who-are-youWho are you?

Who are you?

hope-and-a-future-22816Hope and a Future 2/28/16

Hope and a Future 2/28/16

rev-george-pearson-kingdom-mindedRev. George Pearson - Kingdom Minded

Rev. George Pearson - Kingdom...

shadrach-meschach-abednegoShadrach, Meschach & Abednego

Shadrach, Meschach & Abednego

cooperating-with-godCooperating With God

Cooperating With God

voters-remorseVoter's Remorse

Voter's Remorse

being-gods-familyBeing God's Family

Being God's Family

love-lord-show-me-your-loveLove: Lord Show Me Your Love

Love: Lord Show Me Your Love

reach-free-at-lastReach - Free At last

Reach - Free At last

the-prodigal-sons-kyle-bethkeThe Prodigal SonS - Kyle Bethke

The Prodigal SonS - Kyle Bethk...

f-p-east-15-minutes-with-the-worlds-greatest-minds-malcolm-xF-P East: 15 Minutes with the World's Greatest Minds - Malcolm X

F-P East: 15 Minutes with the...

gospel-songs-psalm-130-cole-nickellGospel Songs: Psalm 130 | Cole Nickell

Gospel Songs: Psalm 130 | Cole...

six-anchors-pt5Six Anchors Pt.5

Six Anchors Pt.5

we-walk-together-by-putting-on-christ-and-his-holinessWe Walk Together By Putting On Christ And His Holiness

We Walk Together By Putting On...

like-sheep-without-a-shepard-all-4-gospel-books Like Sheep without a Shepard.  All 4 Gospel Books,

Like Sheep without a Shepard....

faith-pastor-robert-9amFaith - Pastor Robert (9am)

Faith - Pastor Robert (9am)

first-plymouth-february-28-2016First-Plymouth - February 28, 2016

First-Plymouth - February 28,...

the-book-of-the-twelve-hosea-love-for-the-unlovablethe-ball-is-in-your-court-hosea-91-17-february-28-2016The Book of the Twelve: Hosea, Love for the Unlovable;The Ball is in Your Court, Hosea 9:1-17, February 28 2016

The Book of the Twelve: Hosea,...

from-the-garden-to-the-promise-land-gods-love-is-gods-lawFrom The Garden To The Promise Land: God's Love Is God's Law

From The Garden To The Promise...

dab-february-28-2016-1DAB February 28 - 2016

DAB February 28 - 2016

lent-week-3-22716Lent Week 3 2/27/16

Lent Week 3 2/27/16

holy-sacrifice-2Holy Sacrifice

Holy Sacrifice

holy-sacrifice-2Holy Sacrifice.

Holy Sacrifice.

feb-15-2015Feb. 15, 2015

Feb. 15, 2015

old-covenant-vs-new-covenantOld Covenant Vs. New Covenant

Old Covenant Vs. New Covenant









dab-february-27-2016-1DAB February 27 - 2016

DAB February 27 - 2016

2016-02-21-sermon-lukes-first-cluespart-22016-02-21-Sermon, Luke's First Clues,Part 2

2016-02-21-Sermon, Luke's Firs...

p-mcclain-2-26-16P McClain 2-26-16

P McClain 2-26-16

radio-program-for-friday-february-26-2016Radio program for Friday February 26, 2016

Radio program for Friday Febru...

dab-february-26-2016-1DAB February 26 - 2016

DAB February 26 - 2016

irregulars-pt-2Irregulars Pt 2

Irregulars Pt 2

strength-for-your-journeyStrength For Your Journey

Strength For Your Journey

philosophy-of-ministryPhilosophy of Ministry

Philosophy of Ministry

frustrated-by-emptinessFrustrated by Emptiness

Frustrated by Emptiness

p-dan-2-25-16P Dan 2-25-16

P Dan 2-25-16

untitled-recording-feb-25-857am160221 Looking for a City

160221 Looking for a City

3-question-to-ask-about-your-long-term-care-needs3 Question to Ask About Your Long-Term Care Needs

3 Question to Ask About Your L...

radio-program-for-thursday-february-25-2016Radio program for Thursday February 25, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Feb...

dab-february-25-2016-1DAB February 25 - 2016

DAB February 25 - 2016

what-does-the-bible-say-about-conflictWhat does the Bible say about conflict?

What does the Bible say about...

fusion-recapFusion Recap

Fusion Recap

morning-manna-march-12-2016Morning Manna March 12, 2016

Morning Manna March 12, 2016

morning-manna-march-11-2016Morning Manna March 11, 2016

Morning Manna March 11, 2016

morning-manna-march-10-2016Morning Manna March 10, 2016

Morning Manna March 10, 2016

morning-manna-march-9-2016Morning Manna March 9, 2016

Morning Manna March 9, 2016

morning-manna-march-8-2016Morning Manna March 8, 2016

Morning Manna March 8, 2016

radio-program-for-wednesday-february-24-2016Radio program for Wednesday February 24, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Fe...

dab-february-24-2016-1DAB February 24 - 2016

DAB February 24 - 2016

walking-with-gods-planWalking With God's Plan

Walking With God's Plan

revelation-12Revelation 12

Revelation 12

who-find-jesus-3Who find Jesus 3. (예수님을 향해 달려가는 사람들!)

Who find Jesus 3. (예수님을 향해 달려가...

the-voice-crying-in-the-wildernessThe Voice Crying in the Wilderness

The Voice Crying in the Wilder...

harmony-feb-21st-2016Harmony - Feb 21st , 2016

Harmony - Feb 21st , 2016

jesus-is-calling-your-name-todayJesus is Calling your Name today

Jesus is Calling your Name tod...

morning-manna-march-7-2016Morning Manna March 7, 2016

Morning Manna March 7, 2016

morning-manna-march-6-2016Morning Manna March 6, 2016

Morning Manna March 6, 2016

morning-manna-march-5-2016Morning Manna March 5, 2016

Morning Manna March 5, 2016

morning-manna-march-4-2016Morning Manna March 4, 2016

Morning Manna March 4, 2016

morning-manna-march-3-2016Morning Manna March 3, 2016

Morning Manna March 3, 2016

god-with-binoculars-session-5God With Binoculars Session 5

God With Binoculars Session 5

radio-program-for-tuesday-february-23-2016Radio program for Tuesday February 23, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday Febr...

redeeming-the-timeRedeeming the Time

Redeeming the Time

dab-february-23-2016-1DAB February 23 - 2016

DAB February 23 - 2016

who-find-jesus-2Who find Jesus 2. (지금도 만지는 주님의 옷자락!)

Who find Jesus 2. (지금도 만지는 주님의...

united-with-each-otherUnited with each other

United with each other

united-in-youUnited in you

United in you

the-seven-names-of-god-part-5The Seven Names of God - Part 5

The Seven Names of God - Part...

how-to-be-released-from-curses-part-2How To Be Released From Curses Part 2

How To Be Released From Curses...

radio-program-for-monday-february-22-2016Radio program for Monday February 22, 2016

Radio program for Monday Febru...

lust-fire-and-ashes-the-seven-deadly-sins-7LUST - Fire   ...and ashes.   - The Seven Deadly Sins #7

LUST - Fire ...and ashes....

20160221pm-fasting-for-kingdom-growth20160221PM Fasting for Kingdom Growth

20160221PM Fasting for Kingdom...

dab-february-22-2016-1DAB February 22 - 2016

DAB February 22 - 2016

let-god-be-your-defender-clinton-feb-21-606-pmLet God Be Your Defender Clinton Feb 21 6:06 pm

Let God Be Your Defender Clint...

the-secret-placeThe Secret Place

The Secret Place

approved-unto-god-pastor-rossiApproved Unto God- Pastor Rossi

Approved Unto God- Pastor Ross...

ruth-series-conclusion-pastor-chad-braleyRuth Series Conclusion - Pastor Chad Braley

Ruth Series Conclusion - Pasto...

then-neither-do-i-condemn-youThen Neither Do I Condemn You

Then Neither Do I Condemn You

the-life-of-abrahamThe Life of Abraham

The Life of Abraham



psalm-86-part-1Psalm 86 - Part 1

Psalm 86 - Part 1

cluttered-thoughtsCluttered Thoughts

Cluttered Thoughts

psalm-146-the-least-of-thesePsalm 146 - The Least of These

Psalm 146 - The Least of These

john-81-11John 8.1-11

John 8.1-11

psalm-86-part-1Psalm 86 - Part 1

Psalm 86 - Part 1

untitled-recording-feb-21-116pmA Portrait of Jesus - Through Samaria - (Sermon Only)

A Portrait of Jesus - Through...

untitled-recording-feb-21-106pmA Portrait of Jesus - Through Samaria - (Entire Service)

A Portrait of Jesus - Through...

love-in-every-season-part-3-great-sexLove in Every Season part 3 - Great Sex

Love in Every Season part 3 -...

god-is-awesomeGod is Awesome

God is Awesome

witnesses-to-christs-deity-part-3-the-witness-of-the-wordWitnesses to Christ's Deity part 3  The Witness of the Word

Witnesses to Christ's Deity pa...

how-do-i-bless-the-lordHow do I bless the Lord?

How do I bless the Lord?

the-boomerang-part-2-with-ps-ashley-evansThe Boomerang Part 2 with Ps Ashley Evans

The Boomerang Part 2 with Ps A...

20150221am-look-to-jesus20150221AM Look to Jesus

20150221AM Look to Jesus

smart-or-wiseSmart or Wise

Smart or Wise

what-if-god-is-a-big-fat-chickenWhat If God Is A Big Fat Chicken?

What If God Is A Big Fat Chick...

2-21-removing-the-i2-21 Removing The I

2-21 Removing The I

risk-it-22116Risk It! 2.21.16

Risk It! 2.21.16

the-power-of-the-crossThe Power of the Cross

The Power of the Cross

jesus-loves-zacchaeusJesus Loves Zacchaeus

Jesus Loves Zacchaeus