the-warning-of-esauThe Warning Of Esau

The Warning Of Esau

the-sin-of-self-sufficiency-pastor-rossiThe Sin of Self Sufficiency - Pastor Rossi

The Sin of Self Sufficiency -...

cr-road-trip-a-stern-warningCR  ROAD TRIP

CR ROAD TRIP "A Stern Warning...

why-are-we-called-to-go-2Why are We Called to Go?

Why are We Called to Go?

dab-july-31-2016-1DAB July 31 - 2016

DAB July 31 - 2016

why-are-we-called-to-go-2Why are We Called to Go.?

Why are We Called to Go.?

advance-week-2-advancing-when-god-feels-distantAdvance Week 2 - Advancing When God Feels Distant

Advance Week 2 - Advancing Whe...

divine-worship-july-30-2016Divine Worship - July 30, 2016

Divine Worship - July 30, 2016

advance-week-2-advancing-when-god-feels-distantAdvance Week 2 - Advancing When God Feels Distant

Advance Week 2 - Advancing Whe...

dab-july-30-2016-1DAB July 30 - 2016

DAB July 30 - 2016

righteousness-exalts-a-nationRighteousness Exalts a Nation

Righteousness Exalts a Nation

healing-schoolHealing School

Healing School

excellence-in-ministryExcellence in Ministry

Excellence in Ministry

the-basics-of-ministryThe Basics of Ministry

The Basics of Ministry

radio-program-for-friday-july-29-2016Radio program for Friday July 29, 2016

Radio program for Friday July...

dab-july-29-2016-1DAB July 29 - 2016

DAB July 29 - 2016

holy-spirit-being-led-by-holy-spirit-pt-3Holy Spirit - Being led by Holy Spirit Pt 3

Holy Spirit - Being led by Hol...

phil-mcclain-7-28-16Phil McClain 7-28-16

Phil McClain 7-28-16

5-reasons-why-millennials-should-go-with-a-roth-ira5 Reasons Why Millennials Should Go with a Roth IRA

5 Reasons Why Millennials Shou...

radio-program-for-thursday-july-28-2016Radio program for Thursday July 28, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Jul...

dab-july-28-2016-1DAB July 28 - 2016

DAB July 28 - 2016


"Reality of Angels"

my-generation-bro-tyler-cherryMy Generation - Bro. Tyler Cherry

My Generation - Bro. Tyler Che...

the-obedience-of-moses-pastor-chad-braleyThe Obedience Of Moses - Pastor Chad Braley

The Obedience Of Moses - Pasto...

amiable-religiosityAmiable Religiosity

Amiable Religiosity



david-russell-7-27-16David Russell 7-27-16

David Russell 7-27-16

radio-program-for-wednesday-july-27-2016Radio program for Wednesday July 27, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ju...

the-abundance-of-graceThe Abundance of Grace.

The Abundance of Grace.

baptized-into-christBaptized into Christ

Baptized into Christ

dab-july-27-2016-1DAB July 27 - 2016

DAB July 27 - 2016

a-new-bodyA New Body

A New Body

the-105-commandments-of-creativityThe 10.5 Commandments of Creativity

The 10.5 Commandments of Creat...

evil-from-the-heartEvil from the Heart

Evil from the Heart

history-of-israel-week-5History of Israel week 5

History of Israel week 5

study-of-james-week-5Study of James week 5

Study of James week 5

04-james-1604 James 16

04 James 16

worship-leadership-week-5Worship Leadership week 5

Worship Leadership week 5

worship-leadership-week-4Worship Leadership week 4

Worship Leadership week 4

sam-bombara-7-26-16Sam Bombara 7-26-16

Sam Bombara 7-26-16

the-holy-spirit-in-you-pt5The Holy Spirit In You  Pt.5

The Holy Spirit In You Pt.5

radio-program-for-tuesday-july-26-2016Radio program for Tuesday July 26, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday July...

dab-july-26-2016-1DAB July 26 - 2016

DAB July 26 - 2016

john-1812-27John 18.12-27

John 18.12-27

cling-to-gods-amazing-graceCling to God's Amazing Grace

Cling to God's Amazing Grace

practical-christianity-his-commandments-jul-24th-2016Practical Christianity: His Commandments -  Jul 24th, 2016

Practical Christianity: His Co...

untitled-recording-jul-25-1005am160724 God's Chastisement

160724 God's Chastisement

radio-program-for-monday-july-25-2016Radio program for Monday July 25, 2016

Radio program for Monday July...

stay-the-course-overcoming-obstacles-neh-61-14Stay the Course: Overcoming Obstacles (Neh. 6:1-14)

Stay the Course: Overcoming Ob...

recieving-divine-healingRecieving Divine Healing

Recieving Divine Healing

dab-july-25-2016-1DAB July 25 - 2016

DAB July 25 - 2016

20160724pm-when-you-are-betrayed20160724PM When you are Betrayed

20160724PM When you are Betray...

the-return-of-gods-people-to-rebuild-part-2The Return of God's People to Rebuild part 2

The Return of God's People to...

releasing-what-is-in-your-hand-jul-24-628pmReleasing What Is In Your Hand  Jul 24 6:28pm

Releasing What Is In Your Hand...

missions-trip-pastor-chad-braleyMissions Trip  - Pastor Chad Braley

Missions Trip - Pastor Chad B...

the-purpose-and-power-of-fasting-pastor-edgar-iraheta-sunday-evening-serviceThe Purpose and Power of FASTING | Pastor Edgar Iraheta | Sunday Evening Service

The Purpose and Power of FASTI...

failing-the-grace-of-god-pastor-rossiFailing the Grace of God - Pastor Rossi

Failing the Grace of God - Pas...

the-rescue-of-lot-god-and-the-prayers-of-an-uncleThe Rescue of Lot: God and the Prayers of an Uncle

The Rescue of Lot: God and the...

our-capacityOur Capacity

Our Capacity

20160724am-a-lasting-life20160724AM A LASTING LIFE


kingdom-of-godKingdom of God

Kingdom of God

sg-road-trip-a-stern-warningSG  ROAD TRIP

SG ROAD TRIP "A Stern Warning...

prophetic-wordsProphetic Words

Prophetic Words

genesis-28b-jacobs-ladderGenesis 28b Jacob's Ladder

Genesis 28b Jacob's Ladder

untitled-recording-jul-24-134pmJoy in the Journey 3 - (Sermon Only)

Joy in the Journey 3 - (Sermon...

untitled-recording-jul-24-118pmJoy in the Journey 3 - (Entire Service)

Joy in the Journey 3 - (Entire...

yet-no-one-remembered-the-poor-wise-manYet no one remembered the poor wise man

Yet no one remembered the poor...

who-do-we-honor-part2 Who Do We Honor - part2

Who Do We Honor - part2

7-24-16-transition-1017-24-16 transition 101

7-24-16 transition 101

keys-successful-relationships-session-2-of-2Keys, Successful Relationships Session 2 of 2

Keys, Successful Relationships...

seven-things-the-devil-hatesSeven Things The Devil Hates

Seven Things The Devil Hates

holy-spirit-week-4Holy Spirit week 4

Holy Spirit week 4

the-process-of-discipleship-the-prophet-elijahThe Process of Discipleship: The Prophet Elijah

The Process of Discipleship: T...

the-deafening-silence-part-1-with-ps-ashley-evansThe Deafening Silence Part 1 with Ps Ashley Evans

The Deafening Silence Part 1 w...

the-blind-made-to-see-part-2The Blind Made to See part 2

The Blind Made to See part 2

training-the-saintsTraining the Saints

Training the Saints

are-you-a-saint-jul-24-1117amAre You a Saint Jul 24 11:17am

Are You a Saint Jul 24 11:17am

protection-in-dark-hoursProtection In Dark Hours

Protection In Dark Hours

the-secret-language-of-successful-relationships-session-1-of-2The Secret Language of Successful Relationships Session 1 of 2

The Secret Language of Success...


"A Debt Never Paid"

spiritual-blessings-unity-inheritance-pastor-chad-braleySpiritual Blessings - Unity / Inheritance  - Pastor Chad Braley

Spiritual Blessings - Unity /...

be-whole-and-be-holyBe Whole and Be Holy

Be Whole and Be Holy

elders-pt-1Elders pt. 1

Elders pt. 1

isaiah-61-encountering-gods-favourIsaiah 61 - Encountering God's Favour

Isaiah 61 - Encountering God's...

seven-signs-of-spiritual-health-part-3-revelation-chapter-2-and-chapter-3-pastor-greg-kittredgeSeven Signs Of Spiritual Health Part 3, Revelation chapter 2 and chapter 3, Pastor Greg Kittredge

Seven Signs Of Spiritual Healt...

rules-of-engagement-pt-6Rules of Engagement Pt. 6

Rules of Engagement Pt. 6

dont-disregard-gods-wordDon't Disregard God's Word

Don't Disregard God's Word



the-christian-struggle-fruit-of-the-spiritThe Christian Struggle - Fruit of the Spirit

The Christian Struggle - Fruit...

reality-tv-the-apprentice-1-corinthians-310-17Reality? TV: The Apprentice (1 Corinthians 3:10-17)

Reality? TV: The Apprentice (1...

the-big-five-part-4-how-can-jesus-be-the-only-way-to-heaven-other-religionsThe Big Five - Part 4: How Can Jesus Be the Only Way to Heaven? Other Religions??

The Big Five - Part 4: How Can...

deepening-my-friendship-with-god-pastor-brettDeepening my Friendship with God- Pastor Brett

Deepening my Friendship with G...

seven-transformations-part-5Seven Transformations - Part 5

Seven Transformations - Part 5

releasing-what-is-in-your-handReleasing What is in Your Hand.

Releasing What is in Your Hand...

i-am-hungry-for-youI am Hungry For you

I am Hungry For you

i-believe-in-the-holy-spirit-john-1415-18I Believe in the Holy Spirit_John 14.15-18

I Believe in the Holy Spirit_J...

who-gods-looking-for-in-a-nation-on-the-brink-of-destructionWho God's looking for in a nation on the brink of destruction

Who God's looking for in a nat...

daily-favourDaily Favour

Daily Favour

changes-that-change-youChanges That Change You

Changes That Change You

1-timothy-118-24-living-on-a-prayer1 Timothy 1:18-2:4 (Living on a Prayer)

1 Timothy 1:18-2:4 (Living on...

honor-the-past-to-invest-in-the-future-72416Honor the Past to Invest in the Future 7.24.16

Honor the Past to Invest in th...