asaphs-follyAsaph's Folly

Asaph's Folly

prove-your-loveProve Your Love

Prove Your Love

an-important-key-to-the-bibleAn Important Key To The Bible

An Important Key To The Bible

divine-worship-july-16-2016Divine Worship - July 16. 2016

Divine Worship - July 16. 2016

sabbath-school-july-16-2016Sabbath School - July 16, 2016

Sabbath School - July 16, 2016

what-was-the-questionWhat Was the Question

What Was the Question

dab-july-16-2016-1DAB July 16 - 2016

DAB July 16 - 2016

phil-mcclain-7-15-16Phil McClain 7-15-16

Phil McClain 7-15-16

a-right-response-jul-10-1000amA Right Response Jul 10 10:00am

A Right Response Jul 10 10:00a...

radio-program-for-friday-july-15-2016Radio program for Friday July 15, 2016

Radio program for Friday July...

dab-july-15-2016-1DAB July 15 - 2016

DAB July 15 - 2016

holy-spirit-being-led-by-the-holy-spiritHoly Spirit- Being Led by the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit- Being Led by the...

worship-leadership-week-3Worship Leadership week 3

Worship Leadership week 3

dan-prus-7-14-16Dan Prus 7-14-16

Dan Prus 7-14-16

radio-program-for-thursday-july-14-2016Radio program for Thursday July 14, 2016

Radio program for Thursday Jul...

hello-from-the-outsideHello From the Outside

Hello From the Outside

dab-july-14-2016-1DAB July 14 - 2016

DAB July 14 - 2016

giving-excuses-pastor-chad-braleyGiving Excuses - Pastor Chad Braley

Giving Excuses - Pastor Chad B...


"Don't Be Weary"

collective-night-july-16Collective Night // July '16

Collective Night // July '16

the-life-of-david-part-6-with-the-arkThe Life of David (Part 6) - With the Ark

The Life of David (Part 6) - W...

warnings-for-phony-christiansWarnings for Phony Christians

Warnings for Phony Christians

the-sun-roseThe Sun Rose

The Sun Rose

david-russell-7-13-16David Russell 7-13-16

David Russell 7-13-16

radio-program-for-wednesday-july-13-2016Radio program for Wednesday July 13, 2016

Radio program for Wednesday Ju...

mid-week-manaMid-week Mana

Mid-week Mana

dab-july-13-2016-1DAB July 13 - 2016

DAB July 13 - 2016

gods-holinessGod's Holiness

God's Holiness

why-read-the-bible-part-4Why Read The Bible Part 4

Why Read The Bible Part 4

our-teams-culture-codeOur Team's Culture Code

Our Team's Culture Code

esther-part-2-the-plot-thickensEsther Part 2- The Plot Thickens!

Esther Part 2- The Plot Thicke...

the-miracle-at-canaThe Miracle at Cana

The Miracle at Cana

sam-bombara-7-12-16Sam Bombara 7-12-16

Sam Bombara 7-12-16

insurance-assessment-needs-when-youre-young-and-singleInsurance Assessment Needs: When You’re Young and Single

Insurance Assessment Needs: Wh...

radio-program-for-tuesday-july-12-2016Radio program for Tuesday July 12, 2016

Radio program for Tuesday July...

dab-july-12-2016-1DAB July 12 - 2016

DAB July 12 - 2016

headlines-from-hell-july-11-2016HEADLINES FROM HELL July 11, 2016


for-such-a-time-as-thisFor Such a Time As This

For Such a Time As This

a-pure-heartA Pure Heart

A Pure Heart

03-history-of-israel-1603 History of Israel 16

03 History of Israel 16

untitled-recording-jul-11-247pm160710 Too Late to Turn

160710 Too Late to Turn

interview-with-july-2016-internsInterview with July 2016 Interns

Interview with July 2016 Inter...

radio-program-for-monday-july-11-2016Radio program for Monday July 11, 2016

Radio program for Monday July...

genesis-26b-the-wells-of-blessingGenesis 26b The Wells of Blessing

Genesis 26b The Wells of Bless...

end-timesEnd Times

End Times

dab-july-11-2016-1DAB July 11 - 2016

DAB July 11 - 2016

the-in-between-is-what-mattersThe In Between Is What Matters

The In Between Is What Matters

god-accepts-usGod Accepts Us

God Accepts Us

moving-from-conflict-into-fruit-jul-10-629pmMoving from conflict into Fruit Jul 10 6:29pm

Moving from conflict into Frui...

present-with-the-lordPresent With The Lord

Present With The Lord

honour-breaking-unbeliefHonour Breaking Unbelief

Honour Breaking Unbelief

seeking-god-with-your-whole-heart-bro-jason-ottosenSeeking God With Your Whole Heart - Bro. Jason Ottosen

Seeking God With Your Whole He...

hope-in-times-of-crisis-pastor-edgar-iraheta-sunday-eveningHope In Times of Crisis | Pastor Edgar Iraheta | Sunday Evening

Hope In Times of Crisis | Past...

godly-wisdom-vs-human-wisdom-james-313-18Godly wisdom VS Human wisdom . James 3:13-18

Godly wisdom VS Human wisdom ....

pride-vs-humilityPride vs Humility

Pride vs Humility

rejoice-in-the-lord-alway-pastor-rossiRejoice in the Lord Alway - Pastor Rossi

Rejoice in the Lord Alway - Pa...

the-holy-spirit-in-you-pt1The Holy Spirit In You Pt.1

The Holy Spirit In You Pt.1

the-holy-spirit-in-you-pt3The Holy Spirit In You Pt.3

The Holy Spirit In You Pt.3

behind-enemy-linesBehind Enemy Lines

Behind Enemy Lines

until-thenUntil Then

Until Then

small-faith-makes-a-big-differenceSmall Faith Makes a Big Difference

Small Faith Makes a Big Differ...

gods-defining-moment God's defining moment

God's defining moment

equip-our-confidence-part-13Equip - Our Confidence - Part 13

Equip - Our Confidence - Part...

believe-single-mindednessBelieve, Single-Mindedness

Believe, Single-Mindedness

untitled-recording-jul-10-129pmJoy in the Journey - (Sermon Only)

Joy in the Journey - (Sermon O...

equip-our-confidence-part-13Equip - Our Confidence - Part 13

Equip - Our Confidence - Part...

untitled-recording-jul-10-116pmJoy in the Journey - (Entire Service)

Joy in the Journey - (Entire S...



where-do-we-go-from-hereWhere Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here?

7-10-16-free-camp7-10-16 Free camp

7-10-16 Free camp

discipleship-101-speaking-the-language-of-the-peopleDiscipleship 101: Speaking the Language of the People

Discipleship 101: Speaking the...

holy-spirit-week-2Holy Spirit week 2

Holy Spirit week 2

jesus-continued-conflict-with-the-jewsJesus Continued Conflict with the Jews

Jesus Continued Conflict with...

running-with-the-giants-part-3-with-ps-ashley-evansRunning with the Giants Part 3 with Ps Ashley Evans

Running with the Giants Part 3...

the-view-from-the-ditchThe View from The Ditch

The View from The Ditch


20160710AM "Bread of Life"

making-the-church-better-starts-with-usMaking the church better starts with us

Making the church better start...

ship-wrecked-but-not-deadShip Wrecked But Not Dead

Ship Wrecked But Not Dead


"Borrowed Offenses"

rules-of-engagement-sermon-4-the-power-of-praiseRules of Engagement Sermon 4-The Power of Praise

Rules of Engagement Sermon 4-T...

the-house-that-jesus-builtThe House that Jesus Built

The House that Jesus Built

a-call-to-mourn-pray-goA Call to Mourn, Pray, & Go!

A Call to Mourn, Pray, & Go!

special-speakerSpecial Speaker

Special Speaker

keep-on-praying-and-trustingKeep On Praying and Trusting

Keep On Praying and Trusting

peace-perspectivePeace Perspective

Peace Perspective

its-time-to-get-out-of-the-boatIt's Time To Get Out of the Boat

It's Time To Get Out of the Bo...

fighting-against-the-windFighting Against the Wind

Fighting Against the Wind

sing-a-new-song-psalms-chapter-96-verses-1-13-pastor-roberta-sasscerSing A New Song, Psalms chapter 96 verses 1-13, Pastor Roberta Sasscer

Sing A New Song, Psalms chapte...

reality-tv-american-idol-1-corinthians-1014Reality? TV: American Idol (1 Corinthians 10:14)

Reality? TV: American Idol (1...

the-big-five-part-2-can-the-bible-be-trustedThe Big Five - Part 2: Can the Bible Be Trusted?

The Big Five - Part 2: Can the...

special-guest-speakerSpecial Guest Speaker

Special Guest Speaker

strength-to-stay-on-the-course-pastor-brettStrength to Stay on the course- Pastor Brett

Strength to Stay on the course...

moving-from-conflict-to-fruitMoving from Conflict to Fruit

Moving from Conflict to Fruit

the-world-didnt-give-it-happy-series-71016The World Didn't Give It -

The World Didn't Give It - "Ha...

1-timothy-13-7-dont-major-on-the-minors1 Timothy 1:3-7 (Don't Major on the Minors)

1 Timothy 1:3-7 (Don't Major o...

i-believe-in-jesus-christ-the-son-of-godI Believe in Jesus Christ, the Son of God

I Believe in Jesus Christ, the...

biblical-repentanceBiblical Repentance

Biblical Repentance

lifelong-commitmentLifelong Commitment

Lifelong Commitment

god-of-yesterday-today-tomorrowGod of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

God of Yesterday, Today & Tomo...

the-lion-has-roaredThe Lion Has Roared

The Lion Has Roared

the-kingdom-is-at-hand-71016The Kingdom is at Hand 7.10.16

The Kingdom is at Hand 7.10.16

a-warriors-mindsetA Warrior's Mindset

A Warrior's Mindset