the-holy-spirit-3-1The Holy Spirit 3

The Holy Spirit 3

sg-whats-the-point-now-you-dontSG WHATS THE POINT   Now You Dont


cr-whats-the-point-now-you-dont-1CR WHATS THE POINT   Now You Dont


2015-vbs-overview-entire-service2015 VBS Overview - (Entire Service)

2015 VBS Overview - (Entire Se...

20150621am-new-accounting-120150621AM New Accounting

20150621AM New Accounting

the-church-for-the-next-pittsburghThe Church for the Next Pittsburgh

The Church for the Next Pittsb...

treasures-in-the-darknessTreasures in the Darkness

Treasures in the Darkness

david-bancroft-06-21-2015David Bancroft 06-21-2015

David Bancroft 06-21-2015

do-the-right-thing-dr-frank-honsDo the Right Thing - Dr Frank Hons

Do the Right Thing - Dr Frank...

trust-in-god-1Trust In God

Trust In God

the-fathers-perceptionThe Father's Perception

The Father's Perception

who-can-we-trustWho Can We Trust?

Who Can We Trust?

liberty-for-the-captives-1Liberty For the Captives

Liberty For the Captives

3-fountains-3-amigos-13 fountains 3 amigos

3 fountains 3 amigos

pastor-michael-thigpen-what-kind-of-man-are-youPastor Michael Thigpen- What Kind of Man Are You?

Pastor Michael Thigpen- What K...

what-kind-of-man-are-you-continuedWhat Kind of Man Are You? (Continued)

What Kind of Man Are You? (Con...

god-as-our-fatherGod as our father

God as our father

wanted-superheroes-1Wanted: Superheroes!

Wanted: Superheroes!



made-in-his-imageMade In His Image

Made In His Image

show-yourself-a-manShow Yourself A Man

Show Yourself A Man

dab-june-21-2015-1DAB June 21 - 2015

DAB June 21 - 2015

advancing-the-gospelAdvancing The Gospel

Advancing The Gospel

sharing-our-faithSharing Our Faith

Sharing Our Faith

dab-june-20-2015-1DAB June 20 - 2015

DAB June 20 - 2015

6-14-15-gods-way-of-knowing-16-14-15 God's Way of Knowing

6-14-15 God's Way of Knowing

june-14-2015-5-fold-advance-1June 14 2015 - 5 Fold Advance

June 14 2015 - 5 Fold Advance

dab-june-19-2015-1DAB June 19 - 2015

DAB June 19 - 2015

revival-heart-of-the-king-pt1-1Revival Heart of The King Pt.1

Revival Heart of The King Pt.1

transformed-week-2-1transformed_week 2

transformed_week 2

transformed-week-1-1transformed_week 1

transformed_week 1

dab-june-18-2015-1DAB June 18 - 2015

DAB June 18 - 2015

how-to-survive-in-a-hostile-environmentHow to Survive in a Hostile Environment

How to Survive in a Hostile En...

relationships-in-community-pt-3-61715Relationships in Community, Pt 3 6/17/15

Relationships in Community, Pt...

your-money-matters-pt-2-1Your Money Matters Pt-2

Your Money Matters Pt-2

dab-june-17-2015-1DAB June 17 - 2015

DAB June 17 - 2015

6-14-15150614 Washing Away Guilt

150614 Washing Away Guilt

being-guided-by-the-holy-spirit-1Being Guided by The Holy Spirit

Being Guided by The Holy Spiri...

connection-vs-torn-apart-1Connection vs Torn Apart

Connection vs Torn Apart

connection-vs-torn-apartConnection vs. Torn Apart

Connection vs. Torn Apart

dab-june-16-2015-1DAB June 16 - 2015

DAB June 16 - 2015

the-fourth-manThe Fourth Man

The Fourth Man

clc-service-6-14-15clc service 6 14 15

clc service 6 14 15

the-callingThe Calling

The Calling

fear-of-the-lord-june-14th-2015-1Fear of the Lord -June 14th , 2015

Fear of the Lord -June 14th ,...

disputable-matters-part-3-romans-1413-23-love-above-liberty-1Disputable Matters part 3   Romans 14:13-23

Disputable Matters part 3 Ro...

dab-june-15-2015-1DAB June 15 - 2015

DAB June 15 - 2015

the-gospel-still-worksThe Gospel Still Works

The Gospel Still Works



se-busca-superheroeSe Busca: Superheroe

Se Busca: Superheroe



persevering-through-trialsPersevering Through Trials

Persevering Through Trials

sg-whas-the-point-now-you-see-me-pt2SG WHA'S THE POINT   Now You See Me pt2


cr-whats-the-point-now-you-see-me-pt2CR WHATS THE POINT   Now You See Me pt2


the-holy-spirit-2-1The Holy Spirit 2

The Holy Spirit 2

2015-adult-vbs-class-blast-to-the-past-sermon-only2015 Adult VBS Class - Blast to the Past - (Sermon Only)

2015 Adult VBS Class - Blast t...

2015-adult-vbs-class-blast-to-the-past-entire-service2015 Adult VBS Class - Blast to the Past - (Entire Service)

2015 Adult VBS Class - Blast t...

20150614am-a-new-kind-of-hero-120150614am  a new kind of hero

20150614am a new kind of hero

a-sign-to-his-glory-part-1A Sign to His Glory part 1

A Sign to His Glory part 1

camping-with-the-risen-jesusCamping with the Risen Jesus

Camping with the Risen Jesus

victory-training-centre-losing-sight-of-godVictory Training Centre - Losing Sight of God

Victory Training Centre - Losi...

david-bancroft-06-14-2015David Bancroft 06-14-2015

David Bancroft 06-14-2015

no-laughing-matterNo Laughing Matter

No Laughing Matter

what-jesus-taught-about-israel-in-the-end-time-1What Jesus Taught about Israel in the End Time

What Jesus Taught about Israel...

recognizing-the-season-we-are-inRecognizing the Season We Are In.

Recognizing the Season We Are...

stewarding-the-supply-1Stewarding the Supply

Stewarding the Supply

crazy-faithCrazy Faith

Crazy Faith

with-the-help-of-godWith the Help of God

With the Help of God

regardless-of-your-past-god-can-use-youRegardless of your past God can use you!

Regardless of your past God ca...

pastor-michael-thigpenPastor Michael Thigpen

Pastor Michael Thigpen



what-difference-does-the-resurrection-makeWhat Difference Does the Resurrection Make?

What Difference Does the Resur...

the-divine-purpose-of-aldersgate-part-2-pastor-robertThe Divine Purpose of Aldersgate Part 2 - Pastor Robert

The Divine Purpose of Aldersga...

lions-giants-and-bearsLions, Giants, And Bears

Lions, Giants, And Bears

patiences-vs-worry-1Patiences vs. Worry

Patiences vs. Worry

four-soilsFour Soils

Four Soils

dab-june-14-2015-1DAB June 14 - 2015

DAB June 14 - 2015

dont-stay-goDon't Stay, Go!

Don't Stay, Go!



dab-june-13-2015-1DAB June 13 - 2015

DAB June 13 - 2015

how-to-get-a-new-husband-orange-county-thursday-night-1How To Get A New Husband (Orange County Thursday Night)

How To Get A New Husband (Oran...

house-invasionsHouse Invasions

House Invasions

dab-june-12-2015-1DAB June 12 - 2015

DAB June 12 - 2015

patiences-vs-worryPatiences vs. Worry

Patiences vs. Worry

dab-june-11-2015-1DAB June 11 - 2015

DAB June 11 - 2015

the-pilgrim-psalms-1The Pilgrim Psalms

The Pilgrim Psalms

20150610wed-beautiful-feet-120150610wed beautiful feet

20150610wed beautiful feet

relationships-in-community-pt-2-61015Relationships in Community, Pt 2 6/10/15

Relationships in Community, Pt...

your-money-matters-pt-1-1Your Money Matters Pt 1

Your Money Matters Pt 1

standing-under-his-presence-june-07-2015-1Standing under His Presence, June 07, 2015

Standing under His Presence, J...

dab-june-10-2015-1DAB June 10 - 2015

DAB June 10 - 2015

no-longer-orphans-but-joint-heirs-1No Longer Orphans but Joint Heirs

No Longer Orphans but Joint He...

dab-june-9-2015-1DAB June 9 - 2015

DAB June 9 - 2015



without-spot-wrinkle-june-7th-2015-1Without Spot & Wrinkle - June 7th 2015

Without Spot & Wrinkle - June...

6-7-15150607 A Happy Condition of the Heart

150607 A Happy Condition of th...

authentic-christianity-6-its-the-heart-not-the-tongueAuthentic Christianity (6) - It's The Heart not The Tongue

Authentic Christianity (6) - I...



disputable-matters-part-2-romans-141-15-1Disputable Matters  part 2 Romans 14:1-15

Disputable Matters part 2 Rom...

dab-june-8-2015-1DAB June 8 - 2015

DAB June 8 - 2015

20150607pm-gods-heart-120150607pm gods heart

20150607pm gods heart

what-will-we-do-with-jesus-pt-2-1What Will We Do With Jesus Pt 2

What Will We Do With Jesus Pt...