceWillful Obedience

Willful Obedience

jesus-suffered-for-youJesus, suffered for you!

Jesus, suffered for you!

3-20-gideon-sunday3-20 Gideon Sunday

3-20 Gideon Sunday

sermon-the-secret-of-contentment-philippians-410-13SERMON - The Secret of Contentment - Philippians 4:10-13

SERMON - The Secret of Content...

famous-last-words-32016Famous Last Words 3.20.16

Famous Last Words 3.20.16

red-letter-day-part-3Red Letter Day Part 3

Red Letter Day Part 3

god-with-binoculars-session-7God With Binoculars Session 7

God With Binoculars Session 7

it-takes-jesus-christ-to-set-you-freeIt Takes Jesus Christ To Set You Free

It Takes Jesus Christ To Set Y...


"Walk Like You're Healed"

biblical-discipleship-growth-8th-of-9-marksBiblical Discipleship & Growth: 8th of 9 Marks

Biblical Discipleship & Growth...

i-am-the-way-pastor-chad-braleyI Am The Way - Pastor Chad Braley

I Am The Way - Pastor Chad Bra...

jesus-is-your-substitute-03-20-16JESUS is your Substitute - 03-20-16

JESUS is your Substitute - 03-...

triumphant-entry-luke-chapter-19-verses-28-44-pastor-greg-kittredgeTriumphant Entry, Luke chapter 19 verses 28-44, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Triumphant Entry, Luke chapter...

friends-of-sinnersFriends of Sinners

Friends of Sinners

the-power-of-the-prints-bro-david-cashmanThe Power of the Prints- Bro David Cashman

The Power of the Prints- Bro D...

the-seven-i-ams-of-jesus-part-2The Seven I AM's of Jesus - Part 2

The Seven I AM's of Jesus - Pa...

the-glorious-cross-palm-sunday-2016The Glorious Cross - Palm Sunday 2016

The Glorious Cross - Palm Sund...

the-coming-kingThe Coming King

The Coming King



a-leader-in-crisisA Leader In Crisis

A Leader In Crisis

living-from-integrityLiving from Integrity

Living from Integrity

ecclesiastes-61-12-are-we-happy-yetEcclesiastes 6:1-12 (Are We Happy Yet?)

Ecclesiastes 6:1-12 (Are We Ha...

how-to-be-awesome-part-2-pastor-robert-1030amHow To Be Awesome Part 2 - Pastor Robert (10:30am)

How To Be Awesome Part 2 - Pas...

palm-sundayPalm Sunday

Palm Sunday

sg-resurrection-the-evidence-of-the-churchSG  RESURRECTION     The Evidence of the Church


cr-resurrection-the-evidence-of-the-churchCR  RESURRECTION     The Evidence of the Church


expression-of-gods-loveExpression of God's love

Expression of God's love

kids-easter-playKids Easter Play

Kids Easter Play

impact-of-words-in-your-lifeImpact of Words in Your Life

Impact of Words in Your Life

passion-week-persecutionPassion Week Persecution

Passion Week Persecution

what-are-you-afraid-ofWhat Are You Afraid Of?

What Are You Afraid Of?

the-true-older-brother-kyle-bethkeThe True Older Brother - Kyle Bethke

The True Older Brother - Kyle...

good-friday-the-crucifixionGood Friday the Crucifixion

Good Friday the Crucifixion

15-seconds-to-eternity15 Seconds to Eternity

15 Seconds to Eternity